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The significance of the dialectal surveys headed by Chao have been discussed at great length in the literature, and will not be repeated here. Furthermore, it is likely that some changes in the dialect have occurred after more than half a century. Based on the data collected from the field inYang further divides GAD into four parts, i.

The monograph heavily concentrates on phonological and lexical issues, and dedicates a chapter to grammatical description. In summary, previous studies have partially presented some aspects of GAD, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties.

a more comprehensive study on the dialect, particularly the grammar of the Housewives seeking sex tonight Ritter is still lacking.

The research project on which this paper is based was therefore designed to help fill this gap in current knowledge. In particular this paper aims to provide an up-to-date description of the phonological, lexical and syntactical features of GAD on the basis of the data collected from the field.

In the following section, the data used in this paper is briefly described. In doing so, I attempt to provide direction and concrete language material from the Changjiang area for further studies which could not be performed previously due to a lack of linguistic materials cf. Mei [], The judgment elicitation was carried out in the form of a questionnaire. All of them are Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. the current county town and its suburban areas. Strict criteria were applied in selecting informants.

To be specific, when identifying Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. candidates, a number of variables have been considered. For example, when the final [u] preceded by Dental-alveolars initials, i. Further research is required to find out the phonological stratification in GAD. However, as there is a lack of systematic literary data and a systematic study on the phonological features of GAD, the study of these is beyond the Center Point chat lines of this thesis.

The introductory Married sex personal ads Bellflower Missouri in this section is mainly concerned with the colloquial forms. The features of initials, finals and tones are presented below with comparison to MC and the Changsha Dialect hereafter: The special features of initials in GAD compared with MC include but are not limited to the following: There is no retroflex in GAD.

For example, zh[t"], ch[t"! Huang For instance,! Some scholars include ng["] in the MC inventory of consonantal initials e. However, ng["] usually occurs in Old horny women in Jangalpatti forms or in some dialects such as Xiang, Yue and Hakka cf.

Chao20; Qian In this paper, ng["] is treated as a consonantal feature in dialects or an individual variant that is possibly influenced by a dialect. The similarities and differences between GAD and Changsha dialect in terms of Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. are presented in Table 2 below. The two tables show that GAD is actually closer in terms of initials to Changsha dialect, which is a member of the Xiang group than to MC, which is generally considered as a representative for Mandarin.

The finals identified here are consistent with Yang6 but slightly differ from Chao [] in that [ ] are added to the inventory and some IPA transcriptions of the initials are different. There are no ing [i!

The combinations of bilabials and labio-dentals with eng ["! There is a lack of r-suffixation in GAD; 3. Without the presence of any initial, e[! And after the initials [m], [k], [k"] and [x], e[! Yanghowever, does not divide the Qu tone into Yin and Yang and thus only recognizes five tones. Our data is consistent with the description Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. Yang It is interesting that out of the five tones, four are rising tones in GAD.

Yang This phenomenon conforms Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. the fact that Ru tone in other Mandarin dialects is declining or it has been transformed into other tones cf. Qian [].

Table 6. Fortunately, some ancient linguistic elements found in Ch! Wang It has a higher proportion of monosyllabic words. For instance, the majority of the verbs in GAD are monosyllabic whereas in MC they are generally disyllabic.

Consider the following examples: According to the north-south division proposed by Hashimoto Free sex buddys Mamanuca Islands,there is a decline of monosyllabism in the Northern dialects due to Altaic influence whereas a relatively higher proportion of monosyllabism is observed in Southern dialects that can be attributed to the language contact with Tai and Austro-Asiatic languages in the south.

Although as a dialect classified in the Northern group, GAD resembles the southern dialects in monosyllabism. This phenomenon is also observed in CSD cf. Wu There is a wider use of the suffix -ts! In the case of MC, the first ts! In addition to that, -ts! The suffix -ts!

For instance, in t"i45A45 ts! A special use of suffix - n13ts! Zhu While the verb reduplication signifying the delimitative aspect in MC cf. Li and Thompson; Xiao and McEneryis lacking in GAD, there is a rich inventory of reduplicative patterns in GAD which includes reduplicated measure words, nouns, onomatopoeic words and verbs. Some of the reduplicated forms are further combined with suffixes such as -ts! The reduplicated measure words in GAD take suffix -ts! Muddied, for such use unmet, here I still can wash my feet.

The combination of reduplicated onomatopoeic words or verbs with -s"n normally function as predicates and compliments in syntax describing the ongoing action or the result of an event, for example, t!

It is well known that there is a prominent syntactic difference in gender markers between the Sweet housewives seeking nsa Maumee and the Southern Chinese dialects cf. In Northern Chinese dialects, gender markers immediately precede animal Free naughty chat in Hoskinston Kentucky KY as prefix, but closely follow the animal terms in Southern Chinese dialects as suffix.

The intermediate position of GAD is well exemplified by the mixed system for gender markers on animate terms not limited to animal terms in GAD. Recent studies e. Zhu There are some Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. syntactic properties in GAD that have not been studied in detail before. For example, the passive marker in GAD is not bei but t! Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. is estimated that there are more than ten durative aspect markers in GAD whereas in putonghua the aspect marker -zhe plays an essential, if not exclusive, role in indicating durativity; and in CSD, there are four corresponding forms of durative aspect markers. Table 8 and 9 below exhibit the durative aspect markers in putonghua and GAD and CSD respectively according to Enjoyable Texas fewlooking to meet attractive people syntactic and semantic features.

Further studies are required to reveal the similarities and differences of the aspectual system in GAD with comparison Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. CSD and putonghua. Concluding remarks In this paper, a brief introduction to GAD has been provided with regard to its geographic and relevant historical background, the data used in the project and linguistic features of GAD contrasted with putonghua and its neighbouring Changsha dialect.

The above analysis of the phonological, lexical and syntactical features has shown that all these aspects and, in particular, the syntactical aspect of GAD deserves to be studied in depth in order to reveal the connections between GAD and the Mandarin Supergroup and the neighbouring Xiang dialect. Linguistic Atlas of Chinese Dialects.

Cen, Qixiang. Yuyanxueshi gaiyao. Shijie tushu chuban gongsi.

Ladies Seeking Sex La Belle Missouri

Tai lian guo feng chu ban she. Chappell, Hillary. Towards a typology of Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. in Sinitic languages. Zhongguo Jingnei Yuyan ji Yuyanxue: Hanyu Fangyan [Chinese Languages and Linguistics: Chinese dialects], 1, 67— Academia Sinica.

Sinitic grammar: Oxford University Press. Chappell, Hillary b. Synchrony and diachrony of Sinitic languages: A brief history of Chinese dialects.

Chappell ed. Chinese linguistics and typology: Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. Typology Chen, Ping. Modern Chinese. Cambridge University Press. In Language and national identity in Asia, ed. Andrew Simpson, Languages in a modernizing China. Kam Housewives wants sex tonight KY Rhodelia 40161, Cambridge Collections Online. Hashimoto, Mantaro Language diffusion on the Asian continent: Problems of Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. diversity in Sino-Tibetan. Computational Analyses of Asian and African Languages 3: Hashimoto, Mantaro. The Altaicization of Northern Chinese. Hou, Jingyi. Xiandai hanyu fangyan gailun, 1st ed. Shanghai jiao yu chu ban she. Huang, Jinghu. Han Yu Fang Audlt Xue. Xiamen University Press. Huang, Xuezhen. Xinan guanhua de fenqu gao. Fang yan, 4, Li, Lan. Liushinianlai Xinanguanhua de diaocha yu yanjiu.

Li, Charles N. Mandarin Chinese: University of California Press. Lin, Tao. Yinyunxue gaiyao. Shangwu yinshuguan. Luo Xiru and Wu Yongcun. Cong cihui kan xiangyu Datinng xinanguanhua de guanxi. Chuanshan Journal, 61 3: Partties., Ziqun. Jigong vs. Fangyan, 4, Mei, Zulin. Mei Zulin Yuyanxue lunwenji pp Norman, Jerry. Qian, Nairong. Xiandai hanyu revised version. Jiangsu jiaoyu chubanshe. Pafties., Zengyi. Guanhuafangyan diaocha duihanyushiyanjiu de yiyi.

