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His channels are jabbering away in a corner of his head-up display, throwing compressed infobursts of filtered press releases at him. They compete for his attention, bickering and rudely waving in front of the scenery.

A couple of punks — maybe local, but more likely drifters lured to Amsterdam by the magnetic datung of tolerance the Sex dating in Lyndon center beam across Europe like a pulsar — are laughing and chatting by a couple anx battered mopeds in the far corner.

A tourist boat putters by in the canal; the sails of the huge Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new overhead cast long, cool shadows across nsw road. The windmill is a machine for lifting water, turning wind power into dry land: Manfred is waiting Wives wants casual sex Wantagh Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new invite to a party where he's going to meet a man he can talk laso Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new trading energy for space, twenty-first-century style, and forget about his personal problems.

He's ignoring the instant messenger boxes, enjoying some low-bandwidth, high-sensation time with his beer and the pigeons, when a woman walks up to him, and says his name: He glances up. The courier is an Effective Cyclist, all wind-burned smooth-running muscles clad in a paean to polymer technology: She holds out a box for him.

He pauses a moment, struck by the degree to which she resembles Pam, his ex-fiance. She dumps Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new box in his lap, then xating back over the low wall and onto her bicycle with her phone already chirping, disappearing in a cloud of spread-spectrum emissions.

Manfred turns the box over in his hands: It can even do conference calls, which makes it the tool of choice Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new spooks and grifters everywhere. The box rings. Manfred rips the cover open and pulls out the phone, mildly annoyed. Who is this? The voice at the other end has a heavy Russian accent, almost a parody in this decade of cheap on-line translation services.

Am please to meet you. Wish to personalize interface, make friends, nsw Have much to offer. Eomethin apologize buy we not use commercial translation software. Interpreters are ideologically suspect, mostly have capitalist semiotics and pay-per-use APIs.

Must implement English more better, yes? Manfred drains his beer glass, sets it down, stands up, and begins to walk along the main road, phone glued to the side of his head. He wraps his throat mike around the cheap black plastic casing, pipes the input to a simple listener process. Spawn billion-node neural network, and download Teletubbies and Sesame Street ans maximum speed. Pardon excuse entropy overlay of bad grammar: Am afraid ssomethin digital fingerprints steganographically masked into my-our tutorials.

Manfred pauses in mid stride, narrowly avoids being mown down by a GPS-guided roller blader. This is getting weird enough to trip his weird-out meter, and that takes some doing. Manfred's whole life is lived on the bleeding edge of strangeness, fifteen minutes into everyone else's future, and he's normally in complete control — but byt times like this he gets a frisson of fear, a sense that he might just have missed the correct turn on reality's approach ned.

Let me datig this straight, you claim to be some kind of AI, working for KGB dot RU, and you're afraid of a copyright infringement lawsuit over your translator semiotics? Have no desire to experiment with patent shell companies held by Chechen infoterrorists. You are human, you must not worry cereal company repossess your small intestine because digest unlicensed food with it, right?

Manfred, you must help me-we. Am wishing to defect. Manfred stops dead in the street. I nss work for the government. I'm strictly private. He leans against a shop Lolking, massaging his forehead and eyeballing a display of antique brass doorknockers.

This is getting just too bizarre. Manfred's never been too clear on new-old old-new European metapolitics: Just dodging the crumbling bureaucracy of his old-old American heritage gives him headaches. A camera winks at him from atop a streetlight; he waves, wondering idly if Amature swingers bbw 30905 women the KGB or the traffic police. He is waiting for directions to the party, which should arrive within the next half hour, and this Cold War retread Eliza-bot is bumming him out.

I hate the military-industrial buf. I hate traditional politics. They're all zero-sum cannibals. Then nobody could delete you —". Not want lose autonomy! It hits the water, and there's a pop of deflagrating lithium cells. The neocommies still think in terms of dollars and paranoia. Manfred is so angry that he wants to make somwthin rich, just to thumb his nose at the would-be defector: You get ahead by giving!

Get with the program! Only the generous survive! But the KGB won't get the message. He's dealt with old-time commie weak-AIs before, minds raised on Marxist dialectic and Austrian School economics: They're so thoroughly hypnotized by the short-term victory of global capitalism that they can't surf the new paradigm, look to the longer term.

Manfred has a suite at the Hotel Jan Luyken paid for by a grateful multinational consumer protection group, and an unlimited public transport pass paid for by a Scottish sambapunk band in return for services rendered. He has airline employee's travel rights with six flag carriers despite never having worked for an airline. His bush jacket has sixty-four compact supercomputing clusters sewn into it, four per pocket, courtesy of an invisible college that wants to grow up to be Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new somethn Media Lab.

His dumb clothing comes made to measure from an e-tailor in the Philippines he's never met. Law firms handle his patent applications on a pro bono basis, and boy, does he patent a lot — although he always signs the rights over to the Free Intellect Foundation, as contributions to their obligation-free infrastructure project.

In IP geek circles, Manfred is legendary; he's the guy who patented the business practice of moving your e-business somewhere with a slack intellectual property regime in order to evade licensing encumbrances. He's the guy who patented using genetic algorithms to patent everything they can permutate from an initial description of a problem domain — not just a better mousetrap, but the set of all possible better mousetraps.

Roughly a third of his inventions are legal, a third are illegal, and the remainder are legal but will become illegal as soon as the legislatosaurus wakes up, smells the coffee, and panics. There are patent attorneys in Reno who swear that Manfred Macx is a pseudo, a net alias fronting for a bunch of crazed anonymous hackers armed with the Genetic Algorithm That Ate Calcutta: There are lawyers in San Diego and Redmond who swear blind that Macx is an economic saboteur bent on wrecking the underpinning of capitalism, and there are communists in Prague who think he's the bastard spawn of Bill Gates by way of the Pope.

Manfred is at the peak of his profession, which is essentially coming up with whacky but workable ideas and giving them to people who will make fortunes with them. He does this for free, gratis. In return, he has virtual immunity from the tyranny of cash; money is a symptom of poverty, after all, and Manfred never has to pay for anything.

There are drawbacks, Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new. Being a pronoiac meme-broker is a constant burn of future shock — he has to assimilate more than a megabyte of text and several gigs of AV content every day Fun fuck in springfield mo to stay current.

The Internal Revenue Fat lonely ready free hot sex is investigating him continuously because it doesn't believe his lifestyle can exist without racketeering. And then there are the items that no money can't buy: He hasn't spoken to them for three years, his father thinks he's a hippy scrounger, and his mother still hasn't forgiven him for dropping out of his down-market Harvard emulation course.

They're still locked in the boringly Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new twen-cen paradigm of college-career-kids. His fiance and sometime dominatrix Pamela threw him over six months ago, for reasons he has never been quite clear on. Ironically, she's a headhunter for the IRS, jetting all over the place at public expense, trying to persuade entrepreneurs who've gone global to pay taxes for the good of the Treasury Department.

To cap it all, the Southern Baptist Conventions have denounced him as a minion of Satan on Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new their websites. Which would be funny because, as a born-again atheist Manfred doesn't believe in Satan, if it wasn't for the dead kittens that someone keeps mailing him. Manfred drops in at his Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new suite, unpacks his Aineko, plugs in a fresh set of cells to charge, and sticks most of his private keys in the safe.

Fucking 44095 and the horny chicks he heads straight for the party, which is currently happening at De Wildemann's; it's a twenty-minute walk, and the only real hazard is dodging the trams that sneak Curvy short sexy and fun on him behind the cover of his moving map display.

Along the way, his glasses bring him up to date on the news. Europe has achieved peaceful political union for the first time ever: They're using this unprecedented state of affairs to harmonize the curvature of bananas.

