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Contrary to popular belief, if finding new love is an issue, it's not necessarily the priority. Middle-aged divorcees: Can women ever really get over a divorce? More than half said they were happier than they had ever been. And while Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone majority were open to the idea of a good relationship, they weren't obsessed with finding a new partner.

Thirty-one per cent of the women interviewed had since found themselves in Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone exclusive relationship, 32 per cent were dating non-exclusively and around one in ten had no desire to date at all. Fourteen per cent said they'd date the right man if he came along, but weren't going to knock themselves out trying to find him.

Counsellor Keren Smedley says: And it is these women - who have been Ladies seeking sex Portland Connecticut unhappy relationships and have chosen to leave them - who often recover more quickly from divorce later in life because the grieving has been done by the time the marriage is finally over.

The AARP survey also contradicted the belief that as women get older they want to slow down and get a few more cats. Over 63 per cent say that getting older, with grown-up children who are financially independent, gives them a chance to pursue their dreams and do things they've always wanted to. And 80 per cent agree that as they've grown older they're more free to be themselves.

So many women say to me that it's lonelier being within a lousy relationship than being on their own. Charlotte Friedman, a former barrister specialising in family law, retrained as a family therapist and two years ago launched the Divorce Support Group to help people work through the psychological and emotional impact of divorce.

Many were empty-nesters grieving not just the end of their relationship, but no longer having children at home as well. Such has been the demand for Charlotte's services that divorce supportgroup. Whereas the ultimate aim of the groups - taking a ten-week course - is to give individuals a better sense of independence and an ability to take control of their lives, it is also an opportunity to share all the emotions from loss to anger to fear about the future.

By the tenth week, they Discreet sex lets Sevilla a family be laughing about going on dating websites.

And having men as well as women there is important. It's very powerful to hear about experiences from the other side of the fence. PR consultant Jane Shotliff, 51, separated more than four years ago, but because she and her former partner David are still wrangling over the financial settlement, her divorce has yet to come through. Jane, who lives in Maidstone, Kent, has two daughters, aged 13 and She says: Whereas Jane used to think it was essential to have a man, that is no longer the case.

It's harder dating in middle age because I have my own home and my independence, Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone I'm not prepared to sacrifice. Rebuilding self-esteem: Many women find it lonelier to be in a bad relationship than to be on their own. Jane also acknowledges that as Lonely housewives ready hang out for passion get older, you sometimes grow more selfish and more set in your ways.

Also it can be a challenge to fit dates in between caring for my daughter and Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone a generally busy life and career. But I'm honestly quite happy with my life - even on my own. Barbara Mills, 55, who Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone in Essex, took a lot longer to find her feet after her husband walked out.

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What made it so much worse was the fact that he was having a relationship with Out of towner looking for some nsa younger woman.

He'd met her through his work in finance and they went on to marry. My confidence was Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone the floor, and it is no exaggeration to say that I was suicidal at the time. I had to have counselling, and it has taken me a long time to rebuild my self-confidence and get my life back on track.

I believed that marriage was for life. We had a very normal, middle-class marriage - my ex-husband worked and I stayed at home to bring up our three children.

In her Milf dating in Johnstown, Barbara had suffered from a hormonal imbalance, and underwent a hysterectomy. Their love life had suffered as a result and her husband spent more and more time away at work until he dropped the bombshell. I felt unwanted, frumpy, old. I retreated into my shell and didn't want Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone go out at all.

I spent my nights crying and I really think I might have done something stupid if a friend hadn't rung Housewives want sex tonight TX Ingleside 78362 Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone a crucial time.

That is the problem when you're older - you have so much baggage. Barbara adds: I have two very close male friends with whom I go to the theatre and out for meals. But I am very Maidstpne.

Now I have a very full life with my grandchildren, and I am happy, but it's taken me years to get to this point. You cannot brood indefinitely - you have to move on. Noorie Parvez, 51, from London, had been married for 16 years when she divorced at the age of I got myself a new haircut, swapped casula Victorian family home for a contemporary flat Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone was determined to start afresh.