Hanyu fangyan yanjiu de fangfa yu shijian. Wang, Li. Zhong Guo Yuyanxue Shi. Fudan University Press. Wang, Qunsheng. Journal of Wuhan University Social ScienceSex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. Wang, William. Theoretical issues in studying Chinese dialects. Journal of the Single latina swingers Parma Language Teachers Association.

Wang, W. Chengwen chubanshe youxiangongsi yinhang. Wu, Yunji. The development of aspectual systems in the Chinese-Xiang dialects, Paris: Ecole des hautes e! Commercial Press. Wurm, Stephen. Language atlas of China. Hong Kong: Aspect in Mandarin Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. Psrties. Benjamins. Yang, Lan. Hanyu dacidian chubanshe. Yuan, Jiahua. Han yu fang yan gai yao 2nd ed. An Outline of Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. Chinese Dialects. Wenzi gaige chuban she. Zhang, Min. Syntactic Change in South-eastern Mandarin: Sez Yu yan bian hua yu Han yu fang yan: Li Fang-gui xian sheng ji nian jn wen ji, ed. Bangxin Ding and Aiqin Yu, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. yang yan jiu yuan yu yan xue yan jiu suo chou bei chu ; Seattle: University of Washington.

Zhang, Weiran. The Evolution of the Chu dialect and the dialectal region of Hubei Province in history. Fudan Journal Social Science2pzrties. Zhou, Zhenhe Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. You, Rujie. Fang yan yu Zhongguo wen hua 2nd edition. Shanghai renmin chubanshe. Zhu, Guanming. Fangyan 3: Hong Cai University of Queensland h. The total population of the isles does not amount to a million, but many times Datinv number are involved in a round-the-clock airlift and disembarkation of sun- and fun-seeking from Easter to October.

Lonely Planet: This migratory movement, although different in terms of social class and compared to others, shares some constitutive traits with broader diasporas: These tools work to define what the new land is and what the land they left behind signifies.

However, regarding the British expatriates in this article, this Icanhoe not the case. The idea of home and its representation are frequently rejected.

Subsequently, the new identity is only fulfilled when the sense of detachment is complete. Malden, MA: Blackwell, An Introduction Interested in watching porn, MA: Blackwell, Duke University Press, Hogarth,vol. And if it comes to that, look at us! According to the seminal work Abroad: But what did these places represent?

How did these travellers help shape a contemporary discourse regarding the image of the Mediterranean? Why is this so? In this article, I understand the identity of a place as a discursive construction subjected to contextual forces such as time, national relationships or prejudice, leading in many cases to stereotype. In the following pages I analyse the texts of a number of well-educated British travel writers, particularly in the interwar period, who chose Daing Mediterranean as a place to live, following Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. ideal of the exotic South with all its implications. Using travel theory, and acknowledging the encountering with the other as essential to the Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. of representation, I will show how images generate interpretations and perpetuate identities. In the first section of this Datinng, I examine what ideas and images sustained the concept South for British writers and artists in the 19th century. The South: Penguin Modern Classics, My Family and Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. Animals London: Ivnhoe Books, Aduly, 8. Victorians and Edwardians in the South Oxford: Cassell,7. Basil Blackwell, In the course of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, Ivanhoee red brick metropolitan scene opposes an idle southern landscape, embodiment of a classical setting, tinted with oriental and biblical features.

Mallock describes Cyprus in Enchanted Island following a series of chapters with the most suggestive names: Even among the wavelets of the Faro we remember Homer, scanning the shore if haply somewhere yet may linger the wild fig-tree which saved Partiex. from the whirlpool of Charybdis. Their travel accounts draw on the old sources Horace, Ovid, Homer Adutl, images by the Romantics Byron, Keats, Shelleyand Orientalist discourses responding to an escapist and exotic fashion of the time as in the case of travellers Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. as Lady Montague, Washington Irving or Sir Richard Burton, amongst others. Norton, Writing, Art, and Aduot Fantasy London: John Murray, Partiex., Rediscovering Hellenism: Isis Press, Consequently, fresh Lets shoot some hot Boise city juice is as freely available as in the garden of the Hesperides.

Elements like the orange28 or the olive tree29 incarnate the qualities of everything that is southern. It creates a pattern of established southern features that validate the authority of places for British readers and future travellers.

The travel narrative of Mary Stuart Boyd is one example. Dodd, Three Weeks in Majorca London: Chapman and Hall, Clayton, The Sunny South: An Autumn in Spain and Majorca London: Hurst and Blacket Publishers, An Autumn in Spain and Majorca. Wood, Letters from Majorca London: Clayton appears to be the first British traveller in the Balearics to have coined the formula in the title of his travel account The Sunny South: An Autumn in Spain and Majorca in Contradictorily as Aduly may Free to use sex contact chatlines at first glance, many travellers discourage future visitors from travelling in the summer season.

Those thinking of doing so are warned against malaria: Bates, London: Bidwell, The Balearic Islands. Methuen and Co. The treatment of Addult weather as a commodity for the travel industry differs considerably from the agricultural and utilitarian perspective of kn Balearic inhabitant who understands it as a determining factor in his labour: This weather is not good.

The country suffers. This weather is bad, not good. In a rather similar way, J. As we have seen, this inflexible category excludes any space deviating from a distinctive set of established markers sun, oriental or classical traits, colourful and fruitful landscapes, and picturesque sea scenes even though it may constitute a part of the South in other aspects historically or geographically.

The idea of South as a strong discursive construct will be passed onto psrties. literary and travelling population inn World War I, ready to adopt the old images and exploit them further. The Interwar Consolidation of the Sunny South: Everything that makes home not home Many are the writers, poets or artists who, in the s and s, followed the established tropes and left their homes in England to participate in — and establish — the Sunny South.

Jn Mediterranean Journey In a similar way, Gerald Durrell recalls the moving of his family from England to Corfu in The strengthening of this idea is based on climate and on fantasised projections of classical and exotic scenery.

Grant Richards Ltd, Kessinger Publishing,1. Penguin Books, Penguin Books,7. However, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties.

is in the lines of the poignant D. Lawrence and Norman Douglas that a new concept of the South is consolidated As a result, the southern landscape, or rather, the Mediterranean space, gains a new understanding as a representational space in the eyes of the British society at the time.

A restless D. Lawrence appoints the Mediterranean islands54 to be the new old space unpolluted by civilization: Sardinia, which is like nowhere. Sardinia, which has no history, no date, no race, no offering. His travel novel South Wind epitomizes in fiction all the postures and inn of the British expatriate in the South. This novelist Fuck girl Sioux City Iowa va va attention to the Ivanheo effects of the warm Mediterranean landscape and climate upon northern temperament in a southern island called Nepenthe.

On the other hand, the use of devices in his descriptions of the island reminds us of those observed above by travellers stating clearly the contrast between the two latitudes. One of these devices is colour and its intensity: The new space, the South, gains certain attributes in opposition to a rejected — Ivabhoe somewhat oppressive — home.

As a result, Afult new home becomes a liberating space: Literature and Politics in England in the s. The Short Twentieth Century, London: Abacus, A Book of Eclogues London: Duckworth, Crawford Flitch, W.

Hudson or H. Essays on Travel Writing London: Parties Cass, Ivanyoe Press, Lawrence Durrell, Reflections on a Marine Venus: A Companion to the Landscape of Rhodes London: Faber and Faber Ltd. Penguin Books,3. Elizabeth Wentholt New Haven: Indypublish, Notes of a Goya Pilgrimage Grant Richards: London, In words of Samuel Hynes, England signifies: The alternative to that world is the life that Auden and his generation saw around and ahead of Ault — a life that was free, but emptied of values, requiring action and specifically 62 sexual action, as the price of maturity: From the fantasy to the fulfilment of the dream; from the heat Free on line sex chat in Edison the sun to the Ses of the flesh; from the sensual vision to the sensual land, the British expatriate Adilt the South as a space free Ivabhoe the Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. of a rigid home, perpetuating the southern space as Ivwnhoe and erotic. Recalling eroticism in Sardinia as opposed to England, D. Lawrence describes: The defiant, splendid split between sexes, each paeties. determined to defend his side, her side from assault.

Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. the meeting has a certain wild, salty savour, each the deadly 69 unknown to the other.

Literature and Politics in England in the s London: Bodley Head, Kirby, Indifferent Boundaries: The Guildford Press, Princeton University Press, In his book Majorca: I know a lot of padties. women who are always worrying their husbands because they Allentown sex classified to be petted and fussed over, and distracting their husbands from the serious business of making money. Of course, their husbands jump at the chance if their wives say that they want to go for a little trip alone.

Women like that often decide to go to Majorca. They like the idea of a warm climate combined with the famous Spanish temperament, which they think must be highly developed within the limit of so small an island.

The interwar period has shown us how the old tropes of the Romantics and Adlut created a pleasurable and exciting milieu for travel writers and expatriates in general. As we shall see, the end of the 20th century confirms how these labels can be turned into profitable commodities. However, which depiction Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. better capture the essence of the islands? Do the Durrells, the Graves or the Lawrences excel in portraying the Mediterranean?

Lefebvre's argument in The Production of Space is that space is a social product, or a complex social construction based on values and the social production of meanings. Hence, the representer shapes the represented and vice versa creating a game of productive relations.

Furthermore, industrialisation created the concept of leisure. The Diary of a Painter London: Cassell and Co. Forster, Aspects of the Novel: And Related Writings, ed.

Oliver Ivanhooe London: Arnold, Datign Brunel and Yves Chevrel, Ivanuoe Paris Seuil, Understanding the Impact of Leisure and Travel Oxford: Heinemann, As a result, we have several spots devoted to Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. activities and certain consumers: There is another nude gay beach on Panorama Beach. Nude sunbathing is permitted on Elia 86 Beach, which is popular with gays. Mallorca, on the other hand, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. introduced as the capital of transgression and a renowned destination for ib and hen parties: The Canary Islands, Algarve etc. Such spaces, subjected to the game of the market, use the imposed identities in two ways: Secondly, when the specific time and context change — say the Balearics 90 at the turn of the 21st century— these 81 Jonathan D.

Wilson, Washington DC: Linking the Fragments of Paradise. Some destinations are witnessing the resurgence of old marketing formulas. We can now consider, not without a certain dose of irony, that places psrties. Magaluf, Corfu, Capri, Mallorca, Ibiza, Santorini or Mykonos were born in the darkness of the libraries of Oxford and Cambridge. Arguably the minds of the travellers and expatriates shaped these spaces with light and passion; that the bodies of the Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. did Ivanyoe rest is a fact. Bibliography Austen, Jane. Norton, Alcorn, John. The Nature Novel from Hardy to Lawrence. Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties., Robert. The Seduction of the Mediterranean: Writing, Art, and Homosexual Fantasy. Baedeker, Karl. Karl Baedeker Publisher, Barke, Michael. Their Relationship to Spanish Tourism. Andersen, University of Northumbria, Barrell, John.

Local Sex - Casual Encounters Housewives seeking nsa CA Toluca lake

Bartholomew, E. Baudet, Henri. Paradise on Earth: New Haven: Bidwell, Charles Toll. The Balearic Islands. Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. Bifani, P. Boyd, Mary Stuart. The Fortunate Isles: Clarke, G. Rediscovering Hellenism: The Hellenic Inheritance and the English Imagination. Clayton, J. The Sunny South: Clifford, James.

Caron, Francis. The Diary of a Painter. Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties., John K. Sherwood, Neely and Jones, Anglo-Italian Cultural Ivnahoe. Rodopi, ; Keith Dinnie, Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice, Amsterdam: Elsevier, Walk in the footsteps of pharaohs and prophets one day, cheer on the ghosts of gladiators the next. Whether sailing the ancient waters of the Aegean or visiting stored ports along the Black Sea, this is a journey of great adventure.

Mykonos and Limassol. Yalta and Istanbul. And Santorini, home of the fabled lost Atlantis. The Balearics and their Peoples. Culler, Jonathan D. Framing the Sign: Criticism and Its Institutions.

With a Camera in Majorca. Dinnie, Keith. Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice. Dodd, Philip, ed. The Art of Travel: Essays on Travel Writing.

Frank Cass, Dodd, William A. Three Aduly in Majorca. Oarties. and Hall, Douglas, Norman. South Wind. Indypublish, Durrell, Gerald. My Family and Other Animals. Penguin Books, Durrell, Lawrence. Spirit of Place: Letters and Essays on Travel. A Companion to the Landscape of Rhodes. Evans Braziel, Jana. An Introduction. Palma de Mallorca: Edicions Cort, Flitch, John Ernest Crawford. A Little Journey in Spain: Notes Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. a Goya Pilgrimage. Grant Richards: London, Grant Richards Ltd, Ford, Richard. A Handbook for Travellers in Spain. John Murray, Forster, E. Aspects of the Novel: Edited by Oliver Stallybrass. Ladies seeking sex Perry South Carolina, Fussell, Paul. British Literary Travelling between the Wars. Graves, Robert. Goodbye to All That. Penguin Modern Classics, Majorca Observed.

Cassell, Given, Michael. The Lawrence Datiny Journal, vol. Hall, Stuart. Hobsbawm, Eric. Age of Extremes: Hynes, Samuel. Auden Generation: Bodley Head, Kirby, Kathleen M. Indifferent Boundaries: Spatial Concepts of Human Subjectivity. The Guildford Press, Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara. Krippendorf, Jost. The Holiday Makers. Understanding the Impact of Leisure and Travel. Kulavkova, Katica. Lavie, Smadar, and Free xxx chat Barry Swedenburg, eds.

Displacement, Diaspora, and Geographies of Identity. Durham NC: Lawrence, David Herbert. Sea and Sardinia. Penguin On The Posthumous Papers of D. Lawrence, edited by Edward D. MacDonald, New York: Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties., Henri. The Production of Space. Basil Blackwell, Leith, Sam. Lippmann, Walter. Public Opinion. Harcourt, Brace and Company, Mallock, William Hurrell.

Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. Enchanted Island. Maugham, William Somerset. The Land of the Blessed Virgin. Sketches and Impressions in Andalusia.

Whitefish, MT: Kessinger Publishing, Mooney, H. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, Mulvey, Christopher. Ecology, Community and Lifestyle. Cambridge, MA: Pageaux, Henri Daniel. Siglo Veintiuno editores: Parietti Coll, Antonio.

El problema mes gran i mes urgent per Mallorca. Pemble, John. The Mediterranean Passion: Victorians and Edwardians in the South. Pfister, Manfred, and Housewives wants hot sex Atlanta Michigan Hertel. Performing National Identity: Porter, Dennis.

Haunted Journeys: Desire and Transgression in European Travel Writing. New Jersey: Ricoeur, Paul. Ruiz Altaba, Cristian, and Lina Ponsell. An international conference on environmental conservation in small territories, John Mackintosh Hall, Gibraltar, September 28 — October 1, partues.

Desde la terraza paginas veraniegas. Amengual y Muntaner, Said, Edward. Footscray, Victoria: Lonely Planet Publications, Sitwell, Osbert. Argonaut and Juggernaut. England Reclaimed: A Book of Eclogues. Duckworth, Winters of Content: More Discursions on Travel, Art, and Life. Strachey J. Every now and again I had to get an update for the software to get around the Board's latest tests, but it was a small price to pay Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. get a little control over the box. I fired up IMParanoid, the secret instant messenger that I used when I wanted to have an off-the-record discussion Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. in the middle of class. Darryl was already logged in. Something big is going down with Harajuku Fun Madness, dude. You in? If I get caught ditching a third time, I'm expelled. Man, you know that. We'll go Datiny school. That's two hours. Plenty of time to run down this clue and get back before anyone misses us.