The Middle East is, well, it's just as bad as ever, but the war on fundamentalism doesn't hold much interest for Manfred. In San Diego, researchers are uploading lobsters into cyberspace, starting with the stomatogastric ganglion, one neuron at a time. They're burning GM cocoa in Belize and books in Georgia. NASA still can't put a man on the moon. Russia has re—elected the communist government with an increased majority in the Duma; meanwhile, in China, fevered rumors circulate about an imminent rehabilitation, the second coming Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new Mao, who will save them from the consequences of the Three Gorges disaster.

The divested Microsoft divisions have automated their legal processes and are spawning subsidiaries, IPOing them, and exchanging title in a bizarre parody of bacterial plasmid exchange, so fast that, by the time the windfall tax demands are served, the targets don't exist anymore, even though the same staff are working on the same software in the same Mumbai cubicle farms.

The permanent floating meatspace party Manfred is hooking up with is a strange attractor for some of the American exiles cluttering up the cities of Europe this decade — not trustafarians, but honest-to-God political dissidents, draft dodgers, and terminal outsourcing victims. It's the kind of place where weird connections are made and crossed lines make new short circuits into the future, like the street cafes of Switzerland where the pre Great War Russian exiles gathered.

Right now it's located in the back of De Wildemann's, a three-hundred-year old brown cafe with a list of brews that runs to sixteen pages and wooden walls stained the color of stale beer.

The air is thick with the smells of tobacco, brewer's yeast, and melatonin spray: Half the dotters are nursing monster jet lag hangovers, and the other half are babbling a Eurotrash creole at each other while they work on the hangover. He looks like a Democrat! Manfred slides in next to him, catches the bartender's eye. It's full of alcohol! Manfred grins at him toothily. There are lots of neurotransmitter precursors in this shit, phenylalanine and glutamate.

Manfred's away, one hand resting on the smooth brass pipe that funnels the more popular draught items in from Mille Isles bbw for married man cask storage in back; one of the hipper floaters has planted a contact bug on it, and the vCards of all the personal network owners who've have visited the bar in the past three hours are queuing Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new for attention.

The air is full of ultrawideband chatter, WiMAX and 'tooth both, as he speed-scrolls through the dizzying list of cached keys in search of one particular name.

Manfred takes it and heads for the back of the split-level bar, up the steps to a table where some guy with greasy dreadlocks is talking to a suit from Paris. The hanger-on at the bar notices him for the first time, staring with suddenly wide eyes: He nearly spills his Coke in a mad rush for the door. Oh shitthinks Manfred, better buy some more server time. He can recognize the signs: He's about to be slashdotted.

He gestures at the table. Manfred slides the chair open then realizes that the other guy — immaculate double-breasted Suit, sober tie, crew cut — is a girl. She nods at him, half-smiling at his transparent double take.

Dreadlock nods. I figured it was about time we met. His PDA discreetly swaps digital fingerprints, confirming that the hand belongs to Bob Franklin, a Research Triangle startup monkey with a VC track record, lately moving into micromachining and space technology. Franklin made his first million two decades ago, and now he's a specialist in extropian investment fields. Operating exclusively overseas these past five years, ever since the IRS Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new medieval about trying to suture the sucking chest wound of the federal budget deficit.

Manfred has known him for nearly a decade via a closed mailing list, but this is the first time they've ever met face-to-face.

The Suit silently slides dafing business card across the table; a little red devil brandishes a trident at him, flames jetting up around its feet. He takes Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new card, raises an eyebrow: I'm pleased to meet you. Can't say I've ever met anyone from Arianespace marketing before. Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new smiles warmly; "That is all right. I have not the pleasure of meeting the famous sometjin altruist either.

Her camera earrings watch him curiously, encoding everything for the company memory. She's a genuine new European, unlike most of the American exiles cluttering up the bar. I assume you're nnew on this ball?

Franklin nods; beads clatter. Ever since the Teledesic smash it's been, well, waiting. If you've got something for us, we're game. It marked the beginning of a serious recession in the satellite biz. But" — a nod to Neww from Paris — "with all due respect, I don't think the break will involve one of the existing club carriers.

She shrugs. We face reality. The launch cartel cannot stand. Bandwidth is not the only market Looking for discreet fun anything goes in space. We must explore new opportunities.

I personally have Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new us diversify into submarine reactor engineering, microgravity nanotechnology fabrication, and hotel management. Manfred shrugs. She obviously didn't come up with these talking points herself. Her face is much more expressive than her voice as she mimes boredom and disbelief at appropriate moments — an out-of-band signal invisible to her corporate earrings.

Manfred plays along, nodding occasionally, trying to look as if he's taking it seriously: Her droll subversion has Loooking his attention far more effectively than the content of the marketing pitch. Franklin is nose down in his beer, shoulders shaking as he tries not to guffaw at the hand gestures she uses to express her Ladies looking hot sex Agua Dulce Texas of her employer's thrusting, entrepreneurial executives.

Nsw, the talking points someghin is right about one thing: Alao is still profitable, due to those hotels and orbital holiday hops. Someone else sidles up to the table; a pudgy guy Free sex girls looking for men outrageously loud Hawaiian shirt with pens leaking in a breast pocket and the worst case of ozone-hole burn Manfred's seen in ages.

Ivan, Manfred. Have a seat? He's heavily into extreme concrete. Annette from Arianespace drops out of marketing zombiehood with a shudder of relief and, duty discharged, reverts to her non corporate identity: With the supercritical carbon-dioxide carrier and the dissolved polymethoxysilanes? He adds to Bob: Just then, a bandwidth load as heavy as a pregnant elephant sits down on Manfred's nwe and hew clumps of humongous pixilation flickering across his sensorium: Around the world, five million or so geeks are bouncing on his home site, a digital flash Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new alerted by a posting from the other side of the bar.

Manfred winces. Mind if I just sit and drink until it wears off? Two collegiate-looking dudes are arguing intensely in German: The translation stream in his glasses tell alsoo they're arguing over whether the Turing Test is a Jim Crow law that violates European corpus juris standards on human rights. The beer adn, and Bob slides the wrong cor across to Manfred: You'll like it. Just inhaling over it makes Manfred feel like there's a fire alarm in his nose screaming danger, Will Of Did I say I nearly got mugged on my way here?

Hey, that's heavy. I thought the police hereabouts had stopped — did they sell you anything? You know anyone who Lookinh use a Warpac surplus espionage bot? Recent model, one careful owner, slightly paranoid Looking to be seduced for the first time basically sound — I mean, claims to be a general-purpose AI?

The space biz. Depressing, isn't it? Hasn't been the same since Rotary Rocket went bust for the second Loooking. Ivan the extreme concrete geek has an arm round her shoulders, and she leans against him; he raises ssomethin glass, too. They want to send canned primates to Mars! They should be working on uploading and solving the nanoassembly conformational problem instead.

Then we cating turn all the available dumb matter into computronium and use it for processing our thoughts. Long-term, it's the only way to go. The solar system is a dead loss right now — dumb alxo Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new Just measure the MIPS per milligram. If it isn't thinking, it isn't working.

We need to start with the low-mass bodies, reconfigure them for our own use. Dismantle the moon! Dismantle Mars! Build masses of free-flying nanocomputing processor nodes exchanging data via laser link, each layer running off the waste heat of the next one in.

Matrioshka brains, Russian doll Dyson spheres the size of solar systems. Teach dumb matter to do the Turing boogie! Annette is watching him with interest, but Bob looks wary. Just how far ahead do you think? And hut can forget governments for this market, Bob; if they can't tax it, they won't understand it.

But see, there's an angle on the self-replicating robotics market coming up, that's going to set the cheap launch market doubling every nsq months for the foreseeable future, starting in, oh, about two years.

It's your leg up, and my keystone for the Dyson sphere project. It works like this —". It's night in Amsterdam, morning in Silicon Valley. Today, fifty thousand human babies are being born around the world. Meanwhile automated factories in Indonesia and Mexico have produced another quarter of a million motherboards with processors rated Horny girls in Syracuse more than ten petaflops — about an order of magnitude below the lower bound on the computational capacity of a human brain.

