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I am over We have a huge number of sexy singles from Bigfoot, who just want erotic adventures. Toggle navigation Sexy-Date. Xdating worldwide, so in Bigfoot! Free to join! Meet sexy girls from Bigfoot Do you want to have free sex with girls from Bigfoot? Registration is free!

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Sexy date: These Members are already inside: These Members are online: Wannt chubby girls in countries near Bigfoot: Fat chubby girls in regions near Bigfoot: Fat chubby girls in cities near Bigfoot: They are not monsters, nor are they a type of gorilla! I Grew up in Avondale. Wish I had seen one. This woman is clearly schizophrenic.

Shame on you for publishing her delusions and contributing to the problem. Not everybody that sees and thinks differently has mental problems.

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THAT is the problem with assumptions like yours. Approach everything with an open mind and eeal brave heart. And you are clearly a psychologist who has had more interaction with her besides a short article. However, they do exist, and her fantastic story does not validate schizophrenia.

She may be telling a tall tale, but for what purpose?

Again you are not wrong to disbelieve, but I choose to hope it to be a true story. Grizzly Adams syndrome. She sounds nice but if I raised one I would never tell any one just arrange to publish photos after my death and mislead people as to where and when they were taken to Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas the rednecks wanting a National Enquirer headline. Let them look states away. Maybe some idiot shot his parents when he tried to protect him and he was lost and alone.

She could be a bored old nutwhack with nothing to do and wanting to feel important or she could be telling the truth. Says the person represented by a repugnant Eric Cartman doll.

Clearly you have some emotional issues yourself. I see nothing schizophrenic at all about what she is saying. Perhaps she is relating actual experiences, perhaps wished-for experiences.

It Womn seem that she discusses some unexpected details, particularly the tomatoes. I find her story quite charming.

No offense, but you apparently are very gullible. Little details in no way verify a story, particularly a story that requires strong evidence. I can assure you that practiced liars throw in many small details. I hope you never serve on a jury.

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I place her story in the great, wondrous reservoir of human communication that can never Married women seeking affair in Inkster, MI, 48141 fully verified, nor fully disproved. Do I completely rule out the possibility that she is relating fact? I am more inclined to perceive Tfxas lonely woman, who wishes for Bigfkot to be more wonder in her life, and the world Women want sex Boston general, but I cannot know that, and neither can you.

Oh, just a few more things. Of course you meant to be offensive…it is your greatest joy in life, perhaps your only joy. All of them had what was called an objective chain of evidence and required a far different level of intellectual rigor. You see I have quite a range of intellectual tools upon which I can draw under different circumstances.

Attempted murder, embezzlement, corporate fraud and sexual abuse require an entirely different level of analysis from the Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas, charming story of a Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas kind and decent elderly woman.

I hope you never have a Womab, Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas you will almost certainly stunt his or her inner spirit and sense of wonder. And that is both my genuine feeling, and percent meant to be Bigfiot. You sound like a Michael Jackson speech seex a courthouse where he is on trial. You big girl you. Or a little Peter Pann dialogue maybe…. It is interesting to say the least that people quick like a bunny make a determination on a matter at seemingly the speed of light, without the benefit of evidence or for that matter,even the simplest of consideration.

To further the point, should they be challenged on there position they immediately rise to the challenge and hurl insults back rather than factual evidence. It must be great to posses such a simple view on all things that surround each of us. Sweet, hot and loveable for one tend to wonder about the possibility or not.

Very interesting either way. The world is a big place and there are many things to learn. Open ones mind and accordingly you may be surprised on what you learn from the experience.

I can believe her story, I have had some experiences with Bigfoot that as in similar in nature. People who scoff at the idea of creatures interacting with humans have never been in the woods much Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas I doubt if they have ever visited the local zoo. Danny D. I absolutely love hearing stories like this one. Everybody can believe what they want but I just know these things are real and stories like these happens. There is nothing schizophrenic about the woman… I find the story authentic.

I believe you mind is so open your brain fell out. Are you interested in some beach front property in Arizona? Mr Warren: You present an odd causality chain.

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It is not a physical container. Ah, I guess you know that.

If beach front property existed in Arizona, and I could fly there and see it, Bigoot would Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas quite interested in buying it. While hiking the Appalachian Trail, South to North, I found myself many Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas Adult seeking casual sex Wendell Massachusetts 1379 alone, in deep, almost primeval forest.

I amused myself by imagining that around the next bend, in the next clearing there would be a Sasquatch, at which point I would just stop, and enjoy the wonder of such a thing being in front of me. It never happened, but the thought of such a thing brought me great joy. I Bigfooh I never lose that ability.

Does maintaining a mental game such as this over several thousand miles make me schizophrenic?

I wrote a story…I call it Alice who went down a hole and met crazy people and animals who talked and decapitated people and then I took my medication and now I feel better Mumsie…. Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas give me the pooting disease…. You do realize nobody is reading your stump jumping posts nor do they care right? Lisa Falour. I read a story about elderly people in rural USA Appalachia?

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They did like beer and otherwise did fine on rather rustic country fare the old people had. A witness had seen one of these and had asked the elderly person about it, and got this amazing story.

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This one is, too. I have relatives in that part of the world.

Bigfoot could be real just like the krakken was recently discovered to be real in and up until the gorilla was considered to be a myth just like bigfoot. Did we not read the article all the way through? She clearly said she had photos Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas would release them at the proper Fuck tonight in Honolulu1. If you have rdal a sighting and Ohio — A Mahoning County resident claims he saw a short ape-like creature.

The man says he was getting his An Arkansas man reports seeing a white ape in Logan County. Jamie said he was on vacation with his family Fill out our report form and share it with the world. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Related New Bigfoot Sighting in Texas: About Latest Posts. Cryptozoology News.

Cryptozoology News brings you the latest in cryptids and wabt strange. Want to publish a guest post? Send it our way! Go to http: Latest posts by Cryptozoology News see all 7 Stories of the Week: Related Topics: Continue Reading. You may like. Me January 31, Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas 9: Justan American July 25, at Will Robbins February 10, at John March 3, at Johnny April 12, at Johnny from Newton County Texas.

I Want For A Man Woman want real sex Bigfoot Texas

Jim September 16, at 9: Do you know if anymore stories from Newton county? SunShine July 28, at 6: Rachel Kleypas-Sparrow September 15, at Joroco gmail. Paul Lett November 30, at Rolf Hohmann February 20, at 3: SassySquatch May 12, at 6: