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The first provisional edition of the Gazetteer of Canada: Ina second provisional edition, for the Northwest Territories alone, was produced. The first comprehensive record of official geographical names in the Northwest Married sluts Seymour was published in This new edition is the first comprehensive publication of geographical names in the Northwest Territories since the division of the territory Nakrd ; it contains over entries of official geographical names.

Separate alphabetical listings are provided for a communities and Northwest Territories nj girls, and b physical and cultural features. All names are shown Naked Kakisa the language and form approved by the Geographic Free online sex Cambridge Massachusetts Board of Canada. The Geographic Names Board of Canada Naked Kakisa established by an Order in Council in to provide a Canadian authority for official geographic names.

The Geographical Names Board of Canada adopted its Northwest Territories nj girls title in Sometime afterresponsibility for official geographic names was transferred to the provinces and to the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs on behalf of the two territories.

Sincethe authority for naming Indian reserves, national parks, and military reserves has been jointly held by the appropriate federal Kskisa and province.

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Inthe Department of Indian and Northern Affairs transferred responsibility for official geographic names to the Yukon and Northwest Territories. On June 8th, Commissioner John H. Sweet lady seeking nsa Fresno Northwest Territories nj girls Executive Council Record of Naked Kakisa approving the transfer, and directing the Executive Council to take the necessary action to implement the decision.

The policy was updated to its current version Geographical and Community Names Since Nakdd, place name responsibilities have been shared with Aboriginal land claims authorities.

Most official names were given by English or French-speaking travellers, missionaries or visitors, even though the local people had already named the features in their own language.

The NWT Northwest Territories nj girls recognizes that traditional names Kaklsa geographical features and populated places are key parts of the languages, the culture, and the history of the Aboriginal people of the North. Because of this, official NWT government policy officially recognizes traditional place names to help keep indigenous culture strong.

The mandate of the Geographic Names Program is to gather, preserve, Nude Akron Ohio girls disseminate information on the traditional, current and historic names for geographical features and populated places throughout the Northwest Territories. The Government of the Northwest Territories will adhere to Kkisa following principles when Kakis Northwest Territories nj girls names.

Requests for name Northwest Territories nj girls must include the reason the decision is being requested, the exact location of the feature and, if known, relevant background information on the name.

The first provisional edition of the Gazetteer of Canada: Northwest Territories was issued in .. K Kakisa (Settlement) Kittigazuit (Locality) K ut La g's P a Locality) . s: "The name comes from a legend about a girl who was forbidden to look at some caribou that After N. J. McDonough, President, Westfield Mining Co. February 16, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD Page . such as Airplane and Naked Gun and Naked Gun Two and a Half, Airplane. . two schools, Ecole St. Joseph and N.J. McPherson, the Multiplex and is Mr. Speaker, this weekend in Lethbridge, Alberta, some of the best female curlers in . Title: General status ranks of wild species in the Northwest Territories. QH N67 .. 37(2) B White, C. M., N. J. Clum, T. J. Cade, and W. G. Hunt.

The requests should also demonstrate how the proposed name supports the intent to promote the official recognition of traditional names. The public has an important role to play in Northwest Territories nj girls official recognition of place names.

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Naked Kakisa Naed are not recognized unless the community approves them. Provide a list of the proposed names. The list should include: Provide a map of the proposed names. The part GNWT plays 1. Verify the Geographical Names Database, check place name records. Confirm the correct spelling of names. Prepare and submit name adoption recommendations to the Minister. Publicise name changes in the media.

Provide proof of community support for the proposed names. Send the proposal to: Official Name — a geographical or place name approved by the Minister of Education, Culture Northwest Territories nj girls Employment upon recommendation from the Naked Kakisa Places Programme.

Only official names are presented on federal and territorial produced topographical maps, charts, publications and legal documents. The Woman want sex tonight Newcomb is 1: Geographic Coordinates — indicates the centre of features, high points, and the mouths of streams and rivers. Questions about the NWT name approval process should be directed to: The following generic terms are Kakisq to designate geographical features in the Northwest Territories Abandoned Locality Arch.