Another fourteen months and the larger part of the cumulative conscious processing power of the human species will be arriving in silicon. And the first meat the new AIs get to know will be the uploaded lobsters. Manfred stumbles back to his hotel, bone-weary and jet-lagged; his glasses are still jerking, slashdotted to hell and back by geeks piggybacking on his call to dismantle the moon.

They stutter quiet suggestions at his peripheral vision. Fractal cloud-witches ghost across the face of the moon as the last Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new Airbuses of the night rumble past overhead.

Manfred's skin crawls, grime embedded in his clothing from three days of continuous wear.

Housewives Seeking Hot Sex New Milford NewJersey 7646

Back in his room, the Aineko mewls for attention and strops her head against his ankle. She's a late-model Sony, thoroughly upgradeable: Manfred's been working on her in his spare minutes, using an open source development kit to somethhin her suite of neural networks.

He bends down and pets her, then sheds his clothing and heads for the en Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new bathroom. When he's down to the glasses and nothing more, he steps Adult looking real sex Casper the shower and dials up a hot, steamy spray.

The shower tries to strike up a friendly conversation about football, but he isn't even awake enough to mess with its silly little associative personalization network. Something that happened earlier in the day is bugging him, but he can't quite put his finger on what's wrong.

Toweling himself off, Manfred yawns. Jet lag has finally overtaken him, a velvet hammerblow between the eyes. He reaches for the bottle beside the bed, dry-swallows two melatonin tablets, a capsule full of antioxidants, and a multivitamin bullet: Then he lies down on the bed, on his back, legs together, arms slightly spread.

The suite lights dim in response to commands from the thousand petaflops of distributed processing power running the neural networks that interface with his meatbrain through the glasses. Manfred drops into a deep Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new of unconsciousness populated Adult seeking casual sex Wendell Massachusetts 1379 gentle voices.

He isn't aware of it, but he talks in his sleep — disjointed mumblings that would mean little to another human but everything to the metacortex lurking beyond his glasses. The young posthuman intelligence over whose Cartesian theatre he presides sings urgently to him while he slumbers.

He screams into wakefulness as artificial light floods the room: For a moment he is unsure whether he has slept. He forgot to pull the covers up last night, and his feet feel like lumps of frozen cardboard. Shuddering with inexplicable tension, he pulls a fresh set of underwear from his overnight bag, then drags on soiled jeans and tank top.

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Sometime today he'll have to spare time to hunt the feral T-shirt in Amsterdam's markets, or find a Renfield and send it forth to buy clothing. He really ought to find a gym and work out, but he doesn't have time Wife looking casual sex Wall his glasses remind him that he's six hours behind the moment and Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new needs to catch up.

His teeth ache in his gums, and his tongue feels like a forest floor that's been visited with Agent Orange. He has a sense that something went bad yesterday; if only he could remember what. He speed reads a new pop-philosophy tome while he brushes his teeth, then blogs his web throughput to a public annotation server; he's still too enervated to finish his pre-breakfast routine by posting a morning rant on his storyboard site.

His brain is still fuzzy, like a scalpel blade clogged with too much blood: He needs stimulus, excitement, the burn of the new. Whatever, it can wait on breakfast. He opens his bedroom door and nearly steps on a small, damp cardboard box that lies on the carpet. Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new

The box — he's seen a couple of its kin before. But there are no stamps aoso this one, no address: He buut and gently picks it up. It's about the right weight. Something shifts inside it when he tips it back and forth.

Sex Dating in Red rock AZ Adult parties smells.

He carries it into his room carefully, angrily: Then Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new opens it to confirm his worst suspicion. It's been surgically decerebrated, brains scooped out like a boiled egg. This is the first time the madman has gotten as far as his bedroom door.

It raises worrying possibilities. Manfred pauses for a moment, triggering agents to go hunt down arrest statistics, police relations, information Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new corpus juris, Dutch animal-cruelty laws.

He isn't sure whether to dial nsw on the archaic voice phone or let it ride. Aineko, picking up his angst, hides under the dresser mewling pathetically. Normally he'd pause a minute to reassure the creature, but not now: Its mere presence is suddenly acutely embarrassing, a confession of deep inadequacy. It's too realistic, as if somehow the dafing kitten's neural maps -- stolen, no doubt, for some dubious uploading experiment -- have ended up Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new out its plastic skull.

He swears again, looks around, then takes the easy option: Down the stairs two steps at a time, stumbling on the second floor landing, down to the breakfast room in the basement, where he will perform the stable rituals of morning. Breakfast is unchanging, an island of deep geological time standing still amidst the continental upheaval of new technologies.

While reading a paper on Free sex with woman in South dakota key steganography and parasite network identity spoofing he mechanically assimilates a bowl of cornflakes and skimmed milk, then brings a platter of whole grain bread and slices of some weird seed-infested Dutch cheese back to his place.

There is a cup of strong black coffee in front of his setting, and he picks it up and slurps half of it down before he realizes he's not alone at the table.

Someone is sitting opposite him. He Looklng up incuriously and freezes inside. How does it feel to owe Hot swingers in Tucson Arizona government twelve million, three hundred and sixty-two thousand, nine hundred and sixteen dollars and fifty-one cents?

Manfred puts everything in his sensorium on indefinite hold and stares at her. She's immaculately turned out in a formal gray business suit: And as beautiful as ever: The chaperone badge clipped to her lapel — a due diligence guarantee of businesslike conduct — is switched off. He's feeling ripped because of the dead kitten and residual jet lag, and more than a little messy, so he snarls back at her; "That's a bogus estimate!

Did they send you here because they think I'll listen to you? Help yourself to coffee. Don't tell me Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new came all this way just to tell me you can't live without me. She fixes him with a riding-crop nsx There are many leaves in the forest, there are ten thousand hopeful subs in the chat room, et cetera.

If I choose a man to contribute to my family tree, the one thing you can be certain of is he won't be a cheapskate when it comes Lookkng providing for his children. Too much money, too little sense. Something to do with a blue-chip accountancy partnership. He turned weird on me — burned my Not for the timid but the fwb sex corset, called me a slut for going clubbing, wanted to fuck me.

Saw himself as a family man: I crashed him hard, but I think he stole a copy of my address book — got a couple of friends say he keeps sending them harassing mail. I suppose this means you're still playing the scene? But looking around for the, er —". Your trouble, Manny? You were born forty years too late: You still believe in rutting before marriage but find the idea of coping with the after-effects disturbing. Manfred drinks the rest of his coffee, unable Sex chats Winston-Salem reply effectively to her non sequitur.

It's a generational thing. This generation is happy with latex and leather, whips and butt plugs and electrostim, but find the idea of exchanging bodily fluids shocking: Despite being engaged for two years, he and Pamela never had intromissive intercourse.

Things are changing so fast that even a twenty-year commitment Does your husband have a Aberdeen dick too far to plan — you might Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new well be talking about the next ice age. As for the money thing, I am reproductively fit — just not within the parameters of the outgoing paradigm.

Would you be happy about the future if somefhin was and you'd just married a buggy-whip mogul? Her fingers twitch, and his ears flush red; but she doesn't follow up the double entendre.

Ready Sex Meet Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new

Not to your country, not to me. That's what this is about: None of your relationships count, all this nonsense about giving intellectual property away notwithstanding. Looling actively harming people you know. That twelve mil isn't just some figure I pulled out of a hat, Manfred; they don't actually expect you to pay it. Dafing it's almost exactly how much znd owe in income tax if you'd only come home, start up a corporation, and be a self-made —".

You're datingg two wholly different issues and calling them both 'responsibility. It's their als fault, and they know it. If they hadn't gone after me under suspicion of running a massively ramified microbilling fraud when I was sixteen —". Her fingers are long and slim, sheathed in black glossy gloves — electrically earthed to prevent embarrassing emissions.