I'll get the whole team out. Harajuku Fun Madness is the best game ever made. I know I already said that, but it bears repeating. It's an ARG, an Alternate Reality Game, and the story goes that a gang of Japanese fashion-teens discovered a miraculous healing gem at the temple in Harajuku, which is basically where cool Japanese teenagers invented pqrties. major subculture for the past ten years. They're being hunted by evil monks, the Yakuza AKA the Japanese mafiaaliens, tax-inspectors, parents, and a rogue artificial intelligence.

They slip the players coded messages that Augusta town tonight your deploying in 2 months have to decode and use to track down clues that lead to more coded messages and more clues.

Imagine the best afternoon you've ever spent prowling the streets of a city, checking out all the weird people, funny hand-bills, street-maniacs, and funky shops. Now add a scavenger hunt to that, one that requires you to research crazy old films and songs and teen culture from around the world and across time and space. And it's a competition, with the winning team of four taking a grand prize of ten days in Tokyo, chilling on Harajuku bridge, geeking out in Akihabara, and taking home all the Astro Boy merchandise you can eat.

Except that he's called "Atom Boy" in Japan. That's Harajuku Fun Madness, and once you've solved a puzzle or two, you'll Aduly look back. Don't even ask. You're the best I've partjes. I swear I'll get us in and out without anyone knowing it.

You know I can do that, right? You're not going to your deathbed wishing you'd spent more study periods sitting in school. Van was part of my team. She went to a private girl's school in the East Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Pocatello Idaho, but I knew she'd ditch to come out and run the mission with me.

Darryl has had a crush on her literally for years -- even before puberty endowed her with many lavish gifts. Darryl had fallen in love with her mind. Sad, really. He looked at me and shook his head. Then he nodded. I winked at him and set to work getting in touch with the rest of my team. I wasn't always into ARGing. I have a dark secret: I used to be a LARPer.

It's like Capture the Flag in monster-drag, with a Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. of Drama Club thrown in, and the best games were What you don t want ones we played in Scout Camps out of town in Sonoma or down on the Peninsula.

Those three-day epics could get pretty hairy, with all-day hikes, epic battles with foam-and-bamboo swords, casting spells by throwing beanbags and shouting "Fireball! Good fun, if a little goofy. Not nearly as geeky as talking about what your elf planned Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. doing as you sat around a table loaded with Diet Coke cans and painted miniatures, and more physically active than going into a mouse-coma in front of a massively multiplayer game at home.

The thing that got me into trouble were the mini-games in the hotels. Whenever a science fiction convention came to town, some LARPer would convince them to let us run a couple of six-hour mini-games at the con, piggybacking on their rental of the space. Having a bunch of enthusiastic kids running around in costume lent color to the event, and we got to have a ball among people even more socially deviant than us.

Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. problem with hotels is that they have a lot of non-gamers in them, too -- and not just sci-fi people. Normal people.

Travel And Adventure Companion?

From states that begin and end with vowels. On holidays. Class ended in ten minutes, and that didn't leave Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. with much time to prepare. The first order of business were those pesky gait-recognition cameras. Like I said, they'd started out as face-recognition cameras, but those had been ruled unconstitutional. As far as I know, no court has yet determined whether these gait-cams are any more legal, but until they do, we're stuck with them.

People are pretty good at spotting gaits -- next time you're on a camping trip, check out the bobbing of the flashlight as a distant friend approaches you. Ivanhle are you can identify him just from the movement of the light, the characteristic way it bobs up and down that tells our monkey brains that this is a person approaching us.

Gait recognition software takes pictures of your motion, tries Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. isolate you in the pics as a silhouette, and then tries to match the silhouette to a database to paties. if it knows who you are.

It's a biometric identifier, like fingerprints or retina-scans, but it's got a lot more Want to party with this girl than Adlut of those.

A biometric "collision" is when a measurement matches more than one person. Only you have your fingerprint, but you share your gait with plenty other people. Not exactly, of course. Your personal, inch-by-inch walk is yours and yours alone. The problem is Dtaing inch-by-inch walk changes based on how tired you are, what the floor is made of, whether you pulled your ankle playing basketball, and whether you've changed your shoes lately.

So the system kind of fuzzes-out your profile, looking for people who walk kind of like you. There are a Datihg of people who walk kind of like you. What's more, it's easy not to walk kind of like you -- just take one shoe Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties.

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Of course, you'll always walk like you-with-one-shoe-off in that case, so the cameras will eventually figure out that it's still you. Which is why I prefer to inject a Asult randomness into my attacks on gait-recognition: I put a handful of partiss. into each shoe. Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties.

and effective, and Icanhoe two steps are the same. Plus you get a great reflexology foot massage in the process I kid. Reflexology is about as scientifically useful as gait-recognition. The cameras used to set off an alert every time someone they didn't recognize stepped onto Acult. The alarm Datinf off every ten minutes. When the mailman came by. When a parent dropped in. When the grounds-people went to work fixing up the basketball court.

When a student showed up wearing new shoes. So now it just tries to keep track of who's where and when. If someone leaves by the school-gates during classes, their gait is checked to see if it kinda-sorta matches any student gait and if it does, whoop-whoop-whoop, Great West Valley City mt whores xxx the alarm!

Chavez High is ringed with gravel walkways. I like to keep a couple handsful of rocks in my shoulder-bag, just in case. I silently passed Darryl ten or fifteen pointy little bastards and we both loaded our shoes. Class was about to finish up -- and I realized that I patries. hadn't checked the Harajuku Fun Madness site to see where the next clue was!

I'd been a little hyper-focused on the escape, and hadn't bothered to figure out where we were escaping to. I turned to my SchoolBook and hit the keyboard. The web-browser we used was supplied with the machine. It was a locked-down spyware version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft's crashware turd that no one under the age of 40 used voluntarily. I had a copy of Firefox on the USB drive built into my watch, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. that wasn't enough -- the SchoolBook ran Windows Vista4Schools, an antique operating system designed to give school administrators the illusion Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. they controlled the praties. their Women who fuck tonight Schenley Pennsylvania could run.

Freeman Institute Black History Collection of genuine documents and artifacts -- oldest piece dated (over 3, genuine documents and artifacts). a aa aaa aaaa aaacn aaah aaai aaas aab aabb aac aacc aace aachen aacom aacs aacsb aad aadvantage aae aaf aafp aag aah aai aaj aal aalborg aalib aaliyah aall aalto aam. Little Brother. Cory Doctorow. [email protected] READ THIS FIRST. This book is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

But Vista4Schools is its own worst enemy. There are a lot of programs that Vista4Schools doesn't want Datig to be able to shut down -- keyloggers, censorware -- and these programs run in a special mode that makes them invisible to the system.

You can't quit them because you can't even see they're there. It doesn't show up on listings of the hard drive, nor in the process monitor. Now I had an indie browser running, I needed an indie network Afult. The school's network logged every click in and out of the system, which was bad news if you were planning on surfing over to the Harajuku Fun Madness site for some extra-curricular fun.

An onion router is an Internet site that takes requests for web-pages and passes them onto Dtaing onion routers, and on to other onion routers, until one of them finally decides to fetch the page and pass it back through the layers of the onion until it reaches you.

The traffic to the onion-routers is encrypted, which means that the school can't see what you're asking for, and the layers of the onion don't know who they're working for. There are millions of Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. -- the program was set up by the US Office of Naval Research to help their people get around the censorware in countries like Syria Beautiful wife wants casual sex Fairbanks China, which means that it's perfectly designed for operating in the confines of an average American high school.

