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Real Estate Frontier: As a mixed-use project, Moon River includes five-star hotels, a wetland park, Looking mixed sb Museum of Modern Art, a waterfront commercial street, and low-density waterfront villas. How does SBA combine leisure architecture with cultural and commercial elements in the master plan? Water is the great unifying factor.

All of the elements of Lookkng plan embrace water in one way or another. I serves to connect the elements of Looking mixed sb mixed-use plan, but also provides a sense of separation and gives each element of the plan a distinct identity. For example, the residences sit directly on the water, looking outward toward a fairly tranquil, landscaped shoreline or inward toward a grand pool deck.

The hotel opens up to its own expansive body of water, adjacent to — but separate from — Looking mixed sb retails and residential areas.

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How do you create design elements that are originally sourced from Chinese traditional aesthetics, but are Looking mixed sb into a new standard that keeps this mlxed at the forefront of development? In this project, how does the master plan and architectural concept reflect the traditional culture and heritage of Suzhou?

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Then the architecture and Looking mixed sb elements of the project can proceed in a contemporary direction. Moon River sits within a region largely defined by its relationship to water.

In the current real estate market in China, commercial real estate has shown signs of overheating due Looking mixed sb intensive competition. Real estate diversification becomes the trend. Looknig do you consider product differentiation in creating the architectural concept?

Moon River Looking mixed sb really differentiated by the quality of the overall experience, which in turn is created through the carefully edited mixture of culture, retail and leisure uses. The opportunity to experience a traditional water town that has been re-designed for the future is very unique. SB Architects is a Looking mixed sb architecture firm with more than year history, specializing in high-end hotel and resort projects.

What is the core advantage of SB Architects in architecture and master planning? We offer the best of both worlds.