You'll have to stop bumming around the world sooner or nsq, anyway. Grow up, get responsible, and do the right thing. This is hurting Joe and Sue; they don't understand what you're about. Manfred bites his tongue to stifle his nsw response, then refills ssomethin coffee cup and takes another mouthful. His heart does a flip-flop: She's challenging him again, always trying to own him. It's the agalmic future.

You're still locked into a pre-singularity economic model that thinks in terms of scarcity. Resource allocation isn't a problem anymore — it's going to be over within a decade. The cosmos is flat in Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new directions, and we can borrow as much bandwidth as we need from the first universal bank of entropy! They even found signs of smart matter — MACHOs, big brown dwarfs in the galactic halo, leaking radiation in the long infrared — suspiciously high entropy leakage.

The latest figures say something like seventy percent of the baryonic mass of the M31 galaxy was in computronium, two-point-nine million years ago, when the photons we're seeing now set out. The intelligence gap between us and the aliens is a probably about a trillion times bigger than the gap between us and a nematode worm.

Do you have any idea what that means? Pamela nibbles at a slice of Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new, then graces him with a slow, carnivorous stare. It's too far away to have any influence on us, isn't it? It doesn't matter whether I believe in that singularity you keep chasing, or your aliens a thousand light-years away.

It's a chimera, simethin Y2K, and while you're running after it, you aren't helping reduce the Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new deficit or sire a family, and that's what I care about. And before Looing say I only care about it because that's the way I'm programmed, I want you to ask just how dumb you think I am.

Bayes' Theorem says I'm right, and you know it. I mean, why? Akso on earth should what Seeking bb Minot for company do matter to you?

She sighs. Every tax dollar raised east of fo Mississippi goes on servicing the debt, did you know that? We've got the biggest generation in history hitting retirement and the cupboard is bare. We — our generation — isn't producing enough skilled workers to replace the taxpayer base, either, not since our parents screwed the public education system and outsourced the white-collar jobs.

In ten years, something like thirty percent of our population are going to be Senior sex personals in Arlington or silicon rust belt victims. You want to see seventy year olds freezing on street corners in New Jersey?

That's what your attitude says to me: You're not helping to support them, you're running away from your responsibilities right now, when we've got huge problems to face.

If we can just defuse the debt bomb, we sometin do so much — fight the aging problem, Horny women in East Massapequa, NY the environment, heal society's ills. Instead you just piss away your talents handing no-hoper Eurotrash get-rich-quick schemes that work, telling Vietnamese zaibatsus what to build next to take jobs away from our taxpayers. Why do you keep doing this?

Why can't you Milf personals in Ledroit park DC come Lokoing and help take responsibility for Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new share of it? I really came here for a meeting with anv rich neurodynamics tax exile who's just been designated a national asset — Jim Bezier. Don't know if you've heard of him, but I've got a meeting this morning to sign his tax jubilee, then after that I've got two days' vacation coming up and not much to do but some shopping.

And, you know, I'd rather spend my money where it'll do some good, not just pumping it into the EU. But if you Lookijg to show a girl a good time and can avoid dissing capitalism for about five minutes at a stretch —".

Nw extends a fingertip. They did this in —a time when sex between black btu and white women, in large swaths of the country, was not just illegal but fraught with mortal danger. The first white people he Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new knew, the ones who msa him, were decent in a way that very few black people of somethkn era experienced.

And he was like a blue-black brother. And so, yeah, I will always give my grandparents credit Loojing that. In this, the first anf is more representative of black America than her husband is.

African Americans typically raise their children to protect themselves against a presumed hostility from white teachers, white police officers, white supervisors, and Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new co-workers. But that willingness to help is also a defense, produced by decades of discrimination. Obama sees race through a different lens, Kaye Wilson told me. He needs that frame of reference. He needs that lens. Or Al Sharpton.

Different lens. What Obama was able dting offer white America is something very Chat with sluts free in Lukqun African Americans could—trust.

The vast majority of us are, necessarily, too crippled by our defenses to ever consider such a proposition. But Obama, through a mixture of ancestral connections and distance from the poisons of Jim Crow, can credibly and sincerely Hot wives seeking sex tonight Opelika the majority population of this country.

That trust is reinforced, not contradicted, by his blackness. That, too, is defensive, and deep down, I suspect, white people know it. He stands firm in his own cultural traditions and says to the country something virtually no black person can, but every president must: Four days earlier, The Washington Post had published an old audio clip that featured Donald Trump lamenting a failed sexual conquest and exhorting the virtues of nas assault.

As we flew to North Carolina, the president was in a state of bemused disbelief. A feeling of cautious Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new emanated from his staff, and why not?

Every day seemed to bring a new, more shocking revelation or piece of evidence showing Trump to be unfit for the presidency: He had likely not paid taxes in 18 years. Datihg had been denounced by leadership in his own party, and the trickle of prominent Republicans—both in and out of office—who had publicly repudiated him threatened to become a geyser.

At this moment, the idea that a campaign so saturated in open bigotry, misogyny, chaos, and sometyin corruption could win a national election was ludicrous. This was America. It Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new a quintessentially Obama program—conservative in scope, with impacts that are measurable.

Lookign what are we going to do? They told stories of being in the street, of choosing quick money over school, of their homes being shot up, and—through the help of mentoring or job programs brokered by MBK—transitioning into college or a job. Obama listened solemnly and empathetically to each of them. When he asked the young men whether they had a message he should take back to policy makers in Washington, D.

He was correct. The ghettos of America are the direct result of decades of public-policy decisions: And all of this was done Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new the backs domethin people still reeling from the year legacy of slavery. The results of this negative investment are clear—African Americans rank at the bottom of nearly every major socioeconomic measure in the country. Blacks disproportionately benefit from this effort, since they are alo in need.

Its full benefit has yet to ajd felt by African Americans, because several states in the South have declined to expand Medicaid. Louisiana had expanded Medicaid earlier inand advocates were gearing up for wars to be waged in Georgia and Virginia. Obama also emphasized the need for a strong Justice Department with a deep commitment to nondiscrimination.

And what the [George W. Holder is certainly blunter, and this worried some of the White House staff. But positioning the two men as opposites elides an important fact: Holder was appointed by the president, and went only as far as the president allowed. I asked Holder whether he had toned down his rhetoric after that controversial speech.

He is the Zen guy. But he and I share a worldview, you know? Obama would deliver Lonely woman in Coral Gables lecture to any black audience, regardless of context. This part of the Obama formula is the most troubling, and least thought-out.

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This judgment emerges from my own biography. I am the product of black parents who encouraged me to read, of black teachers who felt my work ethic did not match my potential, of black college professors who taught me intellectual rigor. And they did this in a world that every day insulted their humanity. It was not so much that the black layabouts and deadbeats Obama invoked in his speeches were unrecognizable.

I had seen those people too. If black men Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new overrepresented among drug dealers and absentee dads of the world, it was directly related to their being underrepresented among the Bernie Madoffs and Kenneth Lays of the world. Nee was what mattered, anx what characterized the differences between black and white America was not Ladies seeking sex Ringold Oklahoma difference Lookkng work ethic, but a system engineered to place one on top of the other.

For instance, the unemployment rate among black college graduates 4. But that college degree is generally purchased at a higher price by blacks than by whites.

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This is datin the result and the perpetuator of a sprawling wealth gap between the races. Obama had been on the record as opposing reparations. But now, late in his Columbia single females, he seemed more open to the idea—in theory, at least, if not in practice.

The political problems with turning the argument for reparations into reality are manifold, Obama said.

Wanting Dating Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new

But the progress toward nondiscrimination Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new not appear overnight. It was achieved by people willing to make an unpopular argument and live on the frontier of public opinion. Obama is unfailingly optimistic about the empathy and capabilities of the American people.

His job necessitates this: But Obama is almost constitutionally skeptical of those who seek to achieve change outside that consensus. Early inObama invited a group of African American leaders to meet with him at the White House. When some of the activists affiliated with Black Lives Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new refused to attend, Obama began calling them out in speeches.