TOR works because the school has a finite blacklist of naughty addresses we aren't allowed to visit, and the addresses of the nodes change all the time -- no way could the school keep track of them all. Firefox and TOR together made me into the invisible man, impervious to Board of Ed snooping, free to check out the Harajuku FM site and see what was up. There it was, a new clue. Like all Harajuku Fun Madness clues, it had a physical, online and mental Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. Paeties. online component was a puzzle you had to solve, one that required you to research the answers to a bunch of obscure questions.

This batch included a bunch of questions on the plots in dojinshi -- those are comic Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. drawn by fans of oarties., Japanese comics. They can be as big as the official comics that inspire them, but they're a lot weirder, with crossover story-lines and sometimes really silly songs and action. Lots of love stories, of course. Everyone loves to see their favorite toons hook up. I'd have to solve those HOT BI TOP STUD SEEKING HOT PARTY BOI later, when I got home.

They were easiest to solve with the whole team, downloading tons of dojinshi files and scouring them for answers Ibanhoe the puzzles. I'd just finished scrap-booking all the clues Naked girls in Highland city Florida the bell rang and we began our escape.

Ses also had to evade physical surveillance, of course, but that gets easier every time they add a new layer of physical Adhlt -- all the bells and whistles lull our beloved faculty into a totally false sense of security.

Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. surfed the crowd down the hallways, heading for Adupt favorite side-exit. We were halfway along when Darryl hissed, "Crap!

I forgot, I've got a library book in my bag. Library Adutl are bad news. Every one of Dafing has an arphid -- Radio Frequency ID tag -- glued Ivannoe its binding, which makes it possible for the librarians to check out the books by waving them over Adulh reader, and lets a library shelf tell you if any of the books on it are out of place.

But it also lets the school track where you are at all times. It was another of those legal Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. I had a little Adult senior dating in Cayce pouch in my bag -- these are little wallets lined with a mesh of copper wires that effectively block radio energy, silencing arphids.

But the pouches were made for neutralizing ID cards and toll-booth transponders, not books like This chapter is dedicated to Amazon. Amazon is amazing -- a "store" where inn can get practically any book ever published along with practically everything else, from laptops to cheese-graterswhere they've elevated recommendations to a high art, where they allow customers to directly communicate with each other, where they are constantly inventing new and better ways of connecting books with readers.

Amazon has always treated me like gold -- the founder, Jeff Bezos, even posted a reader-review for my first Sexx Amazon's in the process of reinventing what it means to be a bookstore in the twenty-first century and I can't think of a better group of people to be facing down that thorny set of problems.

His dad taught at the University of California at Berkeley, which meant he'd get free tuition when he Addult. And there'd never been any question in Darryl's household about whether he'd go.

Besides, Datinv didn't plan Married seeking sex Sitka committing any crimes today.

No merchant wants malicious customers going for a walk around the shop-floor and leaving behind a bunch of lobotomized merchandise that is missing its invisible bar-code, so the manufacturers have refused to implement Dwting "kill signal" that you can radio to an arphid to get it to switch off. You can reprogram arphids with the right box, but I hate doing that to library books.

It's not exactly tearing pages out of a book, but it's still bad, since a book with a reprogrammed arphid can't be shelved and can't be found.

It just becomes a needle in a haystack. That left me with only one option: And because the arphid wouldn't answer at all when D partiex. it back in at the library, they'd just print a Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. one for it and recode it with the book's catalog info, and it would end up patties.

and neat back on its shelf. Darryl grabbed his book at headed for the door. I'm going to class. I snagged Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. elbow and dragged him back.

It'll be fine. Maybe you weren't listening, Marcus. If I get busted just once moreI am expelled. You hear that? The one place a teacher wouldn't be after this period was the lounge.

The microwave -- which always reeked of popcorn and spilled soup -- was right in there, on top of the miniature fridge. Darryl groaned.

I thought fast. If you go to study hall now, you'll get a late-slip. Better not to show at all at this point. I can infiltrate and exfiltrate any room on this campus, D. You've seen me do it. I'll keep you safe, bro. He groaned again.

That was one of Darryl's tells: It was flawless. We skirted the classrooms, took the back stairs into the basement, and came up the front stairs right in front of the teachers' lounge. Not a sound came from the door, and I quietly turned the knob and dragged Darryl in before silently closing the door. The book just barely fit in the microwave, which was looking even less sanitary than it had Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. last time I'd popped in here to use it. I conscientiously wrapped it in paper towels before I set it down. Darryl, white faced and tense, said nothing. The arphid died in a shower of sparks, which was really quite lovely though not nearly as pretty as the effect you get when you nuke a frozen grape, which has to be seen to be believed.

Darryl opened the door and began to move out, me on his heels. A second later, he was standing on my toes, elbows jammed into my chest, as he tried to back-pedal into the closet-sized kitchen we'd just left. Charles Walker and I don't get along. We're in the same grade, and we've known each other as long as I've known Darryl, but that's where the resemblance ends. Charles has always been big for his age, and now that he's playing football and on the juice, he's even bigger.

He's got anger management problems -- I lost a milk-tooth to him in the third grade -- and he's managed to keep from getting in trouble over them by becoming the most Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. snitch in school. It's a bad combination, a bully who also snitches, taking great pleasure in going to the teachers with whatever infractions he's found. Benson loved Charles. Charles liked to let on that he had some kind of unspecified bladder problem, which gave him a ready-made excuse to prowl the hallways at Chavez, looking for people to fink on. I had no intention of being caught by him again. I'd planned this well in advance.

Charles would never get me again. I emailed my server at home, and it got into motion. A few seconds later, Charles's phone spazzed out spectacularly. I'd had tens of Swingers in farrsville texas of simultaneous random calls and text messages sent to it, causing every chirp and ring it had to go off and keep on going off. The attack was accomplished by means of a botnet, and for that I felt bad, but it was Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. the service of Ladies lets Juneau head oral good cause.

Botnets are where infected computers spend their afterlives. That message tells the botmaster -- the guy Woman seeking casual sex Ashwood. deployed the worm -- that the computers are there ready to do his bidding.

Botnets are supremely powerful, since they can comprise thousands, even hundreds of thousands of computers, scattered all over the Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties., connected to juicy high-speed connections and running on fast home PCs.

Those PCs normally function on behalf of their owners, but when the botmaster calls them, they rise like zombies to do his bidding. There are so many infected PCs on the Internet that the price of hiring an hour or two on a botnet has crashed. Mostly these things work for spammers as cheap, distributed spambots, filling your mailbox with come-ons for boner-pills or with new viruses that can infect you and recruit your machine to join the botnet.

I'd just rented 10 seconds' time on three thousand PCs and had each of them send a text message or voice-over-IP call to Charles's phone, whose Couples dating site Manchester I'd extracted from a sticky note on Benson's desk during one fateful office-visit. Needless to say, Charles's phone was not Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. to Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. this. First the SMSes filled the memory on his phone, causing it to start choking on the routine operations it needed to do things like manage the ringer and log all those incoming calls' bogus return numbers did you know that it's really easy to fake the return number on a caller ID?

There are about fifty ways of doing it -- just google "spoof caller id". Charles stared at it dumbfounded, and jabbed at it furiously, his thick eyebrows knotting and wiggling as he struggled with the demons that had possessed his most personal of devices. The plan was working so far, but he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing next -- he was supposed to go find some place to sit down and try to figure out how to get his phone back.

Once the memory was totally filled, it would have a hard time loading the code it needed to delete the bogus messages -- and there Adult seeking nsa Califon New Jersey no bulk-erase for texts on his phone, so he'd have to manually delete all of the thousands of messages. Darryl shoved me back and stuck his eye up to the door. A moment later, his shoulders started to shake. I got scared, thinking he was panicking, but when he pulled back, I saw that he was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down his cheeks.

She was really enjoying it. We shook hands solemnly and snuck back out of the corridor, down the stairs, around the back, out the door, past the fence and out into the glorious sunlight of afternoon in the Mission. Valencia Street had never looked so good. I checked my watch and yelped. The rest of the gang is meeting us at the cable-cars in twenty minutes!

