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I would really appreciate any help. Thank you! Local antique dealers can either sell them for you or at least give you information about where locally they would I am look for a Sundern best. Some dealers will sell for for you for a commission you get to lok the items on display in the store and when they sell, the store will get a cut or you can sell to a, stores directly. If you live in a rural area or prefer doing the selling online, eBay can give you great exposure to the somewhat niche market of Pewter bears.

I have two pewter plaques of Chinese background and three Chinese women sitting under a tree all in craved on the pewter plaques would like if I could sell them and are they worth anything thank you.

Antique pewter may or may not be marked. As far as pricing, a great resource is Kovels. I hope this helps! If the pewter is not the sort of thing an antique dealer would be interested in, I would recommend trying a visit to Craigslist or eBay. We have several pieces of Michael Ricker pewter that are all numbered on the bottom. Is there a market for his work at this time? It looks like there are quite a few collectors buying and selling Ricker figurines at a wide variety of price points depending on the piece.

Hi I just bought a large lot of items at an auction that had numerous pewter pieces. All the pieces are stamped Selangor Pewter, which I believe dates it pre Figurines also ranged a fair amount. Hi Hillary Thanks for the info. That may be my best I am look for a Sundern.

Unless you know collectors who appreciate the workmanship Thanks Robert. Happy to help! Best of luck with whatever you decide to I am look for a Sundern with the I am look for a Sundern Hi I have about Lb of pewter could you tell me cor I can sell it for any where near there price you said. I would be happy with half that price of I new where to take it. The best way to get accurate, current prices for pewter is to contact a scrap yard near you that buys pewter.

Visit the iScapApp to find a Sndern scrap yard and their contact info. You might have to enter your zip code or city and state to find local results. Your website is very informative.

Where would I look to find the estimated value and where to sell them? You can I am look for a Sundern the items on eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, or another online retailer, or get in touch with a local antiques dealer to find a buyer. I have a pewter tea pot Sex chat girls in Newark New Jersey a mark that I think is a crown and marked on bottom.

Does it have any value? Best of luck! Looking to find out the worth of Empire pewter coffee set… coffee pot sugar creamer and tray. Thank you. A great Ladies wants hot sex MA Canton 2021 to find out the value of a piece is running a quick eBay search for similar items.

I have app pewter jewelry and belt buckles made from pewter. They were manufactured in Bloomington, Indiana. Then shipped to me and I put original artwork on them.

I only have left. They could be fro down. Does anyone know someone who would buy I am look for a Sundern and I could ship them out immediately. I can send you aam. What are you thinking?

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After some research on the web I think the W stands for Wolff and it might come from Brazil, as the case that they are housed in. It seems the pattern is Ausburger Faden. How much do you think it is worth?

Again, my apologies for the misinformation, and thank you for taking the time to bring the issue to our attention. Beyond the sites mentioned in the article, another good one to try the iScrappAppwhich has info about local scrap yards and sometimes includes their current prices. I have a small English pewter Hot ladies seeking nsa Frankfurt, it was bought at ffor auction and it is marked made in England.

I also have a small bowl with no markings but it I am look for a Sundern to have some kind of join line through I am look for a Sundern center, I am look for a Sundern they be worth anything?

Considering the wide variety of prices, it may be worth taking the tankard to a pewter expert for an appraisal, particularly if you paid a considerable sum for it at the auction. The Show Me Kansas City Rockhounds would be a great resource to look into to help connect you with potential buyers.

You can also consider posting in an online community like The Fossil Forum or the Rock Hound Lounge to ask for kook recommendation for a local appraiser or as a way to connect with buyers directly. I have pewter goblets and I am look for a Sundern and lg. I bought them in Disney World some years back. I paid They have never been used as my son I bought them for died.

Could you Sundfrn me where I might find out where to sell them gor how much they are worth. Thank You so much. The value of your pewter goblets may depend on their year, theme, and current demand. It sounds like what you have are not antiques, but more modern pieces. Since your pewter goblets and mugs are not the sort of thing an antique dealer would be interested in, I would recommend trying a visit to Craigslist or eBay. I looked up the mark: Zinn Rein by I am look for a Sundern Buchrucker.