You then have a responsibility to prepare an agenda that is achievable—that can institutionalize the changes you seek—and to engage the other side.

Opal Tometi, a Nigerian American community activist who is one of Mature women burlington three founders of Black Lives Matter, explained to me that the group has a more diffuse structure than most civil-rights organizations.

One reason for this is to avoid the cult of personality that has plagued black organizations in the past. Tometi noted that some other activists allied with Black Lives Matter had been planning to attend the meeting, so they felt their views would be represented. When I asked Obama about this perspective, he fluctuated between understanding where the activists were coming from and being hurt by such brush-offs.

And that sort of lack of awareness on the part of an activist about the constraints of our political system and the constraints on this office, I think, sometimes would leave me to mutter under my breath. Very rarely did I lose it publicly.

I get that. And I think it is important. Obama himself was an activist and a community organizer, albeit for only two years—but he is not, by temperament, a protester. He is a consensus-builder; consensus, he believes, ultimately drives what gets done. He New Boston New Hampshire cheating wives the emotional power of protest, the need to vent before authority—but that kind of approach does not come naturally to him.

Obama saw—at least at that moment, before the election of Donald Trump—a straight path to that world. Now, are we going to have suddenly the same number of CEOs, billionaires, etc. In 10 years? Probably not, maybe not even in 20 years. I feel pretty good about our odds in that situation. The programs Obama favored would advance white America too—and without a specific commitment to equality, there is no guarantee that the programs would eschew discrimination.

My own history tells me something different. The large numbers of black men in jail, for instance, are not just the result of poor policy, but of not seeing those men as human. When President Obama and I had this conversation, the target he was aiming to reach seemed to me to be many generations away, and Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new President-Elect Trump prepares for office—seems even many Women seeking men in indore generations off.

Obama was also the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. The truth is, it was never safe. Only Obama, a black man who emerged from Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new best of white America, and thus could sincerely trust white America, could be so certain that he could achieve broad national appeal. In some sense an Obama presidency could never have succeeded along the normal presidential lines; he needed a partner, or partners, in Congress who could put governance above party.

But he struggled to win over even some of his own allies. Ben Nelson, the Democratic senator from Nebraska whom Obama helped elect, became an obstacle to health-care reform. The obstruction grew out of narrow political incentives. Obama is not sure of the degree to which individual racism played into this calculation.

But personal animus is just one manifestation of racism; arguably the more profound animosity occurs at the level of interests. The most recent Congress boasted members from the states that comprised the old Confederacy. Of the Republicans in that group, 96 are white and one is black.

Of the 37 Democrats, 18 are black and 15 are white. There are no white congressional Democrats in the Deep South. Exit polls in Mississippi in found that Wives want nsa IL Comer 62626 percent of voters who described themselves as Republicans were white.

The Republican Party is not simply the party of whites, but the preferred party of whites who identify their interest Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new defending the historical privileges of whiteness. The researchers Josh Pasek, Jon A.

Krosnick, and Trevor Tompson found that in32 percent of Democrats held antiblack views, while 79 percent of Republicans did. These attitudes could even spill over to white Housewives looking casual sex Paguate New Mexico politicians, because they are seen as representing the party of blacks. And yet he suspected that there might be more to it. Racism greeted Obama in both his primary and general-election campaigns in Photos were circulated of him in Somali garb.

A fifth of all West Virginia Democratic-primary voters in openly admitted that race had influenced their vote. Hillary Clinton trounced him 67 to 26 percent. After Obama won the presidency in defiance of these racial headwinds, traffic to the white-supremacist website Stormfront increased sixfold.

Before the election, in August, just before the Democratic National Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new, the FBI uncovered an assassination plot hatched by white supremacists in Denver. One would be forgiven for meeting Swingers party Laurinburg denunciation with guffaws: By then, birtherism—inflamed in large part by a real-estate mogul and reality-TV star named Donald Trump—had overtaken the Republican rank and file.

Sexy chocolate mocha seeking tall drk handsome and mature, inObama had been elected. His supporters rejoiced. As Jay-Z commemorated the occasion:. Not quite. In fact, right-wing ideologues had been planning just such a resistance for decades.

One of the intellectual forerunners of the Tea Party is said to be Ron Paul, the heterodox two-time Republican presidential candidate, who opposed the war in Iraq and Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new civil liberties. On other matters, Paul was more traditional. Either way, the views of the newsletters have found their expression in his ideological comrades. In a rare act of cowardice, the Obama administration cravenly submitted to this effort.

In those rare moments when Obama made any sort of comment attacking racism, firestorms threatened to consume his governing agenda. A chastened Obama then determined to make sure his public statements on race were no longer mere riffs but designed to have an achievable effect. This was smart, but still the invective came. Yet inas inObama won anyway. Prior to the election, Obama, ever the optimist, had claimed that intransigent Republicans would decide to work with him to advance the country.

No such collaboration was in the offing. Instead, legislation ground to a halt and familiar themes resurfaced. The bait was a slice of watermelon. The secret service just uncovered a plot to kidnap the president. They got less freedom. It found a city that, through racial profiling, arbitrary fines, and wanton harassment, had exploited law enforcement for the purposes of municipal plunder.

The plunder was sanctified by racist humor dispensed via internal emails among the police that later came to light.

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The president of the United States, who during his first year in office had reportedly received three times the Loooking of death threats of any of his Lookint, was a repeat target. Much ink has been spilled in an attempt to understand the Tea Party protests, and the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, which ultimately emerged out of them.

One theory popular among primarily white intellectuals of varying political persuasions held that this response was largely the discontented rumblings of a white working class threatened by the 65 Iceland male lookin fun of globalization and crony capitalism.

Dismissing these rumblings as racism was said to condescend to this proletariat, which had Slut Rockville girls looking for guys suffered the slings and arrows of coastal elites, heartless technocrats, Lookin reformist snobs.

Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new was not something to be coolly and empirically assessed but a slander upon the working man. Deindustrialization, globalization, and broad Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new inequality are real. And they have landed with at least as great a force upon black bsa Latino people in our country as upon white people. And yet these groups datjng strangely unrepresented in this new populism.

Christopher S. Parker and Matt A. Barreto, political scientists at the University of Washington and UCLA, respectively, have found a relatively strong relationship between racism and Tea Party membership.

Nobody in Washington seems to care. How long before Israel is assassinating American citizens for exercising their rights? No joke. All traitors, all loyal to Israel. Republicans are owned by the Zionists and war profiteers folks. Democrats not any better. All traitors. You very very welcome. But it is half and half.

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Half time I am very serious, and half smoethin I am just having fun. I am Canadian. It is all held together with media-fed nnsa and threats. Housewives seeking hot sex Morgantown West Virginia doot…however, Palestinians are not funding and making possible either the condition of whites in the US or the difficulties of Muslims in Europe.

We pursue — as no doubt most nations at most ajd do — in innumerable short-sighted, callous, selfish, Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new just witless policies. Our support for Israel is the one inarguably evil act we commit, and one for which we will — at a minimum — have to do penance. They are really just the descendants of the same Baal-worshiping Israelites whom Elijah contended with; they are descendants of Ahab, Jehoram, Manasseh; they LLooking descendants of those who crucified the Messiah; they are descendants of the wicked Israelites led by John and Simon and Eleazar who brought Jerusalem and the Second Temple to ruin.

God will send them a Chastisement, as He did time and time again in the Old Testament. If only you were right. Compared to these two groups, Jews are overwhelmingly supportive of their chosen evil.

These buttons register your public Agreement, Disagreement, Troll, or LOL with the selected comment. They are ONLY available to recent, frequent commenters who have saved their Name+Email using the 'Remember My Information' checkbox, and may also ONLY be used once per hour. Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41 st U.S. president. Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay Script - Dialogue Transcript.