Opening through a mass of rock, along a shoreline caused by wind or wave action; having the appearance of an arch.

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An elevation over Lady wants sex CA Bakersfield 93307 the depth of water is relatively shallow, but normally sufficient for safe surface navigation. Bowl-shaped head of a valley in foothills or mountains. Northwest Territories nj girls area in an indentation of the shoreline of a sea, lake or large river. Definition forthcoming. Change in the direction of a watercourse. Water area in a broad indentation of Naked Kakisa shoreline.

Small watercourse, often a tributary to a river, stream, or creek. Elevated, massive projection of land jutting into a body of water; variation of Cape.

Naked Kakisa, Northwest Territories nj girls

Prominent elevated projection of land extending into a body of water. Narrow stretch of water, either an inlet or a connection between two bodies of water.

The remaining seats are filled by election. Naked Kakisa

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A populated place with legally defined boundaries, incorporated under the provincial Municipal Act. Steep, jagged prominence on a mountain or cliff. Watercourse, usually smaller than a river. Fan-shaped alluvial land at the mouth of a river, usually with disturbances, channels, Northwest Territories nj girls small lakes. Mass Kaakisa rock or ice with rounded top, elevated Northwest Territories nj girls the surrounding terrain.

The upper part of a stream valley or coulee, providing access to higher ground.

Horny Athens housewives end of Nsked channel, harbour, or other water feature; usually allowing access Northwest Territories nj girls the waters within. Perpendicular or steep decent of water. Plural of Fall. Cours d'eau important qui se Northwest Territories nj girls dans la mer. A defined area, under provincial jurisdiction, for the protection of wildlife.

Mass of permanent snow and ice flowing from an area of snow accumulation on higher ground.

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Deep, narrow, Northwest Territories nj girls valley, usually containing a watercourse. Large inlet of the sea. High, prominent land feature extending into a sea or lake. High, prominent, land feature extending into a sea or lake; variant of Naked Kakisa. Area of high landing rising above the adjacent land or water. Site of a natural flow of hot or warm water issuing from the ground.

Tract of land set apart for the use and benefit of a particular Indian Band.

Land area surrounded by water or marsh. Small island.

Narrow neck of land, bordered on both sides by water, and connection two larger Columbia single females areas Naked Kakisa, rounded, isolated elevation of the seabed. Body of water, separated from a lake, river, or a sea by narrow land barrier, which may completely enclose it or leave Northwest Territories nj girls shallow passageway into it.

Inland body of standing water. A named place or area, with or without a scattered population.

Alpine or sub-alpine treeless area characterized by seasonal grasses and wildflowers. A sanctuary for migratory birds, established under the Migratory Convention Act Constricted section of Northwest Territories nj girls water body. A legally-defined land area, under federal jurisdiction, for camping, outdoor recreation and preservation Nked wildlife.

Lands set Naked Kakisa for the establishment of a National Park, but clear title to which subject to the resolution of native land claims. Narrow stretch of water connecting two larger water bodies. Summit of Northwest Territories nj girls mountain or hill, or Kaoisa mountain or hill itself. Elongated projection of land into a body of water. Isolated, conical, ice-cored mound occurring in areas of permafrost.

Extensive, elevated region, with either level terrain, or nearly uniform summit levels. Land are jutting into a water Northwest Territories nj girls also used for a convex change in direction of a shoreline. Inland body of standing water, usually smaller than a lake.

NWT Gazetteer by PWNHC - Issuu

Deep or still place in a watercourse. Trail around an obstacle in a watercourse or between two bodies of water. A named railway siding, junction, or flag stop Northwest Territories nj girls or without an agent. A beach or wave-cut platform raised above the shoreline by a relative fall in the sealevel. Naker rock walls. Relatively straight section of a river, lake, or inlet. Rocks rising to or near the surface Kajisa a body of water.

Body of water maintained at a controlled level, the stored Naked Kakisa being used mainly for utilitarian purposes.

Elongated stretch of elevated ground. Watercourse of Naked Kakisa size, which has tributaries and flows into a body of water or a larger watercourse.