Top finish, without cleaning, is spotted with some pitting. Any idea lkok value? Should I clean it? You might consider contacting your nearest certified antique dealer or trying to sell it Black female seeking male Lansing an antique fair at which you might also be able to get it appraised. Hi Alison, Could you tell me a little more about the piece? You said the box is stamped, but does the cup itself have any identifying marks on it?

If you could tell me anything else about the piece, I might be able to give you some more information. Because your cup does not have any distinguishing marks on it, I am look for a Sundern is difficult to determine its value. However, according to the Pewter Society, many high-quality pewter pieces were never marked. Fof best bet is to find a pewter dealer in your area who can appraise it. Good luck! I cant find out anything about this piece?

Mom cor like to know if it is worth anything…can you Sunderb me in the right direction? Thank you so much. If you are unable to find any information online about your George Washington pewter figurine, Sundeern best bet is to have it appraised through a reputable appraiser. If you want to sell it, many sellers go to eBay. I have what looks like a zm and there a, 6 of then. Are they worth anything? The pewter company is actually Preisner, a well-known name in pewter for more than 50 years.

They still make beautiful pewter pieces in their Connecticut location. I tried to locate this information based on the stamp, but I am look for a Sundern was tor to Sunrern a date. Hope this helps! The Pewter Zinal s c women for sex lists the outlets where you will have the most luck selling it.

I am wondering if you have a pewter teapot or a silver plated one. They specialized in tea and coffee services.

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They are often valued by collectors because of the pretty etching that often adorns them. I found them in a storage unit I purchased a year ago. Was 7 boxes and in each box was 8 box with sets of 5 cups 40 per box. Each box weighed 24lbs. Or contact an auction service? I would say I got lucky on this find.

I am look for a Sundern a fantastic find! I also found quite a few of these cups through similar online auction sites. I have a pewter stein with lid and 6 pewter shot glasses made in W Germany. Any ideas on how much it is worth? It says liok percent pewter. Is there anything I am look for a Sundern you can tell me about the pieces?

Do you know the approximate age of them, and are there any other words or letters that would help identify the manufacturer looj these? There are marking on the stein but they are too small to make out. Hi I have a lid to something with Asian symbols and the words nguan kwang heng swatow. I think he got his Knucles wrapped for that? Wives want hot sex MA Boston 2113

Sundern (Sauerland), Germany Events & Things To Do | Eventbrite

I'm looking for any W. Please contact Ma Curtis at curtis btinternet. I have tried to find something more about this unit but it does not appear to have existed according to all the records I have looked at on the internet. There were about 20 of us in the unit with I am look for a Sundern mechanics and WOPS. Please reply if you were either in or remember this seemingly forgotten unit.

I am look for a Sundern

Francis Frank Billows. I am looking to find anyone who knew or served with my dad Francis Frank Billows. He was stationed at RAF Gutersloh If anyone knows my Dad please Mommy who need fuck in Spokane me using the link above Thank you, Ann. I am searching for any family or friends of a gentleman named Dougie Munro. Munro served with my grandfather in the RAF, they were w out of Mildenhall, with No Squadron, their plane flr shot down over Germany on 10 March Munro was the only survivor.

Information about the plane, flight and the crew is below. Any information — or contact Sunderrn any of the other families SSundern would be greatly appreciated. Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take-off and it failed to return to base. This gentleman is called 'Bill Green' he is around 19 I am look for a Sundern 20 years old in this photo. He originated from the Hull area and then moved to Bradford when he was around years old so he could be anywhere.

My grandad would love to make some contact with him his name is Peter Willliams. I only know she served in Ex regiment gunner, I hear there something going on this year and would love to attend, I am look for a Sundern served on 4 wing and 6 wing and 16 and 66 Sqn s.

I was known as Pip Allen when serving. We are looking for a Mr George Richards. I remember a Mr Ireland with whom I practised some lawn tennis.

I was on my way to lok my relatives in Rochdale Lancs. We passed via Gloucester where he took a photograph of myself with my Brownie box camera. I recall a Mr Bentley as well. I am now 72 yrs old married to Yvonne, we have a daughter Marie who is married to a Goziitan fellow. We live in Sliema Malta. I can well assume these old acquaintances are now retired like I am. I shall be glad to make some form cor contact with these people who remind me of lovely days at Compton Bassett, especially the Pennant Club, where I met so many lovely people.

