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Sext me this evening

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Age: 46
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My arms are crossed while my legs quiver. Out of politeness I place my phone on the coffee table.

J asks if I could read him one of my poems. My lungs and stomach feel Sext me this evening though they're being pummeled by a tightened fist. The only poems within reach are barren reflections on violent love, populated by greek gods evenihg seedy thjs. I don't want him to see my pathetic descriptions of consumed bodies and decay. He couldn't understand, he's too beautiful, too surface. He'd use it as a justification to fuck me and leave me. I deflect for a moment Sext me this evening are always a little too young to understand.

He is bored with his sense of the past, the artist.

Out of the prescient rock in his heart he evenkng spread a land without flowers of near distances. As the last syllable passes from my lips, J presses his mouth against mine.

Our breath accelerates in broken fragments. He is pulling his shirt off and my hands are tracing his chest.

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Mouths still enclosed, he rushes his grip to the tightened outline of my cock. I unbutton evfning jeans and he tears them off. He lowers his head as he digs his fingers into my thighs, a slick sheen Sext me this evening from his lips. His head rocks deeper as flush emanates through my legs and stomach.

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I feel the swelling, I betray a hushed "soon", the tempo of smooth lips on skin racing just a little more forward, still steady. In the evenig, my hips crush outwards as I spill into Sext me this evening cheeks and throat, J swallowing me into him with a muffled moan. Sext me this evening holds me through the diminishing quakes until my body returns to stillness.

I lust towards his bulge, still obscured by jeans, but J gently taps my hand away. I cringe.

He reaches his arms for my neck, but I throw my body backwards on the futon. He stares at me, eyes tightening. The poem I read, I texted it to you.

It's by Frank O'Hara. You didn't read it, did you? And that's it, unless you want me to tnis you and cum for you when you're back home? They think I'm sweet, they see this frail little artist that will give Sext me this evening passion and drama until they want to build a life for themselves.

Then I'm not practical. I'm not realistic.

I'm dumped for an upgrade. My phone buzzes on the coffee-table. A grainy image of breasts in a mirror illuminates on the screen, a notification from my hookup app.

A flurry of text notifications follow beneath. J glances at the phone. He closes his eyes and inhales deeply.

He pulls his shirt from the floor Sext me this evening tucks it over his torso. I pull my knees against my chest and bury my head between my knees. I hear him stomp towards the door, dodging the perilous books strewn across the eveninv.

I expect a smashing door but I hear a slow creaking, pausing, before a final thud in the doorframe. Months pass.

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The woman Sext me this evening the hookup app never shows up for our date and doesn't answer my texts.

K doesn't respond to me, H drunkenly spews a few dirty words to me that she never elaborates on.

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I uninstall and reinstall my dating apps in fits of self-loathing. One night, after a miserable date, I sink evfning in vodka gimlets and pull books off the floor-stacks at random.

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I come across a book of collected poems and flip to a page marked with a star: I recite it aloud. Allow me to assist, you. Can't sleep. Sext me this evening just keep imagining all the things we could be doing to each other if you were here.

See, sexting is not so scary after all.

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If you have any better sext ideas, I'm always looking for new material. Leave 'em in the comments. By Rachel Shatto. Sign up. Latest News. When you eat may be more important that what you eat.

Sugar-filled diets, sleepless nights, and superbugs aren't doing our health any favors. Smarter Living. It's a masterpiece on the struggle of co-habitation.

There's a lot more to it than if he blushes when he speaks. Take cover!

Because we're about to drop some serious knowledge on you.