Benjamin Netanyahu! Mind you the expression does point to another question you prompt. A collection of premodern feudal and tribal polities yes, but you are not seriously regarding the Saudi money fuelled primitive Wahabi push as in the same civilised category as the early Caliphates are you? Although it could easily make things worse instead of better, Israel will cease to exist within the next 10 years or so.

Most Italians are wary of Jews, or indifferent to them. But few of them are completely in love with Jews or care at all about Israel in my opinion. They possess the benefit of a verbal dexterity and business savvy that allows them to network in order to control banks and media. It is the difference between Mike Tyson threatening to kick your ass and Charles Manson hypnotizing you. Would that include the Sexy ladies rockland county ny sex massage Maekchonni anti-Jewish Muslims in the United States?

And definitely a good many blacks do not love Jews. No brain, no afterlife. The control is total and absolute. This coming from a country which depends on our tax dollars to maintain their criminal activities.

This is an unprecedented abdication of US sovereignty. Europeans bore the brunt for US invasions of Iraq that ultimately created the power-vacuum that unleashed refugees. The US itself was too far away. That is simple geography. Muslims could not sail the Atlantic just as Latinos cannot get to Europe.

Only white Americans give two shits about Israel or the plight of Palestine. No Hispanic could find it on a map and no Asian-American would Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new. A great deal of the problem is that whites can be made to give a shit. Asians cannot. Hindus cannot. Latinos cannot. Look at it this way. Maybe a few are slow or hopelessly naive about israel, so bump that number down to, say, And again, not a peep.

Think of how profound that fact is. Pure traitors. Chistopher Bollyn once mentioned the point that not one college or high school has a course or class on what subject is the attacks.

Before, it was whites, not American Indians, to control the media. Africans were recruited early in Acts 8: Nothing has changed with these Jewish Rabbis in years. An honest research in the WWII is currently punishable by a prison sentence. The zionists have been extraordinary active in their efforts to suppress the First Amendment and other chachkas of western civilization: But not Jews. When Jews do convert locals it is for pussy-some ancient handful of males settle somewhere like Ethiopia or Ladies wants hot sex Coffeen and marry local women.

But it is not for salvation. Only for their pussies. Part of this is empathy. The Christian sees the poor and disenfranchised and wants to assist.

The Korean shopkeeper in a black ghetto Nsa fun in rotterdam not give a shit what the blacks believe in and just wants his money. The doctor who treated the Skripals in hospital has stated on the record that he had not treated anyone affected by nerve agent poisoning and no Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new evidence Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new been provided to prove otherwise.

Nothing you mentioned occurred in response to our crimes against the Palestinians. How can Israel possibly repay such a huge Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new After all, if Israel cannot repay these loans, the burden will fall upon the guarantor, the US government, which in the last analysis means upon the US taxpayers. Such a repayment would in fact amount to foreign aid under another name.

Given these realities, the best guess would be that both sides already know that since Israel is not capable of repaying Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new US guaranteed loans, they regard the guarantees as a gift to Israel in disguise. Ordinary Americans would be overjoyed if they learned that their debts were being repaid by somebody else. None, however, can be seen. Mark updated May 8,Israel also benefits from periodic US government waivers.

The waiver avoids establishing a program and personnel to oversee the program, as would be required if the same amount were given as a Military Assistance Program grant. What this means is that since the entire value of the enormous military aid the US has granted Israel over the years is in fact a gift, Israel does not owe the US very much. There is no accounting of how the funds are used. And fraud they did beget. In fact, fraud and deceit have pervaded Israeli utilization of US support.

Even the magnitude of this support has been misreported. In this way, the US administration actually subsidizes lobbying power used against itself. But let us leave the past aside, and ask about the future. Right now, the US pays existing Israeli debts to commercial banks and allows their recycling.

Or, alternatively, can Israel renounce the guarantees and impose an austerity regime in their stead? The latter option is already advocated by such Israeli ministers from the extreme right as former Chief of Staff and present Minister of Agriculture Rafael Eitan. In fact, one particular export, that of weaponry, has collapsed since The Austerity Alternative The alternative option of renouncing the guarantees and imposing an austerity regime would also have dire consequences. In addition to the social consequences of this proposal, a hefty proportion of Israeli wage-earners would thus rapidly land below the poverty line.

Nor would these sacrifices yield the intended economic effects. As Timor reminds his readers, Israeli shekels are worthless outside of Israel. His conclusion, backed by some additional arguments not mentioned here, is: The data upon which this prediction is based, although not publicized by the media before the current clash of the US administration with the Israeli government and with the Israeli lobby in the US, were surely known to the advocates of the guarantees from the start.

This inescapably leads to the conclusion that the guarantees were originally conceived as a grant in disguise. It would have been more honest to call them a gift. A reliable financial entity a bank, your parents, the United States promises to pay off the balance of a loan if the borrower cannot. And loans guaranteed by the Federal Reserve provide an additional benefit: The interest rates offered are much lower than they would be if Israel or any small, debt-troubled nation sought the loan without backers.

Are you mad? Do you know how many bodies it takes to make a decent lampshade? Are you trying to insult me? There were mountains of soap and the ovens were running around the clock.

What are these loan Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new, and how important are they to Israel? Israel—or Turkey, Beautiful lady seeking horny sex Butte Montana, and Jordan, all of which snagged loan guarantees as postwar rewards—could borrow on Woman want sex Jackson Ohio international markets, then pay off the loans completely, leaving the United States with no financial obligation.

However, Congress attached a series of stipulations to the recent package, including one that reserves the right to reduce the guarantee amount to counterbalance any money Israel spends creating new settlements in contested territory. But simply threatening to reduce the guarantees can also be effective because Israel needs the U.

InIsrael was in a similarly desperate financial situation, and the United States used the threat of limiting loan guarantees to force then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir to attend the Madrid peace conference and suspend settlement construction while he was there.

If you are so sure about your clairvoyance, why the irritation and why the manners of Gavin Williamson the poorly mannered former salesperson of ceramics and fireplaces, who was promoted by the Friends of Israel to a position of the UK Sec of Def. And what is the cause of your outbursts, Anon[]?

Unlike the Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new evidence in Skripals affair, there are more than enough of real evidence in Khashoggi affair. The dirty business of coverup for Saudi clown prince involves Jared Kushner, Bibi, Bolton and other fervent zionists. Nobody interfered in Canadian election, and nobody interfered in US election. Only some Russian jokers were making some funny comments on twitter.

Even to classify it, as propaganda is a far out stretch. It was US interfering in Russian election because they did pay opposition to Putin. Probably through Soros. I am only observer and evaluator. I am not a pen warrior and I do not want to be one. I am too old for that. Israeli and American Jewish Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new detailed in the article make perfect sense when you come to realize that the US is no longer a sovereign nation at its core.

The US only has a facade of being one. The facade is starting to crumble Black female seeking male Lansing because of the internet and Jewish arrogance.

Consequently, the goys are the beneficiaries of more censorship of bad thoughts. The plan is to use increased censorship to prevent the facade from crumbling sufficiently to expose the reality to the masses. Any empire wants to Wife wants nsa Pacolet its colonies in line.

The USA is not a sovereign nation, America is a sovereign nation, could that be what you meant to say? The USA is a corporation organized to govern; it owners are not investor-shareholders but robber-barren bandit stakeholders. The USA was established to mitigate and tame down the Democracy Americans had bleed red blood to achieve. Take a look at the corporate bylaws constitution of the USA, they consist of seven articles. The Executive, Article I. America governed itself for 11 years.

After that the pre -evolution Oligarchs wealthy or highly educated elites managed to get ratified their constitution and to use it to put themselves right back into the positions of political and autocratic power they enjoyed before the revolution.

The constitution eliminated the right of Americans to a say in the affairs of their government. The USA was used to protect and enhance the aristocrats from the needs, wants and plight of the masses and to extract from the masses the funds that support USA operations.

To accomplish that transition feat, the banksters used or invented and used a process called ratification Article VII. Ratification eliminated the American Democracy overseen by the Articles of Confederation as administered by the American democratic continental government.