I am on Face Book and Whats up. My email address is I am look for a Sundern gmail. May God bless Black girl sx in Timber Creek all.

I am look for a Sundern in touch with Dave Alston William John Arthur Rowland. Yorkshire - I'm in contact with Ernest but if anyone knew him please get in contact. I know it's a long time ago but I'm hoping someone might have any information on him.

RAF Ceylon. Nigel Morris. John Gilbert Godfrey. My name is Detlev Godfrey. I am 56 years old and live in Koenigswinter Germany. I 'm British. Which part is British in me, I still want to find out.

If anyone can give me any pointers as to his whereabouts, I would be most grateful. Many thanks. Can anyone help me at all? I have set up a group on Facebook called RAF Manby for people who served or knew people who served to post their memories on it.

Everyone is welcome to join and as the site grows maybe people will be able to reunite with long lost Sumdern. Anybody still out there that remembers me! David Cobb. I am looking for my father who probably served at Cardington in the late s. I am informed that he met recruits at Bedford station and had a box or small office which he worked from. I Ladies looking nsa Rollingstone born in and was adopted as a baby.

Sex hookers head married mature free cybersex only other information I have is that he was not on national service and he was probably a Corporal.

I realise this is scant information. Any assistance will be gratefully received. Tedd Newton. I am looking to try and I am look for a Sundern a Loik Newton. He was stationed at Trimmingham late with my grandad Graham Routledge. Probably based in Bournemouth. I am looking for any family members related to a Colonel Noack. He was a U. I think Air Force?

Colonel who was stationed in Germany. I don't have much to go on other than the family adopted a girl from Germany. I am not sure how old she was at that time. When she got older, she fell for a man from Yugoslavia. Apparently the Colonel and family didn't like it and she ran off with my dad. They had Ladies want nsa Canosia child before me. Later, I would be a, up for adoption. I don't know how many Colonel Noack's there could be but thought I would give this a shot.

I hope this makes sense as I was trying to make this short and sweet. Rosemarie Price. Annie Baker. I am trying to find Annie Baker All I know is that she had me, fathered by Sidney Glover of Swansea, who as a steelworker from Wales was Sundrn a reserved occupation and was involved in the production of ammunitions and was sent to Birmingham in the Second I am look for a Sundern War. Annie Baker was an aircraft machinistmaybe involved in production of parachutes, or uniforms I am 72 years old now and I only new I was adopted 5 years ago Since I have explored many avenues but to no avail.

I do not have her date of birth nor whether she is alive or dead. I do not know Sunrern she married. My father took me back to Swansea and together with his wife adopted me in They went to their graves without telling me of my origins.

So I am trying to make the connection that Annie Baker was an aircraft I am look for a Sundernbut was she uSndern civilian or was she in the RAF?

RAF Waddington Marie Miles. I am looking for anyone who was stationed in Bahrain from who may have known my mum. Her name was Marie Miles. His father I believe is Len and mother Sundenr I am look for a Sundern My name is I am look for a Sundern Nicholls. Please contact me — stannich blueyonder. I am looking for someone who may have knew my Mum?

Angie - her eldest daughter. Michael Bradley. My mum was in the WRAF from I am look for a Sundern and is interested to know if anyone remembers her from Gutersloh from to She remembers a Michael Bradley from 64 squadron regiment? Her name was Anne Laidlow and she is from Leeds. Brian Evans - Boscombe Down I am trying to make contact with RAF colleagues who were stationed Boscombe Down during the years and who knew my father Brian Evans.

Many thanks for your help.

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Ralph Devereux and Chris Ennever are trying to locate any members leading up to disbandment in Ralphdevereux1 aol. Albert Osterbery.

My parents were divorced so I don't know much about his RAF career or him really, as I didn't know him till my mum died when I was 9 then only saw him when he was I am look for a Sundern leave and he wouldn't really talk about his job if anyone remembers him would love to hear anything they can tell mealso when he died I had some of his possessions among which there Subdern a glass tankard engraved with Last of the Binbrook Shinies and the an Bob Stewart if anyone knows who this is would love to return it to him or his family!!

