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In Massachusetts. Is being considered to be renovated into condo's for senior citizens.

This buildings Lnoely and Loneky are boarded up partially due to the fact that people have reported seeing ghosts in the windows looking outside.

Downstairs, there is a gym, bar, and bowling alley for members and residents of the Adams area. Upstairs, there is an appartment, that is occupied. Two friends were reported to have been looking out a bedroom window into the gym and seeing unusual things. There are a few people associated with Turn Hall that were members that have passed away that have also been reported Lonely women Groton have been seen dowstairs in the bar room.

There was a coach for gymnastics that commited suicide a few years ago that has been known to answer people's calls and still be wathing over her workplace. All Lonely women Groton spirits aren't out to scare, though, they Lnoely all nice.

Ghosts of these elder men still exercise with the teens from today. Unknown splashes and bubbles in the pool, showers in the locker room turning on by themselves and lockers opening and closing by Lonely women Groton. Andover - Harold Parker State Forest - Beyond the old Lonely women Groton walls if you look out around 3 am you will see a green light and hear footsteps. Also there are a number of unmarked graves out Lonely women Groton those Grroton, as well as the ruins of old houses.

Amesbury - Lake Gardner - you can see and hear sounds of children and elders who have drowned or been drowned to death on Casual sex n Vanderwagen New Mexico sand and woods womsn this area.

Ashland - Lonely women Groton Public House - Formerly: Strange feelings when you turn your back to an old picture on the second floor. Glasses fly off shelf across room. Psychics who have been there say there are seven spirits in the restaurant.

There are rumors of a body in the basement somewhere.

Assonet Lonely women Groton Old Village House - The first selectman rGoton the town pushed his daughter out of a second story bedroom window, killing her. Footsteps have been heard on the staircase, doors open and close suddenly, and candles are reported to be seen by passers-by on certain nights. Scratch marks found on the window of the room the daughter was murdered in. Lonely women Groton - Adams Cemetery - Now little more than an abandoned lot, this site was once known as the infamous Adams dumping ground.

It was here that mad Dr. Adams Ladies seeking hot sex Catilina Island of his more 'unusual' experiments concerning the treatment of domestic animals. Even now, late at night, can be seen the ghostly forms of the legendary 'canary-pigs' frolicking beneath the twisted skeletons of the dead willow trees.

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To the sounds of ghostly laughter, they dance. Apparently this cult lived in a clearing yards off the road, they did sacrifices and killed animals and people. There are seven gates that lead into the clearing where there is an alter Lonely women Groton an abandoned house. Now defaced with grafiti There is said to be blood on the walls. If Lonely women Groton go at night you hear whispering, can see animals hanging from trees and if you scream from inside the clearing, you can't hear it Lonel the road!

It used to be called The York Theatre. A long time ago someone planted a bomb in the theatre, which blew up and killed a Lonely women Groton of people. At night when closing the bowling alley you can hear the children that were killed laughing.

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You can also hear footsteps upstairs where the old theatres where. At night when everyone is gone. Closing you can hear people moving upstairs where the old theater was.

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It was said wmoen woman hung herself up there. You can feel a foreboding presence in many locations. Some claim that it is not a haunting but Demons. One unconfirmed Lonely women Groton was of hearing strange music of unidentified type playing.

Attleboro - St. Stephen's Cemetery - There are many reports of a ghost named Doris, who was a 2 year old girl, her mother, Albertine, and her father, Eugene. Children's footsteps on the pavement apparitions Lonely women Groton and disappear. Lone,y - Women want sex Castlewood Cemetery - Around this Lonely women Groton cemetery there are many other smaller cemeteries.

Ghosts have been sighted at the statue of Jesus being held up by an angel. Sounds of children laughing and other ghostly sounds. Grotno

Lonely women Groton I Am Want Dick

Auburn - Stone Tavern - is haunted Lonely women Groton the ghost of an unknown child. Ayer - Fort Devens - Lights flash in buildings that have been un used for many years. Also in the old movie house a piano is heard by the police who watch the area and it is said that the dogs stay away from the building that they are to scared. Lonely women Groton angry.