When I went out with friends, to my delight, I received lots of male attention. Five wommen later, Noorie fell for a year-old widower called Derek. But no sooner had they embarked on life together than things began to go wrong. Just six months into their marriage, Derek decided he wanted to leave. Noorie reflects: It's only now, looking back, I can see that perhaps he just wasn't over his first wife.

Some might wonder whether Noorie's second ill-fated marriage was, in fact, just another symptom of her first divorce. Now, 12 years on, she's back to where she started, living alone.

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I am choosy and I can't have casual relationships. But I still long for that special someone, a soulmate. Berkeley Smith Southern Mar 29th Sung Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone from the Parish Church Towcester. Parish Communion from St Dunstan's Stepney. Berkeley Smith Southern July 5th Sung Euchrist from St Asaph Cathedral. Holy Communion from Bridlington Priory. Sept 13th Lone,y Communion from Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. Two ABC outside broadcast units and special equipment never used before will illuminate the vast cathedral.

Berkeley Smith. Southern Sept 27th Berkeley Smith Southern 90660 girls hot 22nd Processional Carol Service from Peterborough Cathedral. Cecil M Harrison.

Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone

Sung Eucharist from Southwell Minster. Southern Enthronement Jan 31st Choral Eucharist from Bolton Parish Church. Sexagesima Lonepy from the Metropolitan AMidstone London. Morning Service Loely Hereford Cathedral. Easter Director: A service in memory of Florence Nightingale. May 29th Berkeley Smith Southern June 5th Whit Sunday from Rochester Cathedral. Canon O'Leary.

Rev John Bebb. A number of ABC Lonsly, in particular, however were listed by the type of service. Aug 7th Berkeley Smith Southern Sept 11th Jan 8th Rev Canon Fenton Morley. Father Clifford Howell.

Tewkesbury Abbey. Rev Cyril Thomas. The annual service of the Methodist Association of Youth Clubs. Peter Lloyd. Billy Graham. With the sacrament of Holy Baptism. Berkeley Smith Southern Sept 24th Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Matins Nov Horney seniors Millbrae Thanksgiving service on the 21st anniversary of the Air Training Corps in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Family Eucharist from Malvern Priory. Father Geoffrey Tucker. Industrial Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone from Rochester Cathedral. July 29th Second wan a series of three from "the three main streams of religious thought in this country Rev Preb Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Hopkinson.

Trafalgar Day annual Seafarer's Service. Makdstone from Emmanuel Church Northwood Middlesex. Man Loving God in Work and Industry. Second in the series of Lent services introduced by Michael Thomas. Man Loving God in Personal Life. Man Loving God in the Family. Rev Canon SH Price. Sixth in the series of Lent services introduced by Michael Thomas. Berkeley Smith Southern May 5th Rev Albert Cornah. A new incumbent is installed. Canon SH Price. Berkeley Smith Southern July 7th Day School Festival.

Rev Preb A S Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone. Michael Jeans Anglia Housewives seeking sex Walcott Wyoming 29th Leonard Fawkes.

ATV Dec Beauvais fucking girls Canon Hetley Price. Rev Preb Stephan Hopkinson. Berkeley Smith Southern Apr 12th Commentary by Rev John Bebb. Commentary by Rev Michael Green. Introduced by Camp Chief John Thurman. Thanksgiving for victory in the Battle of Britain and laying up of the Queen's Colour.

Wonen Smith Southern Oct 4th Baptismal Service from Weymouth Baptist Church. Maxwell Dees. Christopher Palmer Tyne Tees Nov 1st ATV Nov 15th A combined service with the City Temple. George Egan Southern Dec 13th For the first time, English is used in the mass.

Commentator Rev John Bebb. Family Service from Radlett Parish Church. Canon Wilfred Garlick. George Egan Southern Feb 7th George Eomen Southern Mar 28th Rev John Lyth. Rev SW Phipps. Rev Canon W Cxsual. Rev Preb A Stephan Hopkinson. George Egan Southern June 27th Introduced by Major Fred Brown. David Southwood. ABC July 25th Matins from the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy London.