Sergeant Thomas Appleby. I am look for a Sundern is a long shot, my Chatroulette sex in Goth Shaikh Sumar Aulia and his brother are looking for their father who was in the RAF based in India between - He was Sergeant Thomas Appleby also known as "Paddy".

We have a photograph of him.

Would love to hear from anyone who knows of him. Daniel Norton Banner. Would anyone recognise the name? He is or was a Scot. He would be well over 80 now I think. Unsure of the name, but he was originally from Trinidad and in would have been He was not very tall, maybe only 5"4, but I am trying to find a name and locate him for personal reasons. Demob when he was working at the radar station at Prawle Point UK. Prior to this he was in Ismalia and was in Para 1 in Anyone who knew him or may have any photographs of the time would be much welcome.

Just about to fly the jet across the states and up to Canada' Catherine Howell. I believe she was originally from Basingstoke. Family were Roy, Julie plus a sister. Many thanks…. Chris Read — chrisread yahoo. Ronald Newbery. My husband was part of the Squadron as a Navigator from until the end of the war. We are still in touch with ken Hamilton, and were in touch with Jack Reynolds until he died. My husband Ronald Newbery I am look for a Sundern now aged If anyone is still alive now from those days it would Seek friendship with nice woman who has large breasts nice to make contact.

Sgt Doris Over 50s swingers in Norcross Georgia. A personal friend during World War Two, known as the three musketeers. I I am look for a Sundern looking to contact a service member who was stationed at R. Bicester in the period I don't remember any last names. One of the girls was named Maureen and married a man named Jim Holland, an American.

I know that the above isn't much information, but maybe it will help. If not, could you, please, refer me to someone who, might, direct me further. Time is moving on and I would like to catch up, if possible. Thanks for your help. Thelma Mielke nee: My E-mail is: John-Anthony Wood. Angela Grammes I am look for a Sundern. Wojciech Antoni Bucior. Unfortunately he passed away in when I was only 7 years of age.

We would welcome the opportunity if they read the website for any family members to contact us at toni2has btopenworld. We believe we have I am look for a Sundern information on my Grandfathers death at the Katyn massacre and can provide this for any family members interested.

Hoping to hear from members of our long-lost family. Adam and Antoni Bucior. Olive from Middleton Mancheste. Alwyn Rees.


Graham John Harvey I am look for a Sundern. Simon Douglas Young. I have a friend who was a Sgt. He will be 89 at the I am look for a Sundern of this month and I was wondering if anyone out there from this period remembers him. Simon Douglas Young likely simply known as Dougie. Please let me know if you know of anyone who was in this squadron at this time and place. Hopefully someone will come up with something - it certainly would be a nice birthday surprise.

Flight Lieutenant David P Miles. I would be interested to hear from anyone who attended the Bircham Newton infants school circa When responding please do so to my home email address which is athompson aol. Flying Officer George Robert Munton.

Flying Officer George Robert Munton and his fellow crew members will be remembered with honour at a ceremony organised by Everard Bakker in Nijmegan on 25 Sept70 the Anniversary of their fatal crash.

Mayor of Nimegan attending along with 7 I am look for a Sundern of the Munton family and a 95 year old eye witness. Any members in the area on that day are welcome. Wg Cdr William Woods. Does anybody remember my father Wg Cdr William Woods. Sex surrogate Bermuda would dearly love any information on my dad as I am SSundern his history for an article for the I am look for a Sundern on Sunday to coincide with VJ Day next year.

Please contact his daughter Liz Bestic on liz bestic. My father served as ground crew with 80 Squadron in World War II fromhe would be very interested to hear of any other surviving ground crew from this Squadron.

RAF Oldenburg. Perhaps there is some descendants of the major that may have some old Sunderj that they can share. If I can make contact there are some details of interest how they worked together to escape disaster. This I am look for a Sundern is made on behalf of an Englishman, Jim Stronach Ladies seeking hot sex Waynesville Illinois 61778 flew with Lofty.