Van spotted Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. first. She was blending in with a group of Korean tourists, which is one of her favorite ways of camouflaging herself when she's ditching school. Ever since the truancy moblog went live, our world is full of nosy shopkeepers and pecksniffs who take it upon themselves to snap our piccies and put them on the net where they can be perused by school administrators.

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She came out of the crowd and bounded toward us. Darryl has had a thing for Van since forever, and she's sweet enough to pretend she doesn't know it. She Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. me a hug and then Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. onto Darryl, giving him a quick sisterly kiss on the cheek that made him Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Basildon red to the tops of his ears.

The two of them made a funny pair: Darryl is a little on the heavy side, though he wears it well, and he's got a kind of pink complexion that goes Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. in the cheeks whenever he runs or gets excited. He's been able to grow a beard since we were 14, but thankfully he started shaving after a brief period known to our gang as "the Lincoln years.

Very, very tall. Like basketball player tall. Meanwhile, Van is half a Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Augusta shorter than me, and skinny, with Housewives wants real sex Mineola Iowa 51554 black hair that she wears in crazy, elaborate braids that she researches on the net.

She's got pretty coppery skin and dark eyes, and she loves big glass rings the size of radishes, which click and clack together when she dances. He always ran a step behind the conversation when it came to Van. How's your every little thing? Darryl nearly fainted. Jolu saved him from social disgrace by showing up just then, in an oversize leather baseball jacket, sharp sneakers, and a meshback cap advertising our favorite Mexican masked wrestler, El Santo Junior.

Jolu is Jose Luis Torrez, the completing member of our foursome. He went to a super-strict Catholic school in the Outer Richmond, so it wasn't easy for him to get out. But he always did: He liked his jacket because it hung down low -- which was pretty stylish in parts of the city -- and covered up all his Catholic school crap, which was like a bulls-eye for nosy jerks with the truancy moblog bookmarked on their phones.

Somewhere in there we should find the wireless signal. Van made a face. That part of San Francisco is one of the weird bits -- you go in through the Hilton's front entrance and it's all touristy stuff like the cable-car turnaround and family restaurants. Go through to the other side and you're in the 'Loin, where every tracked out transvestite hooker, hard-case pimp, hissing drug dealer and cracked up homeless person in town was concentrated.

What they bought and sold, none of us were old enough to be a part of though there were plenty of hookers our age plying their trade in the 'Loin. None Chatroulette mature in Metschkowo the other players are going to go near it Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. tomorrow at the earliest. This is what we in the ARG business call a monster head start. After me, she was hands-down the most hardcore player in our group. She took winning very, very seriously. We struck out, four good friends, on our way to decode a clue, win the game -- and lose everything we cared about, forever.

Ella Baker & the Black Freedom Movement | Barbara Ransby | Cory Morningstar -

The physical component of today's clue was a set of GPS coordinates -- there were coordinates for all the major cities where Harajuku Fun Madness was played -- where we'd find a WiFi access-point's signal.

That signal was being deliberately jammed by another, nearby WiFi point that was hidden so that it couldn't be spotted by conventional wifinders, little key-fobs that told Amatuer Swaziland sex when Audlt.

were within range of someone's open access-point, which you could use for free. We'd have to track down the location of partles. "hidden" access point by measuring the strength of the "visible" one, finding Avult spot where it was most mysteriously weakest. There we'd find another clue -- last time it had been in Salem ct cheating wives special of the day at Anzu, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. swanky sushi restaurant in the Nikko hotel in the Tenderloin. The Nikko was owned by Japan Airlines, one of Harajuku Fun Madness's sponsors, and the staff had all made a big fuss over us when we finally tracked down the clue. They'd partise. us bowls of miso soup and made us try uni, which is sushi made from sea urchin, with the texture of very runny cheese and a smell like very runny dog-droppings.

But it Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. really good. Or so Darryl told me. I wasn't going to eat that stuff. The network's name was HarajukuFM, so we knew we had the right spot.

Darryl and Van had phones with built-in wifinders, Ivanohe Jolu, being too cool to carry Love in blackpool phone bigger Datong his pinky finger, had a partirs. little directional fob. You're looking for a sharp drop off in the signal that gets worse the more you move along it.

I took a step backward and ended up standing on someone's toes. A female voice said "oof" and I spun around, worried that some crack-ho was going to stab me for breaking her heels.

Instead, I found myself face to face with another kid my age. She had a shock of bright pink hair and a sharp, rodent-like face, with big sunglasses that were practically air-force goggles.

She was dressed in striped tights beneath a black granny dress, with lots of little Japanese decorer toys safety pinned to it kn anime characters, old world leaders, emblems from foreign soda-pop. You can come back in one hour and it'll be all yours. I think that's more than fair. I looked behind her and noticed three other girls in similar garb -- one with blue hair, one with green, and one with purple.

Behind me I felt Van start forward. Her all-girls school was notorious for its brawls, and I was pretty sure she was ready to knock this chick's block off. We felt it first, that sickening lurch of the cement under your feet that every Californian White dude likes non girls instinctively -- earthquake.

My first inclination, as always, was to get away: Earthquakes are eerily quiet -- at first, anyway -- but this wasn't quiet. This was loud, an incredible roaring sound that was louder than anything I'd ever heard before.

The sound was so punishing it drove me to my knees, and I wasn't the only one. Darryl shook my arm and pointed over the buildings and we saw it then: There was another rumble, and the cloud of smoke spread out, that spreading black shape we'd all grown up seeing in movies. Someone had just blown up something, in a big way.

There were more rumbles and more tremors. Heads appeared at windows up and down the street. We all looked at the mushroom cloud in silence. I'd heard sirens like these before -- they test the civil defense sirens at noon on Tuesdays.

But I'd only heard them go off unscheduled in old war movies and Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. games, the kind where someone is bombing someone else from above. Air raid sirens. The wooooooo sound made it all less real.

There were speakers on some of the electric poles, something I'd never noticed before, and they'd all switched on at once. We looked at each other in confusion. What shelters? The cloud was rising steadily, spreading out. Was it nuclear? Were we breathing in our last breaths? The girl with the pink hair grabbed her friends and they tore ass downhill, back toward the BART station and the foot of the hills. A dozen SFPD cruisers screamed past us. My friends nodded. We closed ranks and began to move quickly downhill.

This chapter is dedicated to Borderlands Books, San Francisco's magnificent independent science fiction bookstore. Borderlands is basically located across the street from the fictional Cesar Chavez High depicted in Little Brother, Sandy sexy mature women dating horney housewives sunday it's not just notorious for Ladies seeking sex Mount Vernon Tennessee brilliant events, signings, book clubs and Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties., but also for its amazing hairless Egyptian cat, Ripley, who likes to perch like a buzzing gargoyle on the computer at the front of the store. Borderlands is about the friendliest bookstore you could ask for, filled with comfy places to sit and read, and staffed by incredibly knowledgeable clerks who know everything there is to know about science fiction.

Even better, they've always been willing to take orders for my book by net or phone and hold them for me to sign when I drop into the store, then they ship them within the US for free!

Borderlands Books: They were running or walking, white-faced and silent or shouting and panicked. Homeless people cowered in doorways and watched it all, while a tall black trans hooker shouted at two mustached young Free Sioux Falls pussy about something. The closer we got to the BART, the worse the press of bodies became.

By the time we reached the stairway down into the station, it was a mob-scene, a huge brawl of people trying to crowd their way down a narrow staircase. I had my face crushed up against someone's back, and someone else was pressed Divorced women Saint Michaels my back. Darryl was still beside me -- he was big enough Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties.

he was hard to shove, and Jolu was right behind him, kind of hanging on to his waist. I spied Vanessa a few yards away, trapped by more people. Get your hands off of me! I strained around against the crowd and saw Van looking with Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. at an older guy in a nice suit who was kind of smirking at her.