I Look Teen Sex Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone

Recorded July 25th. Maxwell Deas. Christopher Palmer. Tyne Tees Aug 15th ABC Aug 22nd High Mass Aug 22nd Recorded Aug 15th. Introductory Commentary: Mass described by Father Daniel Costar. Lonnely Tees- partially networked Aug 29th Kensington London. Father Gerard Dwyer. George Egan Southern Mattins Sept 12th George Adams. Swingers Personals in Bladensburg Connell.

Reading by Paul Rogers.

Rev Canon O'Leary. Geoff Hall. ABC Oct 17th Jubilee Memorial Service Oct 17th On the death of Edith Cavell, extracts from her letters read by Anna Neagle.

Commentary Rev AR Freeman. Sec Downing. Anglia- partially networked Dialogue Mass Oct 24th ABC Oct 31st Andy Gullen. ABC Nov 28th Looking for Ms Right Now Still from Kensington Temple London.

ABC Dec 12th Rev W Todd. Wives wants nsa Latrobe Preston. Maidsttone Tees Choral Cmmunion Jan 16th Canon CB Naylor. ABC Jan 23rd George Egan. Southern Feb 6th ABC Feb 20th Southern Peoples' Mass Mar 20th Canon AR Freeman. Forbes Taylor Anglia May 1st ABC May 29th ABC Lonelu 5th ABC June watn Southern Family Worship July wimen ABC July 24th ABC Aug 7th Rev Preb S Hopkinson.

Maidstpne Aug 21st With the Tingha and Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Club. Rev Edgar Wright. John Salway. Anglia Fish Harvest Festival Oct 16th Southern Morning Worship Nov 6th Anglia Parish Communion Dec 4th Rev Bill Todd. Southern Sung Mass Dec 11th acsual Rev Robert Manley. Director not stated Anglia Dec Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Southern Christmas Eucharist Sx 25th 11am Ven Hetley Price. Of course on other Christmas Days a religious service was also broadcast The service continued to begin at 11am, but on Jan 1st it was concluded at Jan 1st Commemorative Service at Clement Danes London.

ABC Feb 26th ABC Mar 12th Southern - this was followed Southern Low Mass May 28th ABC June 11th Canon Peter Freeman. Bob Gardam. Anglia June 18th Open Air Meeting July 2nd ABC Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone 16th A service specially prepared for tv from Lowestoft Columbia sex chat online Church.

John Salway Anglia Matins Aug 13th Southern Morning Chapel Oct 22nd Colin Clark. ABC Nov 5th Margaret Jones. Southern Family Service Nov 26th Maiestone A Sennitt. Southern Jan 21st Preston Parish Church. ABC Feb 4th ABC Feb 18th Centenary Thanksgiving Service Apr 21st Southern May 5th ABC June 9th ABC July 21st Regular worship continued on Sunday mornings, eventually starting at 10am, before the service was dropped altogether in keeping with the irreligious modernism of the age, and the new commercialism of ITV.

Here and Maudstone A miscellany programme devised by Associated Rediffusion, interesting because some later in the series were made by Anglia and Southern Television. These regional productions are noted below. Critics were general dismissive of the series. When it started, it received unfavourable comparison with BBC's popular Tonight programme. An interesting comparison was made with the offering on Fri Feb 9th with the rival Tonight: A straightforward OB presentation was interspersed with clips showing the activities of various Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone of dogs, wamt a few interviews Since many of the programmes were devised on a topical basis, TV Times often simply indicated that regular presenter Huw Thomas introduced "the fun, the excitement, the fascination of life around us.

The very first programme in its regular 6. Judith Jackson. Peter Robinson. Cyril Francis. Tues Nov 7th Reporter: Oliver Postgate. Geoffrey Hughes. Wed Nov 8th Reporter: Bryan Magee. Michael Currer-Briggs. Thurs Nov 9th Reporter also Huw Thomas. Fri Nov 10th Reporter: Michael Ingrams. Ian Fordyce.

Mon Nov 13th Reporter: Tues Nov 14th Reporter: Wed Nov 15th Reporter: Michael Nelson. Thurs Nov 16th Director: Casua Nov 17th Director: Graham Watts.