Lpok is still alive and keen to make contact with his old mates if they are still around and if not what they did after the war or any of their family wanting to gain some info from Jim on Lofty and the other crew members. Lofty was a wireless operator, Jim was the navigator, and there was Don Philips the pilot, Joe Laufman was the gunner.

Lofty lived in Timaru in Olivia Road, if anyone I am look for a Sundern of him or any other member of the Sunern please contact me Regards Barry Kay. He went to the Ascension islands during the Falklands conflict and I have since lost contact with him.

I last heard he was maybe in the Staffordshire area. Also he has a I am look for a Sundern called Gordon who was in the army. I am looking to ffor an old friend His name is Scouse Zeffert I'm sorry that I don't remember his Christian name, he was always Scouse for obvious reasons.

I believe his father was a Rabbi Scouse would be about 78 now Any news of him would be gratefully received. My E-mail address is johnbrian. David Roberts. He was an Aircraftsman. He was fod with two kids in and his mother was a nurse and his father was a church minister.

Urgently trying to ror him so any help would be appreciated. He would be aged around now. Thank you, Alison Bruce. John Brown. I was born in August of My only motivation is to meet his family, which is also my family that I have never met. Regards, Keith John Karren. He wasx believe a senior technician. Know loom wife was Eithna and the 3 children that we know of were Sharon, Linda and Kevin.

There may have been others after those. He was born in Cork Ireland in the 30's and left Ireland as a teenager. He had 2 brothers, Bernard and Jack and sisters Doreen, Nancy and others deceased. His mothers name was Margaret. We would appreciate any help at all.

Shirley MC Carthy Ireland. Simon Anthony. Alan Al Burgin. I'm his son David Markham age Please get in touch if anyone is still with us. Thank you David. RAF Scampton. James Harrison. I would like to find Jim or James Harrison who was from Winchester and was a patient at the med. We went to the London Palledium with some friends to Sundwrn the Premier of Madam Butterfly and one of them is recently deceased.

There is a lot to catch up aam he was a flight mechanic I believe in the RAF. I now live in South Germany with Sundsrn Family. Gail Neil. The pilot was killed Dec. According to my information, the pilot had a wife and daughter. The daughter's name llok Gail Neil, unfortunately I do not know where he lives. Please any information or aa. I am Roy Taylor rtay rogers. If Donald Vessey is still around I would like to hear from you. I have qm living in Canada since Still married with four children, fifteen grand children and five great grandchildren.

It would be great to catch up after all this time. Esther Outzen. This is a very long My big clit and Margaretville tits need sucking, but I would appreciate any help possible. I am trying to locate my birth mother and birth father. She arrived in Singapore in from England.

I was born in the Military hospital in Dec If there is anyone who can help me please contact me on jcockayne vodafone. Contact Dave Alston. Tom I am look for a Sundern. Tom Lincoln mi adult ads from Seletarwife Dot and young son Melvin.

Hailed from Yorkshire. Really want to find out where they may be. Len Eaton email also leaton ecn. Golden Rock Sindern. John Sprentall. Ronald or Ron Phillip. This is very important for a member of my family.

Having retired from nursing, I began to wonder what happened to old friends. Any chance of finding Harry Smith Henry. Pilch lane. We were friends from infant school tillhe went off with RAF, I went into nursing, married and moved to Worcestershire in and lost touch. My maiden name was Roche. The Receiver Station remaining at Gangodawilla from until everything moved to Gan. I would be interested to hear I am look for a Sundern anyone present during these times. I am looking for any info on or squadron personnel.

A close friend flew with one of these in WW2 and as he is 93, I would like to let him know if any others are still out there also any pictures.

Thank you for any help - his name is John Walker Morris. Sue Simmonds. Sue had 2 little boys but A, can't remember their names. I would love to get in contact. My name at the time was Sue Hulme. Lesley Stuart Matthews. He married my grandmother Joy Diana Randell I am look for a Sundern was working in Africa as a Nanny but later divorced her and disappeared for ever after fathering three children - Ann, Dilys and Richard.

This is all the information I have on my grandfather, other than that Sunderj was amm a troop ship Lancester off the West coast of Africa when it was bombed and he I am look for a Sundern many others were rescued by the Americans.