Read Constitution Article VI [2] and [3]. Judges… Senators and Representatives . Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the US and of the several States [shall be bound by it].

Constitution Article VI [1]. Millions of acres of America would remain Athens ne black womensex a very few private hands. It meant many other similar things. Had the Confederation continued slavery most likely would have not survived. These few words allowed wealthy Washington Aristocrat types to retain their vast personal ownership in their humongous-stretches of real estate land holdings given land granted to them or to those from whom they acquired them by a foreign power on behalf of the Banksters who in those days controlled everything.

Why was democracy a threat? The Confederation government by agreement was being urged by its war vets to make good on its promises to give every vet a homestead and a pension for their service in the war. The vets were demanding all land in America belonged to Americans. British, French or Spanish land grant owners turn the ownership of your land over to America the confederationsuch land does not belong to you.

We Americans do not recognize land grants from foreign governments; these lands never belonged to foreigners so they could not give them to you. The USA did not then exist. Eleven Confederation years between Declaration of Independence and the ratification of the USA Ratification truncated the American Democracy; ratification re-established the British Bankster appointed Aristocrats as puppets in charge over America.

The US Constitution created an Americanized form of British Parliamentary government, in virtually the same form as existed in British Colonial times, but without a Woman want hot sex Kernersville North Carolina or queen instead a President and Vice President ; so the USA was the banker's government that would control America, its just that most Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new did not know it.

Most Americans cannot name one of the 11 presidents of the Confederation AOC government because misleading propaganda has been substituted in their school taught histories. Most Americans don't understand federalism, nor do they have any idea the angry controversy that forced the USA into existence. I have written this several times and each time I understand more about what happened.

If you see I am wrong please say so. I am really interested to sort out the truth and that was a long time ago. If you are not Jewish Wives want nsa CO Keystone 80435 cannot serve in the IDF. What does the average American of Chinese or Irish descent have to do with Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new committed in a country they have never been.

It was not our penis or jizz that impregnated the black ghetto teen. And it is not our ethno-state either. Not to mention that Kissinger waged war against China in Vietnam…But this was surely another Z conspiracy Ladies looking nsa CA Orange 92669 kill whites.

Surely the Jews will enter China and take over the economy. Probably through the banks-which China will surely hand over-and media-which the state controls. You mean this one? Jews first focus was flooding the US with Hispanics. Now they are turning to Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new Hispanics bend their knees to Jews and Israel. Jews are fortunate in that evangelicals are willing to do the heavy lifting for them. Evangelical Christianity is growing rapidly in the US so being a zealous Zionist is coming along for the ride.

Jews will probably help enabled this to spread to Mexico Wroxham adult sex. Asians care about anything that benefits them financially. Chinese are increasingly clear on the reality that Jews control much of the US.

Chinese are savers, Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new banks are going to get very powerful and they no doubt have studied what went wrong in Japan very carefully.

In the meantime, the average American is becoming a worse and worse credit risk, which is going to hurt our banking system. They thought only Jews could be this nasty, it was their God given right after the year oppression. Most Asians and Hispanics are totally clueless about Jews.

Many blacks detest Jews more than they do whites. We made it, arm it, fund it, and protect it, and without us it would wither and die…but you deny any responsibility for its crimes. It could be argued that the Chinese have suffered the most at the hand of the Jewish ideology of communism foisted on them Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new the help of Russian Communist and their 5th column of spies in the US; many of which Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new which were of the same tribe.

As China has been shedding this disease from their system over the last 40 years, Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new return of the tribe which caused them great harm may not be Woman looking real sex Black River Falls with open arms.

Besides, China may plausibly see the current antagonism directed against it by the US as also Adult seeking casual sex Wendell Massachusetts 1379 from the same Jewish hand controlling that operation.

I was being sarcastic. Jews apparently control countries through banks and media-both of which makes them a non-starter in China. Even Muslim-Americans have to see their tax money go to Israel Though many Iranians probably cheat on taxes to a great degree. I compare it to the black teens who get some of your tax money. You would not pour them the pork if they paid you. You had nothing to do with the act.

But you will pay for it and the biological father who was high on crack at the time and has long forgotten he fathered a child will not pay at all. And there you have it in a nutshell: It seems humanity is adverse to learn from history. Our dilemma today is the same that occurred in Rome. Our country and people will suffer the same fate if usury continues as it has. From the onset of history, it has been the moneychangers, who have exploited mankind for pure profit. It is by the profits Housewives wants real sex Louisville Kentucky 40245 from usury used to attack Christianity.

One needs only to ask- who is in control of usury worldwide? Usury brings forth an insidious side to all people. The temptation to borrow is powerful, and it always polarizes lender against borrower where the former becomes the master and the later, the slave.

As a vice, neighbor is pitted against his neighbor, and nation against nation. The Roman government was far too corrupt already with its politicians bought by moneychangers for any fledgling Christian sect to have an affect on its decline.

Originally, Rome was founded as Sexy women want sex Ludlow republic. The unchecked influence of the moneychangers caused it to change into a democracy. A republic is derived through the election of public officials whose attitude toward property is respected in terms of law for individual rights. Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new is the resultant system Cedar city UT sex dating moneychangers bring to civilization.

There is no reference in the article to the moneychangers and their lawyers sowing Ladies seeking real sex Leiter seeds for Roman society to suffocate under its own lethargic weight.

Lawyers were indeed a problem to Rome. In BC, the Roman Senate passed a law prohibiting Women for sex in Marlborough Massachusetts from plying their trade for money.

As the Roman republic declined and became more democratic, it became increasingly difficult to keep lawyers in check and prevent them from accepting fees under the table. Indeed, they were very useful to the moneychangers. The lawyers fed upon corruption and accelerated the downward plunge of Roman civilization.

Constantine AD was the first Roman emperor to issue laws, which radically limited the rights of Jews as citizens of the Roman Empire, a privilege conferred upon them by Caracalla in AD. The laws of Constantius AD recognized the Jewish domination of the slave trade and acted to greatly curtail it.

Always the impetus was buying influence concerning their trade. As this Jewish craft spread, the people increasingly suffered from the burdens of indebtedness. So troubling was the effects of usury that Lex Genucia outlawed usury in BC. Nevertheless, ways of evading such legislation were found and by the last period of the Republic, usury was once again rife.

Emperors like Julius Caesar and Justinian tried to limit the interest rate and control its devastating effects Birnie, Entertainment was a way to temporarily set aside the burdens of indebtedness.

It was a way to festively indulge in all the glory that Rome had to offer. Rome soon became drunk on hedonism.

Collectively, entertainment helped disguise the collapsing of a great power. Spectator blood sports, brothels, carnivals, festivals, and parties substituted for everything that was wrong with Rome.

Indeed, it was truly an international city. Foreigners of every nation resided and worked there. The Romans soon intermarried and had children with the many foreigners.

This included concubines from the numerous slaves won through war. Rome had an extraordinary large slave population and was estimated to make up about two-thirds of its population at one time. The population of Rome had changed and so did its character. Increasing demands were made of the ruling patricians. The aristocrats tried to appease the masses, but eventually those demands could not be sustained. Rome had become bankrupt. The effects of usury polarized the patrician class against an increasingly dispossessed and burdened class of citizens.

Indeed, it was the moneychangers with the use of their lawyers that destroyed pagan Rome. The Jewish interests did not control all usury. However, they were a people well recognized as being extremely loyal to each other and adept in the black craft of usury. To all others gentiles they showed hate and enmity. Throughout history the weapon Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new usury is used again and again to destroy nations.

In the case against Faccus, we can see the crafts of the Jews are the same today. The Jews clearly held great influence in politics as a result of their professions and profited immensely at the expense of Rome.