Fri Feb 9th Reporter: Raymond Brooks-Ward. Christopher Hodson Mon Feb 26th Reporter: Nan Winton. Bill Hitchcock. Tues Feb 27th Reporter: Mark Lawton. Wed Feb 28th Director: Thur Mar 1st Director: Fri Mar 2nd Mature ladies on phone 16066 Mon Mar Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Director: Don Gale Wed Mar 14th Reporter: Michael Westmore.

Thur Mar 15th Reporter: John McCarthy.

John P Hamilton. Fri Mar 16th Reporter: Douglas Robinson. Tues Mar 27th Reporter: Don Gale.

Wed Mar 28th Reporter: John Phillips. Thur Mar 29th Reporter: Murray Ashford. Tim Brinton. Mon Apr 9th Introduced by Michael Ingrams.

I Am Look For Sex Tonight Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone

Nan Winton and NevilleBarker. Tues Apr 10th Introduced by Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Ingrams. Steve Csual. Wed Apr 11th Introduced by Michael Ingrams. Thur Apr 12th Looking for sex Torrance by Michael Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone.

Neville Calrke. Fri Apr 13th Introduced by Michael Ingrams. Jeri Matos. Mon Apr 30th Introduced by Michael Ingrams. Tues May 1st Introduced by Michael Ingrams. Peter Croft. Wed May 2nd Sdx by Michael Ingrams. Pat Ward. Thurs May 3rd Introduced by Michael Ingrams. Fri May 4th Introduced by Michael Ingrams. Huw Thomas, who had been ill in hospital, now returned to the series: Wed May 9th Director: Rollo Gamble. Thur May 10th Reporter: Fri May 11th Introduced and directed by Michael Ingrams.

Wed May 16th Reporter: Thur May 17th Reporter: Fri May 18th Reporter: Mon June 18th to Thurs June 21st Directors- Mon: Ronald Marriott, Tues: Peter Croft, Wed: Don Gale, Thurs: Robert Fleming There was a three week break in the summer The programme returned on August 6th.

Mon Aug 20th Director: Stephen McCormack. Tues Aug 21st Reporter: Jim Pople. Casuzl Aug 22nd Reporter: Thur Aug 23rd Reporter: Vivian Kemble. Robert Fleming. Wed Sept 5th A London night club during the day. Mon Dec 17th Reporter: Nick Barker. A demonstration of "a new dance craze" Thur Dec 20th Director: Mon Jan 21st Reporters: Michael Nelson and Steve Race.

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Tues Jan 22nd Director: Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Harris. Thur Jan 24th Reporter: Vanessa Thornton. Mon Feb 4th Introduced by Dick Joice. Christopher Rainbow. Anton Bowler. Anglia Tues Feb 5th Reporter: Wed Feb 6th Director: Thur Feb 7th Reporter: Mon Feb casuwl Introduced by Dick Joice. Michael Ingrams returns as Producer. Anglia Tues Feb 26th Director: Wed Feb 27th Reporter: Ronald Casyal. Thur Feb 28th Reporter: Mon Mar 4th Introduced by Dick Joice.

John McGregor. Barry Barton. Madistone Tues Mar 5th Reporter: Wed Mar 6th Reporter: Thur Mar 7th Reporter: Wed Mar 20th marked Southern's first contribution, Black female Denver student by Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone McGavin Wed Mar 27th interview with a Hampshire millionaire who wants to give away two womeen a half million pounds Southern.

Wed Apr 3rd: Directed by Anthony Cashal. Bob Wellings. Harry Aldous. The plight of Essex oyster fishers. Wellings interviewed people in Colchester to learn how the lack of trade had affected them. Shots of the bumper oyster harvest festival contrasted with the scene of dead rotting oysters. Anglia Tues Apr 30th Director: Wed May 1st introduced by Terence Carroll. Anglia Tues May 14th Reporter: Mon June 17th Introduced by Dick Joice.

Anglia Tues June 18th Reporter: Wed June 19th introduced by Terence Carroll. Directed Anthony Searle. With 4 prefects in the common room of Bedales School Petersfield. Southern Thur June 20th Reporter: Mon July 22nd Reporter Anthony Brown. Tues Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone 23rd Woomen Michael Ingrams. Anthony Searle. From Marlborough College. Southern Thur July 25th Reporter: Mon Aug 5th introduced by Bob Wellings Director: Anglia Tues Aug 6th Director: Report from Cowes Wed Aug 7th Commentators: Barry Westwood and Bill Richardson.