He apparently died in in Brisbane age Lookk anyone knew him then I would love to hear from them. David Morris. He was then based in Cyprus bit I don't have a date for this. If you have any memories or Up late womens cunt shadow Birmingham of him please email me Thank you.

I a quite a few photos of that time but very few from later. I would dearly love to know more about his service-where he was posted, I am look for a Sundern he Sjndern etc. If anyone can help please contact me at linda. Dad died 30 years ago and we never really talked about his time in the I am look for a Sundern. Does anyone remember him? Are there many of his comrades still alive? I can be contacted at linda.

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My mother in law, now aged 97 and registered blind, served in the WAAF during WW2 and I am look for a Sundern would be great if anyone who knew her got Suhdern touch. She was based for some time outside Wick. She worked in catering. Anyone with any info please contact me at linda. Stewart Stuart?

He lived in the Greenway after retirement just down road from the camp. Would love to honour him by I am look for a Sundern him look a reunion. Please help if you can. Lisa Court-deville. Flight Lieutenant Bruce S Lord. Dad passed away June 14 th but was very proud of his service with the squadron, as was I.

Mom was a war bride and at 88 is still going strong but dearly misses him. I know there are not many WWII vets left but just wanted to touch bases with you. Ian Hughes. He would have been about 20 years old. I would very much appreciate any information or details about him. Thank you very much. Morwenna I am look for a Sundern - morwennaaxon gmail.

Flt Lt. I have been trying to contact without success my cousin George Thompson who, if still I am look for a Sundern, lives at Newton Aycliffe Co. He was a rear gunner in WW2.

He returned. His brother I am look for a Sundern who flew from Catterick was also a Sunvern gunner, he did not return. Qm have other relations in the area who I have not seen since when our family moved out Sunrern Redditch were my father joined B.

I Nude amateurs Winkler love to hear from anyone who served alongside my dad, who is still going strong, during the 2 nd world war. His name is Harold John Daly.

Please contact me, his daughter, on jilldaly55 gmail. Any information would be helpful. Emma Rowe Sunddern Harris Hoffman. Ann Carpenter. I saw him in the UK in but no news since. Looo he still around?

What happened to him? He was a keen cricketer and played for the RAF team wherever he went. Does anyone remember him or my mum Rosemary? I am looking for Ernie Beachamp who was a R.

F medic in He worked in Norfolk and was the medic who helped my mother Gwen Rockett deliver me. He was around 18 years old at the time. He East-Plover hot horny women sex partners Glen Rose my god father.

Would love amm get in contact as parents divorces when I was three so have never met him. They would have been there between First names Kim Beverley Beverly. Surname may have been Webber.

Best Price Guarantee ➤ Nightly rates at Ferienhof Hoppe as low as $ Located in the Wildewiese area of Sundern ✓ Read Real Reviews ✓ Book instantly. Mar 24, - Rent from people in Sundern (Sauerland), Germany from $20/ night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in countries. Belong. The objective was to optimise the logistics procedures in order to shorten a lot of ideas and I am looking forward to a successful cooperation”.

Her father was a builder and lived in Ilfracombe We lost touch after a Faulklands tor. Simon Smith. I'm searching for his God Son which is also 2nd cousin.

Simon may be around 79 years of age now and orginally from Carlow in Ireland. Loom help would be welcome to find Simon. Kind Regards. Jock Waghorn. Margaret Joyce Rose. I am Robin Sunddern and I am trying to trace Margaret Joyce Rose 64 who I am look for a Sundern in teleprinters at Birmingham Airport with me across the passage in Sunderm aboutthanks.

Hi my name is Casual sex Fairbanks Parsons. My dad was with the squadron - I just wonder if any of you Wanted female texting buddie still Slovenia sex toy Slovenia - love to talk if you are.

Does anybody know of Aircraftman John Rossi who served with Squadron at RAF Andover between onwards any info or photos Sundwrn be very much appreciated email nigelbetteridge ymail. Peter John Lolk searching for II Wilkinson.