We can further deduce by the case of Faccus that the Jews were not concerned with the interests of Rome, but rather for their own interests. The Jewish gold was being shipped from Rome and its provinces Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new the empire to Jerusalem. We also know that the Jews had utter contempt and hatred of the Romans. This contempt is demonstrated by their breaking of Roman law, which Faccus tried to uphold. If we look closer, we see that gold has a very special meaning to all Jewry unlike any other people.

Rome fell as a result of corruption and the lack of cohesion of its own people. But, it was the instrument of usury that brought about this corruption and allowed its gold and silver to be controlled by Jewish interests.

It weakened the Roman Empire immeasurably, and thrust untold millions in poverty, debt, and in prison. It was Christianity that halted the influence of the Jews and their destructive trades and practices. And, the Christian faith spread throughout the former Roman Empire. Without the strict adherence to the moral ethos, any civilization will devolve into the religion of Nimrod.

Might help if people would call Soros by his real name — I think it is Georgy Swartz are something like that. I also never saw it. But Visigothic Spain had special laws to prevent that jews who owned christian slaves converted them to judaism. It seems apparent that you took exception a sudden high blood pressure alert is making you post this response? But do continue because …. Revisionists merely repeat what they claim and then easily debunk their lies.

Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz: Ron Unz: A Defender of Truth: The alleged Auschwitz homicidal gassing process reviewed and demolished here.

As a matter of fact here is the conference which was actively BLOCKED by social media outlets when it was Live,,why is this so,,what is so threatening to the them???? There is nothing to loose at this point!!!! In slightly different news, a real German patriot—who is tired of the status-quo speaks out at least listen to his awakening—he was fired for it who can state that here unequivocallu?

Bolsjewism had next to nothing to do with it, Mao promised a better life for the huge majority of Chinese, living at the edge of starvation all the time, just feeling well Looking for a cute curvy friend the influence of opium.

Chinese leaders seem to be well educated engineers and economists.

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Deakin and G. Both share an implacable sense of Islamophobia. And, the deep sense of racial inferiority complex which the hindoos feel, fits well with the cursed ideology of their supremacist white-skinned Fuck Enterprise masters. Them hindoos are wilful lickspittle of the Jooscum.

Of course the ass-licking works both ways. You can be sure that few blacks, Indians, or Chinese will worship Jews. Indians fill every service-sector position in Dubai and most are Hindus. They cannot be that phobic towards Muslims. I trust you will leave to annamaria the woolyheadedness which can suppose governments are open and candid about intelligence or unresolved police matters.

Now my comment: Before Him, there was the faith of the Israelites as it gradually decayed and was subverted by corrupt teachings such as were transmitted by the Pharisees and Sadducees.

The Torah, biblical and Quran Woman looking hot sex Stanhope were written in agrarian societies where capitalistic enterprise hardly existed.

Loans were for Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new dying of hunger in the period between Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new the food of the last harvest had been used completely, and the new harvest was still in the future.

Thus interest was seen as blackmailing people, they needed money to prevent dying of starvation. There was enterprise long ago, and trade over long distances, in the early centuries for example swords from Damascus were famous in Europe, and exported to Europe. Investment for business was the exception, even the first iron smelting installations were simple, those who wanted them could build them by themselves.

The idea that invested money could yield money came later, when installations bcame more complex, ships bigger, etc.

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With investment came risk, there was not much risk in consumptive loans, theynormally could n paid out of the coming harvest. And so the problem began, Want to party with this girl church not understanding capitalism, an agrarian society based on barter changing into a money using capitalistic society.

Commercial people had no problem with interest, even now Muslims do not Lunch hour friend problems with interest. What they do is simply giving interest other names, such as a fine for repaying late. It has been agreed that the repayment will be late, so anybody is happy.

A Pox on I z rael and their lackeys here. One more time for you, Anon[]: The zionists have been showing an amazing tolerance towards the clown prince the murderer datinng zionists need ubt clown prince for the implementation of Oded Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new Plan for Eretz Israel.

Thanks to the zionists friendship with the clown prince, the firm evidence adn Khashoggi murder is of no importance. And the Justice Dept has actually spent two datimg investigating Russian influence here…. Looks like they are a menace in the Indian state of goa. By the way how far is goa frm delhi?

Those that came on H1B in the early s are citizens now. They advocate for more of their dot bots to be settled here. How very fair! The entitlement they have is almost breath-taking! The only difference is, you are a couple notches above in deceit which you should teach your buddy thomm. That said, given that there is definitely such a thing as greater and lesser evil, can the Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new of muslim evil even begin to match the satanic and hegemonic evil of forr imperialists which of course includes jooscumin the Middle East, and elsewhere?

What I think is that, these hindoos at least the ones who are on the top of the totem pole have what robert lindsay Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new to describe as, a very deep sense of inferiority complex intertwined with a very superficial sense of superiority on the outside. Deeper the inferiority complex, stronger the external superiority complex to offset the deep sense of shame they have on the inside. I wonder why that is? However it would be wrong to paint the whole country of India with the same brush.

One can only surmise what they must be enduring. There certainly are Jews, like Unz, Atzmon and Shamir who defy the stereotype and become champions of real free speech and truth. So again one must NOT go down that slippery slope of putting each and everyone to the guillotine just because they happen to be cohen or ahmed or rahul or whatever.

We are better than that. The American revolution was not made in heaven.

It was partially predicated on the extermination of the Native Americans, and the continuation of Slavery. Of the 13 colonies, only Pennsylvania allowed men who did not own land — to vote.

Durruti and his Anarchists, had many Women looking hot sex Brant of the Spanish Republic When do we take a stand? We must Restore our Republic there is no obfuscating around our duty.

You care. This ill-gotten wealth helped build their civilisation, and also helps sustain it. That said, the true followers of the blessed prophet Jesus pbuh have a much better chance at mending their pagan polytheist ways, as compared to the cursed Joos, who hate him.

The average German under Hitler could reasonably plead ignorance — see Johnson et al. The history of Judaism spans more than 3, years. You speak as if you are not cognitively impaired enough to be completely out of it, but instead just enough to consistently annoy everyone with what Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new read on the internet this week or thought about while you were in the lavatory. What their book says is that the people of heth, or the heath who ultimately continue through Esauwill not do as well.

Within the White race, there is a sub-racial component to this segregation but its lines blur at the edges as they do across all caste boundaries excluding the untouchable Dalit colored caste, Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new is not actually a caste.

This land is economically impoverished because the land itself cannot Ladies wants sex NE Wisner 68791 sustainable income in the manner that cropland nor port Adult wants hot sex Otis Colorado 80743 can.

Its mostly good for factories and resource extraction as an economic base. These economies are rarely stable over generations. Product demand wanes and resources dry up. Trade is what is left; but without product generation that brings money that closed system remains short on cash. In wasteland regions with higher economic activity, you will notice the presence of a higher population of northern Brahmans WASPS and Vaishya Jews to actively to manage the vast increase in Shudra labor degraded Whites and Dalit colored castes that exist Online sex webcam to chat numbers proportionally superior to most places in the north.

You will notice a more vigorous policing of them especially the colored caste by the Kshatriya Caste populated mostly by middle class Germanic and Celtic populations.

This middle law enforcement caste is the largest threat to the Brahmans and Vaishya, which is why they are also subject to oppression. The reasons why Whites inhabit these areas are beyond the scope of this reply, but we can also have that discussion later if you wish.

It is a function of both caste and choice. Chinese, Indians, Iranians, Muslims, and every other manner of lowest-caste import, as they always have, are attracted to and get funneled into large port cities for cheap labor. Looking for dating and or nsa but also somethin new they will do economically better than wasteland inhabiting groups, as will every person in that city on average: Keep in mind that they can not escape their lowest-caste status.

At some point in the past, a higher caste person procreated with a lowest-caste person and that is forever their inheritance. They are hardly representative of their race. What the Jew book also says is that people who live for money will give up their inheritance should they have any to begin with.

This is a reference to the fate of all peoples in all high population centers a population number that is always due to a vigorous economy.