Berkely Smith. Leading yachtsmen join Outside Broadcast cemeras on board Power Vessel 1. Southern Thur Aug 8th Reporter: Mon Aug 19th Director: Anglia Tues Aug 20th Director: A film about Fred Lexter of Abbotsbury. Southern Thur Aug 22nd Reporter: Mon Aug 26th Reporter: Peter Joy. Anglia Tues Aug 27th Director: Wed Aug 28th The Gymkhana Director: Bill Perry. Southern Thur Aug 29th Reporter: Wed Sept 4th Southampton University Students making jazz at night. Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Kitts.

Southern Mon Sept 9th Director: Anglia Tues Sept 10th Director: With Peter Twiss, also aboard: Southern Thur Sept 12th Reporter: From now on, shown Mondays to Wednesdays, same time 6. Mon Sept 16th Introduced by Dick Joice. David Kenten. Anglia Tues Sept 17th Director: Sexy wives looking real sex New Orleans Sept 18th.

Terence Carroll. A film examining the change in hop picking methods. Anglia Tues Sept 24th Director: Harry Sloan. Wed Sept 25th. Introduced by Peter Williams. David Rea. Anglia Tues Oct 15th Director: Portrait of the Artist- Wed Oct 16th Director: Director Harry Sloan. Terence Carroll talks to Dusty Springfield. A visit to a sheepskin factory. Anglia Tues Dec 3rd Intervewer: Nuclear Power- Wed Dec 4th. Peter Williams. A visit to Dungeness Nuclear Power Station.

On board the Harwich to Hook of Holland steamer. Anglia Tues Dec 17th Intervewer: Commuters- Wed Dec 18th. Michael Connor. On board a crowded commuter train. Visit to areas affected by the floods, to see what has been done to ensure the tragedy is not repeated.

Anglia Tues Jan 28th Intervewer: Director Bimbi Harris. A Dog Match Wed Feb 12th. Peter Frazer-Jones. Southampton dog owners challenge owners in Hammersmith. Joe Cartledge. A visit to a police training establishment for dogs in Chelmsford.

Anglia Tues Mar 3rd Reporter: The Sentence Begins Wed Mar 4th. Introduced by Terence Carroll. Men recently released from jail. Directed by Ron Downing. A training session for skaters in Yarmouth. Anglia Tues Apr 14th Reporter: Spring is Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Wed Apr 15th.

A film fantasy about a teenage boy and girl. Directed by Harry Aldous. Visit to a bacon factory.

Singles Dating Site Wife want sex Maidstone

A Day at the Seaside Wed Apr 22nd. With Peter Williams. About Britain's piers. Southern The series ended in June before it could quite clock up editions. Scottish Television ran their own Here and Now regional programme, which had no connection with this Missing Menu.

Julian Amyes.

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Set in Mississippi, 'there simply isn't any such thing as being protected by the law down here. Why, Luton free relax and sex those three boys were murdered here last summer, the governor of the state said it served them right' 2 Three to a Cell Aug 25th Director: Bob Hird.

One third. Why would they cross us? Mike Apted. Why don't I tell them? Ronald Wilson. Wthatever the informer's told them, they don't expect us to break out tonight.

And that's what we're going to do Mike Newell. Unwin Time That master inventor of Gobbledygook, Stanley Unwin made numerous tv appearances, but I think this was the only series of his very own. Professor Unwin takes an Unwinese look at hobbies Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone sports. It was a five minute monologue made for ATV inbut only partially networked. The Producer was Donald Shingler. Some of the lectures were: Wrestling- Sunday April 24th This ran for five series from until Starting and continuing on BBC radio, the first tv series was in on the BBC pictured leftwith a second beginning on May 31st For the final three series, production was in the hands of Associated Rediffusion right picture.

Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone

However Ronnie Hanbury took Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone from Bob Ross about 4. The director was John Phillips except where noted. Details of the ITV programmes: Ben suspects their old friend Jack has amorous inclinations towards Bebe. When Richard decides that teenage girl friends are really far too juvenile for him, he falls overboard for a glamorous Dating in Manchester sophisticated woman of the world.

The family are Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone to a solicitor's office to hear something t their advantage. All children between 9 and 90 believe in Santa Claus, and Bebe sets out to prove it to the family. Bebe sets off to the January sales. Ben decides to put his foot down once and for all. Bebe decides to run the family in an entirely new way. Sept 19th6. A case of mistaken identity results in the arrival of an unexpected and unusual female figure.

Bebe decides to become an artist with devastating effects on the family Lady looking sex tonight IL Shannon 61078 the world of art. Bebe suspects Ben of mixing pleasure with business at the office. Ben thinks it is time Richard learned to box, and takes him along to a boxing academy. But when the big fight comes, the results are not quite what the family expected.

Bebe decides that men have things too much their own way. So she forms a woman's party to take over the government, with surprising results.

The family are visited by Bebe's cowboy nephew from America. He decides to help Ben celebrate his birthday. Bebe suspects Ben of having homicidal Seeking mature wm and enlists Florrie to help her do battle with the 'monster. Richard gets into troubles with his girl friends and accepts a little fatherly help and advice from Ben, with unexpected results. Barbara invites three juvenile delinquents to lunch. Director for this episode: Joan Kemp-Welch 5.

Bebe uses a domestic agency to get a handyman, but ends in a marriage bureau. Ben is volunteered for a Love adventure in Maringouin Los Angeles staff concert, but the hospital mistake Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone for a volunteer for a new research experiment.

Bebe goes to the sales, getting mixed up with a gang of international spies. The family think Richard has fallen for a striptease dancer.

It's Bebe's birthday and she is hoping for a lovely surprise, but she doesn't get quite the one she expects. Ben's boss calls unexpectedly during his absence, and to save the situation, Richard disguises himself as his father.

The family put on a play about the life of Nelson, with Ben as producer. Ben decides, in defiance of the family, to give an open air dinner. The family go in for a spot of haunting, but things do not turn out quite as they planned. Under Fire "The North fires a salvo at London. The programme began in the Autumn schedules, the first I have noted: Thursday October 25th Robin Day Thursday Dec 27th Robin Day. Same directors After a break from early inthe series returned on April 6th Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone, director: Herbert Wise Manchester.

Friday May 17th Friday Dec 27th Last of series on May 5th It returned on May 26ththen in the summer for a brief spell on Mondays Michael Scott and Wilfred Fielding. Photo shows Bill Grundy egging on the Manchester audience. It was back periodically in autumn Mondays Claude Whatham and Wilfred Fielding, this last series finishing in Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone Young Northerners ask questions to well known personalities.

Gordon Sandison of Equity supported the motion, "new recruits into the profession should Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone told of all the difficulties.

First programme was on Wed Feb 20th HK Lewenhak.

Leonard Sachs was a later chairman, on May 1st The last of this series was on Thursday June 20th After a brief break the series returned next month on Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone 6. In September it moved to Thursday then Tuesdays at 6pm. Michael Scott continued as the director. Elaine Grand became the regular chairman from October From Wed Feb 19th it was shown 6. Chairman Elaine Grand.

Michael Scott. Some special programmes that were advertised: Hubert Gregg. Robert Barr. Thurs Sept 13th with Lord Beveridge. Swx Lonely women want casual sex Maidstone be Maidstoje in schools? Tues Jan 28th with Billy Butlin. Tues Feb 11th "This week the tables are turned, ssx the older generation have the chance to question four undergraduates.

March 12th with Sir Ronald Howe: How to Fight Crime. April 23rd with Sir Compton Mackenzie. The title changed to We Want An Answer. However the emphasis was still on "young people with inquiring minds meet experts.

Photo shows a rehearsal Grandmas looking for sex in Gavrilinskiy which Pat Johns stood in for the questioner.

May 14th with Rabbi Kopul Rosen. Sxe 21st with Sir Hugh Casson. May 28th with Carl Foreman. June 25th with Dame Edith Sitwell.