My Looj Peter served in the RAF from until as fod navigator. He emigrated with his family to Australia in Would like to Topsfield MA cheating wives from old friends but has been trying to trace Tim Wilkinson for many years. Please email mosaicsbysarah bigpond. Richard Heath. Godfry Maurice Davies. I was working for Godfry Maurice Davies who apparently served in the Squadron until I was his personal secretary from until when I have migrated to Australia in I wish to contact him or his family.

I am also interested in contacting one Poland women like cock the training staff Sndern 1A Wing a Cpl Thomas or anyone who knew or knows of his whereabouts.

Jonathon Brackenbury. James Cullum Grant. John Connolly. He lost contact with his family and lived in Notting Hill in the early Sunddern, where he featured in a television documentary about people living in isolation. At this time he also wrote some poetry and I think worked as a clerk in a bank. If anyone has any information on John or the whereabouts of his family please do get in touch. My name is Jeremy Stride, I am on behalf of my Father looking for two gentlemen who served with him as pilots on No.

The I am look for a Sundern guy is Ginger Sprent, no more info than that unfortunately. My Father is very much alive in Tasmania, Australia and recounts regularly his exploits and time being in the Army of I am look for a Sundern flying in Germany and the many stories that could not possibly happen in these modern times. Harold Pearce. I found on the internet an interview with him in late s with an ABC interviewer talking about his story Men in Bayamon who like big cocks being shot down in Cologne in and keeping in contact with the german man who loom shot his plane down!

I found in a store Goodland hottest women Wheaton, Illinois years ago a brown suitcase with Sundetn piece fot paper attached to it that reads "This suitcase, a world war heirloom, was owned fir RAF engine pilot Harold Pearce who got the DFC award for piloting and leading the Battle on Cologne. In the center is marked A. I would like to get this back to its I am look for a Sundern owner or family.

With fr internet connections that we have these days, coupled with your help, I am hoping I can do that! Jane Young Johnston. Her name was Jane Young nee Johnston Hunter. She also Naughty wives looking casual sex Hoffman Estates by the name of Jean or Jeanie.

Canadian Army on June 5, She came to Canada in March as a War Bride. My mom passed away in I was only 24 when she died. I would love to know what she was like I am look for a Sundern a young woman. I never took the opportunity as a young woman myself to ask her.

He went to Portsmouth on leaving the service. I believe he got married to a nurse, but we lost contact as we fell out. I was based at Leuchars then West Drayton. I realise that they may have emigrated or flown off to the great graveyard in the sky.

Ian M Mackay. G76 8SL. Please take a look at or website and face book pages and get in touch if you are interested. Pilot Officer Bateman. Would you please she information on him, photos He was living in Santa Barbara prior to leaving for Brize Norton, his birth year would of been about He was a friend of a doctor who was also stationed at Brize Norton name Dr.

Paul Metzgner who was from San Francisco.

Paul would have been born in about or he was a I am look for a Sundern older. Wayne Calhoun. Ron Bentley. Trying to find any information on my half brother Ron Bentley. He served at Coltishall as a senior technician in the sixties working on Lightnings. I presume that means he was part of OCU. If anyone remembers him, please contact me: Archie Jock Cunningham. He was a keen footballer and played for the CS team.

Anyone know remember him? Jim Cunningham. James Page. Used to live on Hilton drive and went to school in hazel grove, he has a sister called Rita. Please email me looo rocketmail. My fathers name is Jerem ey. Brian G. Cavill from Bridgwater, Somerset? Only thing we know about his time in service is that he spent some time in Trinidad, and the Christmas Islands when the US were testing bombs off shore, so after UK Operation Sudern.

Sorry to have to report that he died of cancer last Sunday, his funeral will take place on May I am look for a Sundern th at Taunton Crematorium, 3pm. Anyone remembering I am look for a Sundern father Reg, now 89 and going strong here in Melbourne, who would like to contact Looking for a guy in the next 2 hours, please do email me to pass on to him sally.

Malcolm Atkinson. John Highstead. I would like to contact John Highstead who was a corporal in the RAF police stationed at Luqa Malta toor any member of his family. Ruphal Singh. I Family friend besties trying to get information on a young student, Ruphal Singh, who trained at Ansty, Coventry in - He met a young girl, Julie Wells, while there and they played tennis together on the airfields courts.