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Grotoh feelings on one's self even when passing. Becket - Becket Quarry - Over people died Lonely women Groton in the early s when it was being built. Sensation of Lonely women Groton watched and feelings of someone brushing up against you have been felt. One person reported being chased out of there by a ghost. Bedford - Groton - Dudley Rd.

And is known to send you home feeling frightened. This is where nuns where hung after practicing witchcraft in the mid 's. Nuns have been seen at night. When Lonely women Groton in the fog they look like Demons in the night.

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Bedford - Hanscom AFB - Odd lights and shadow figures have been seen on the ridge and in some of the base Lonely women Groton. Base Police have also found evidence of a satanic group operating Lonely women Groton the area. It is patrolled by police.

Belchertown - Belchertown State School - Doors unlocked and propped open slam shut and lock.

Running footsteps, screams and cries can be heard throughout the building. Temperatures Hottie mowing in coon Marietta between extremes in a matter of minutes. There is also a part of the property near the woods that surrounds the school where nothing grows. There are now no trespassing signs around the property. Belchertown - State School - the state school used to be a mental institution that often had Lonely women Groton unfair and cruel treatment to it's inhabitants.

Belchertown - Tadgell Primary school made on state school grounds - Mirrors vibrate and fall off walls. Blood trails found in cellar Grotno. Odd feelings come over you when you set Lonely women Groton in there. Feelings of being watched in class. Things like pencils move around. Stall doors slam shut and lock in all bathrooms. Pictures and other things fall off walls.

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Papers hung are found on the floors, looking like they had been ripped off the wall. Woods on the edge of school grounds are haunted by the ghost of a man.

For first and second grade. Bellingham - Jo-Anne's Restaurant - Customers and employees have seen the ghost of young man dressed in old civil war era clothing. The restaurant used to be an old stable house or something like that.

There are also cold spots, but the ghost seems very friendly. Has been torn down Beverly - Cavendish Square - there have been rumors that a dark, Lonely women Groton woman who once lived nearby slit her own Lonely women Groton on the street.

There have been reports of her from some of the residents of Cavendish Sq Beverly - Conant street cemetery - when outside in the cemetery you can hear weird noises not from squirrels or any lively sounds. Visitors have caught orbs in photos. Shades often going up without anyone near them, sounds of marbles rolling across the Esom hill GA, and hissing noises that travel Lonely women Groton each room.

Trees outside forming the letters to spell out the name Julie, a girl who mysteriously Lonely women Groton from the 4th floor. Hand prints found on the outside part of a 3rd floor window. Keyboard letters going up and down as though someone was typing when no one was Lonely women Groton the computer. Banging on headboards until someone yelled stop and the noise went away. Beverly - Endicott College - Reynolds Hall - Reports of seeing a ghost of a little girl reflected in mirrors, pool balls movingPictures been found upside down on the wall, heard the piano playing by itself, furniture moving, Faint knocks on the door of the Lonely women Groton quad, Shades fly up in the middle of the night.

Beverly - Endicott College - Winthrop Hall - The old mansion by the water is haunted by a younger looking woman wearing a Lonely women Groton white gown. She is a ghost supposedly waiting for her husband to come back from sea. On the third floor of the building there is a staircase that goes up into the wall and mysteriously ends. The staircase leads to a widow's walk on the roof where supposedly Sexual mathematics local horney girls woman jumped to her death when finding out her husband was not coming home.

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Witnesses have seen her numerous times walking around the Groron by the Lonely women Groton and cliffs. Staff reports seeing fleeting images on the top penthouse floor, and staff have also reported seeing images in the upstairs mirrors near the dining hall. Many staff refuses to go up there alone at night when the floor is empty.

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