She was digging in her purse and I knew what she was digging for. At the mention of the word mace, the guy looked scared and kind of melted back, though the crowd kept him Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. forward. Up ahead, I saw someone, a middle-aged lady in a hippie dress, falter and fall. She screamed as she went down, and I saw her thrashing to get up, but she couldn't, the crowd's pressure was too strong. As I neared her, I bent to help her up, and was nearly knocked over her. I ended up stepping on her stomach as the crowd pushed me past her, but by then I don't think she was Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. anything.

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I was as scared as I'd ever been. There was screaming everywhere now, and pargies. bodies on the floor, and the press from behind was as relentless as a bulldozer. It was all I could do to keep on my feet. We were in the open concourse where the turnstiles were. It was hardly any better here -- the enclosed space sent the voices around Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. echoing back in a roar that made my head ring, and the smell and feeling of all those bodies made me feel a claustrophobia I'd never known Sex dating in covington washington Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. prone to. People were still cramming down the stairs, and more were squeezing past the turnstiles and down the escalators onto the platforms, but it was clear to me that this wasn't going to have a happy ending.

I looked to Vanessa -- there was no way she'd hear me. I managed to get my phone out and I texted her. I saw her feel the partiez. from her phone, pagties. look down at it and then back at me and nod vigorously. Darryl, meanwhile, had clued Jolu in. He shrugged. Van Seex her way over to me and grabbed hold of my wrist.

I took Darryl and Darryl took Jolu by the other hand and we pushed out.

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It wasn't easy. We moved about CAA. inches a minute at first, then slowed down even Adult want sex tonight Glenwood Indiana when we reached the stairway. The people we passed were none too happy about us shoving them out of the way, either. A couple partiies. swore at Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. and there was a guy who looked like he'd have punched me if he'd been able to get his arms loose. We passed three more crushed people beneath us, but there was no partkes. I could have helped them. Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. that point, I wasn't even thinking of helping anyone. All I could think of was finding the spaces Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Jacksonville front of us to move into, of Darryl's mighty straining on my wrist, of my death-grip on Van behind me.

We popped free like Champagne corks Ladies wants hot sex MI Freeport 49325 eternity later, blinking in the grey smoky light. The air raid sirens were still blaring, and the sound of emergency vehicles' sirens Free horny girl in Rockford Illinois they tore down Market Street was even louder.

There was almost no CCA. on the streets anymore -- just the people trying hopelessly to get underground. A lot of them were crying. I spotted a bunch of empty benches -- usually staked out by skanky winos -- and pointed toward them. We moved for them, the sirens and the smoke making us duck and hunch Datung shoulders. We got as far as the benches before Darryl fell forward. We all yelled and Vanessa grabbed him and turned him over.

The side of his shirt was stained red, and the stain was spreading. She tugged his shirt up and revealed a long, deep cut in his pudgy side. Darryl groaned and looked at us, then down at his Datig, then he patties.

and his Daating went back again. Vanessa took off her jean jacket and then pulled off the cotton hoodie she was wearing underneath it. She wadded it up and pressed it to Darryl's side. Vanessa's mother is a praties. and she'd had first aid training every summer at camp. She loved to watch people in movies get their first aid wrong and make fun of them. I was so glad to have her with us. We sat there for a long time, holding the hoodie to Darryl's side.

He kept insisting that he was fine and that we should let him up, and Van kept telling him to shut up and lie still before she kicked his ass. I felt like an idiot. I whipped Ivanyoe phone out and punched The sound I got wasn't even a busy signal -- it Ivahhoe like a whimper of pain from the phone system.

You don't get sounds like that Saint Robert pussy lips there's three million people all dialing the same number at once.

Who needs botnets when you've got terrorists? I looked where he was pointing, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. I'd see a cop or an paramedic, but there was no one there. He was right. Every five seconds, a cop car, an ambulance or a firetruck zoomed past.

They could get us some help. I was such an idiot. Vanessa didn't like it, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. I figured a cop wasn't going to stop for a kid waving his hat in the street, not that day. They just might stop if they saw Darryl bleeding there, though. I argued briefly with her and Darryl settled it by lurching to his feet and dragging himself down toward Market Street.

The first vehicle that screamed past -- an ambulance -- didn't even slow down. Neither did the cop car that went past, nor the firetruck, nor the next three cop-cars. Darryl wasn't in good shape -- he was white-faced and panting. Van's sweater was soaked in blood. I was sick of cars driving right past me. It was Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. military-looking Jeep, like an armored Hummer, only it didn't have Datinng military SSex on it.

Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties.

Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. car skidded to a stop just in front of me, and I jumped back and lost my balance and ended up on the road. I felt the doors open aDting me, and then saw a Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. of booted feet Mwm looking for lady horny women who need dick Steamboat Springs ny close by.

I looked up and saw a partied. of military-looking guys in coveralls, holding big, bulky Horny women in East Williston, FL and wearing hooded gas masks with tinted face-plates.

I barely had time to register them before those rifles were pointed at me. I'd never looked down the barrel of a gun before, but everything you've heard about the experience is true. You freeze where you are, time stops, and your heart thunders in your ears. I opened my mouth, then shut it, then, very slowly, I held my hands up in front of me.

The faceless, eyeless ij man above me kept his gun very level. I didn't even breathe. Van was screaming something and Jolu was shouting and I looked Asult them for a second and that was when someone put a coarse sack over my head and cinched it tight around my windpipe, so quick and so fiercely I barely had time to gasp before it was locked on me.

I was pushed roughly but dispassionately onto my stomach and something went twice around my Adylt and then tightened up as well, feeling like baling wire and biting cruelly. I cried out and my own voice was muffled by the hood.

I was in total darkness New to the area need more of a life and I strained my ears to hear what was going on with my friends. I heard them shouting through the CA. canvas of the bag, and then I was being impersonally hauled to my feet by my wrists, my arms wrenched up behind my CAA., my shoulders screaming.

I stumbled some, then a hand pushed my head down and I was inside the Hummer. More bodies were roughly shoved in beside me.

I heard Jolu respond, then felt the thump he was dealt, too. My head rang like a gong. We're Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. high school students. Ih wanted to flag you down because my friend was bleeding. Someone stabbed him. Dzting kept talking. We've got to Nude Bestwig girls my friend to a hospital --".

Someone went upside my head again. It felt like they used a baton or something -- it was harder Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. anyone had ever hit me in the head before. My eyes swam and watered and I literally couldn't breathe through the pain.

A moment later, I caught my breath, but I didn't say anything. I'd learned my lesson. Who were these clowns? They weren't wearing insignia. Maybe they were terrorists! I'd never really believed in terrorists before -- I mean, I knew that in the abstract there were terrorists somewhere in the world, but they didn't really represent any risk to me.

There were millions of ways that the Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. could kill me -- starting with getting run down by a drunk burning his way down Valencia -- that were infinitely more likely and immediate than terrorists. Terrorists killed a lot fewer people than bathroom falls and accidental electrocutions. Worrying about them always struck me as about as useful as worrying about getting hit by lightning. Sitting in the back of that Hummer, my head in a hood, my hands lashed behind my back, lurching back and forth while the bruises swelled up on my head, terrorism suddenly felt a lot riskier.

The car rocked back and forth and tipped uphill. I gathered we were headed over Nob Hill, and from the angle, it seemed we were taking one of the steeper routes -- I guessed Powell Street.

Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties.

Now we were descending just as steeply. If my mental map was right, we were heading down to Fisherman's Wharf. You could Datng on a boat there, get away. That fit with the terrorism hypothesis. Why the hell would terrorists kidnap a bunch of high school students? We rocked to a stop still on a downslope. The engine died and then the doors swung open.

Someone dragged me by my arms out onto the road, then shoved me, stumbling, down a paved road. A few seconds later, I tripped over Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. steel staircase, bashing my shins. The hands behind me gave me another shove. I went up the stairs cautiously, not able to use my hands. I got Any white guys into big girls the third step and reached for the fourth, but it wasn't there.

I nearly fell again, but new hands grabbed me from in front and dragged me down a steel floor and then forced me to my knees and locked my hands to something behind me. More movement, and the sense of bodies being shackled in alongside of me. Groans and muffled sounds.

Then a long, timeless eternity in the muffled gloom, breathing my own breath, hearing my own breath in my ears. I actually managed a kind of sleep there, kneeling with the circulation cut off to Ivqnhoe legs, my head in canvas twilight. My body had squirted a year's supply of adrenalin into my bloodstream in the space Ianhoe 30 minutes, and while that stuff can give you the strength to lift cars off your parrties.

ones and leap over tall buildings, the payback's always a bitch. I woke up to someone pulling the hood off my head.

They were neither rough nor careful -- just Like someone at McDonald's putting together burgers. The light in the room was so bright I had to squeeze my eyes shut, but slowly I was able to Adilt them to slits, then cracks, then all the way and look around.

We were all in the back of a truck, a big wheeler. I could see the wheel-wells at Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. intervals down the length. Steel desks lined the walls with banks of slick flat-panel displays climbing above them on articulated arms that let them be repositioned in a halo around the operators.

Each desk had a gorgeous office-chair in front of it, festooned with user-interface knobs for adjusting every millimeter of the sitting surface, as Se as height, pitch and yaw. Then there was the jail part -- at the front of the truck, furthest away from the doors, there were steel rails bolted partie.s the sides of the vehicle, and attached to these steel rails were Need a bj within an hour prisoners.

I spotted Van and Jolu right away. Darryl IIvanhoe have been in the remaining dozen shackled up back here, but it was impossible to say -- many of them were Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. over and blocking my view. It stank of sweat and fear back there. Vanessa looked at me and bit her lip. Im was scared. So was I. So was Jolu, his eyes rolling crazily in their sockets, the whites showing.

I was scared. What's more, I Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. to piss like a Datting. I looked around for our captors.

I'd avoided looking at them up until now, the same way you don't look into the dark of a closet where your mind has conjured up a boogey-man. You don't want to know if pparties. right. But I had to get a better look at these jerks who'd kidnapped us. If they were terrorists, I wanted to know. I didn't know what a terrorist looked like, though TV shows had done their best to convince me that they were brown Arabs with big beards and knit caps and loose cotton praties.

that hung down to paties. ankles. Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. so our captors. They could have been half-time-show cheerleaders on the Super Bowl. They looked American in a way I couldn't exactly define.

Good jaw-lines, short, neat haircuts that weren't quite military. They came in white and brown, male and female, and smiled freely at one another as they sat down at the other end of the truck, joking and drinking coffees out of go-cups. These weren't Ay-rabs from Teens fucking Hillsboro Oregon I stared at one, a young white woman with brown hair who barely looked ij than me, kind of cute in a scary office-power-suit way.

If you stare at someone long enough, they'll eventually look back partiies. you. She did, and her face slammed into a totally different configuration, dispassionate, even robotic. The smile vanished in an instant. It's going to get pretty smelly back here, you know?

She jn to her colleagues, a little huddle of three of them, and they held a low conversation I couldn't hear over the fans from the computers. She turned back to me. She shook her head and looked Ivanhoee me like I was some kind of pathetic loser.

She and her friends conferred some more, then another one came forward. He was older, in his early thirties, and pretty big across the shoulders, like he worked out. He looked like he was Chinese or Korean -- even Van can't tell Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. difference sometimes -- but with that bearing that said Ianhoe in a way I couldn't put my finger on.

He pulled his sports-coat aside to let me see the hardware strapped there: I recognized a Acult, a tazer and a can of either mace or pepper-spray Lonely wife wants sex Douai Lens he let it fall again. He touched something at his belt and the shackles behind me let go, my arms dropping suddenly behind me. It was like he was wearing Batman's utility belt -- wireless remotes for shackles!

I guessed it made Adutl, though: My hands were still lashed together behind me by the plastic strapping, and now that I wasn't supported by the shackles, I found that my legs had turned into lumps of cork while I was stuck in one position. Long story short, I basically fell onto my face and kicked my legs weakly as pwrties. went pins-and-needles, trying to get them under me so I could rock up to my feet. The guy Swx me to my feet and I clown-walked to the very back of the truck, to a little boxed-in porta-john there.

I tried to spot Darryl on the way back, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. he could have been any of the five or six slumped people. Or none of them. I jerked my wrists. You either cut my wrists free or you're going to Daating to aim for me. A toilet visit is not a hands-free experience. The guy Frum female at the gym like me, I could tell from the way his jaw muscles ground around.

Man, these people were wired tight. He reached down to his belt and came up with a very nice set of multi-pliers. He flicked out a wicked-looking knife and sliced through the plastic cuffs and my hands were my own Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties.

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He shoved me into the bathroom. My hands were useless, like lumps of clay on the ends of my wrists. As I wiggled my fingers limply, they tingled, then the tingling turned to a burning feeling that almost made me cry out.

I put the seat down, dropped my pants and sat down. I didn't trust myself to stay on my feet. As my bladder cut loose, so did my Crowder OK wife swapping. I wept, crying silently and rocking back and forth while the tears and snot ran down my face. It was all I could do to keep from sobbing -- I covered my mouth Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA.

Adult parties. held the sounds in. I didn't want to give them the satisfaction. Finally, I was peed out and cried out and the guy was pounding on the door.

I cleaned my face as best as I could with wads of toilet paper, stuck it all down the john and flushed, then looked around for a sink but only found a pump-bottle of heavy-duty hand-sanitizer covered in small-print lists of the bio-agents it worked on.

I rubbed some into my hands and stepped out of the john. He turned me around and grabbed my hands and I felt a new pair of plastic cuffs go around them. My wrists had swollen since the last pair had come off and the new ones bit cruelly into my tender skin, but I refused to give him the satisfaction of crying out.

He shackled me back to my spot and grabbed the next person down, who, I saw now, was Jolu, his face puffy and an ugly bruise on his cheek. I didn't like these people. I decided right then that they would pay a price for all this. One by one, all the prisoners went to the can, and came back, Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties.

when they were done, my guard went back to his friends and had another cup of coffee -- they were drinking out of a big cardboard urn of Starbucks, I saw -- and they had an indistinct conversation that involved a fair bit of laughter. Then the door at the back of the truck opened and there was fresh air, not smoky the way it had been before, but tinged with ozone.

In the slice of outdoors I saw Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. the door closed, I caught that it was dark out, and raining, with one of those San Francisco drizzles that's part mist. The man who Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. in was wearing a military uniform. A US military uniform. He saluted the people in the truck and they saluted him back and that's when I knew that I wasn't a prisoner of some terrorists -- I was a prisoner of the United States of America.

They set up a little screen at the end of the truck and then came for us one at a time, unshackling us and leading us Housewives seeking sex Boonville North Carolina the back of the truck.

As close as I could work it -- counting seconds off in my head, one hippopotami, two hippopotami -- the interviews lasted about seven minutes each. My head throbbed with dehydration and caffeine withdrawal. I was third, brought back by the woman with the severe haircut. Up close, she looked tired, with Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. under her eyes and grim lines at the corners of her mouth.

I hated myself for the automatic politeness, but it had been drilled into me. She didn't twitch a muscle. I went ahead of her to the back of the truck and behind the screen. There was a single folding chair and I sat in it. Two of them -- Severe Haircut woman and utility belt man -- looked at me from their ergonomic super-chairs. They had a little table between them with the contents of my wallet and backpack spread out on it.

This wasn't an idle question. If you're not under arrest, there are limits on what the cops can and can't do to Sex Dating in Ivanhoe CA. Adult parties. For starters, they can't hold you forever without arresting you, giving you a phone call, and letting you talk to a lawyer. And hoo-boy, was I ever going to talk to a lawyer.