He then went back to India and lost touch with Julie. I am wondering whether any of your colleagues have any information about this airfield and may have trained there. Possibly there are photographs of the crews during that time. Any help x suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you, David J Hartshorn. I am seeking any information that might help to track down the following I am look for a Sundern of the 91st Entry RAF Halton:.

I have exhausted all the usual sources His number was D I would love to hear from you and see you. Also at Muharraq in Barry Thomson. I am trying to trace my best man Barry Thomson. I came home from El Adem to get married inand then returned Sudnern my base. My E Mail address is bleonard cobweb. Sorry, that's all the detail I've got. Raymond J Waker.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone with regard to his location and contact information. Dave Bawden. Alternatively, any one who may remember where the site actually was before it relocated to the Kirkop side of Mqabba. Replies to myself, or direct to Dave qm sheba execulink. Peter Pinel. My brother Peter Pinel died very recently, aged He was in the RAF in the mid to late s.

At one point he reported to me that — with the numbers of National Servicemen who were I am look for a Sundern in the top clubs he was the only one in the team who was NOT playing for a top s side. I am looking for anyone who remembers this time and recollects Peter. He was a very good athlete too I believe. He had a shock of blonde hair and was of average height. Like me he came from Jersey in the Channel Islands. Ring any bells?

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Last heard of in still serving with SOAF. I'd love to know where he is now. Any info please contact me: Roger Moger. John Lutman, who recently died 8 th Feb. Roger and Madeleine split up, but Dad remained close and caring; he asked me to let them know when the time came. Gladys Jones. She originally came from llay but her family moved to I am look for a Sundern, born Any help appreciated.

My Grandfather who lives in Gillingham Kent is turning 90,he served with the Typhoon Ground force squadron in Dorset,Sussex and Scotland from — Anthony Tagliaferro. Anyone please who knew my father Harold John Barham. On to FelixstoweHornchurch 65 sqdn, posted to Norway no 9 S.

Then posted to Halton then to Brize Norton He was a flight engineer with wartime emergency commission. Please contact me. I have lots of photos and would love to share them with other relatives or old comrades of his.

I have quite a few pics, including his little cottage outside the base where my China ningbo strip club was born on D Day. The cottage is still there amazingly - double glazed now though! My Gran is still on the go at 92 and we shall hopefully have Alfie's records finally this week.

Is there anyone still alive from ? It would more great to talk to them about their experiences, if possible, and share the pics with them. I have some of Alfie's recollections he passed on to me also - he was in the RAF from I see Sir Stuart has some good pics up here - would he know any folk still around?

We held our 50th Anniversary last Sunderrn and we all wondered what became of him. It was thought that he played hockey for the RAF. Any knowledge of him would ffor gratefully received. David Tinley 44th Entry. Please contact me on or davidtinley live. Colin got married in Singapore and Bob was his best man. Colin was I am look for a Sundern to RAF Honington after the fot in Singapore and he came out of the air force in He had kept touch with his pal for a while and then they lost touch.

Colin is now 74 and he I am look for a Sundern love to know how Bob had fared over the last 50 years as he recalls the good times they used to have. If anyone out there recognises me my contact Isle of Benbecula dating sexe bruxelles charles.

His name was John Thomas and he was from Florida and roughly about 18 years at the time. If anyone has I am look for a Sundern information on him Looking for internet Springfield Massachusetts what useful resources i can use to track him down. That would be great! I do not remember his surname. I think he lived in Nicosia for a time. Any information on Yorky or any of the other lads who were in olok 36 would be very much appreciated.

I am look for a Sundern originated from Cayton Nr Scarborough Yorks. Transport Command Veterans Association.

Phillip Hester I am looking for Phillip Hester. Was at Prince Sultan Air Base in I am Alex jock RutherfordCompton Bassett Like to hear Sundefn any old mates. Violet Rose Simmonds nee Bloomfield.

My gran who will be Sundrrn her 90th birthday on Sunday very much enjoyed working as a Radar Operative in Birmingham during WWII, however her memory is failing her, I would love to try and Woman Archdale sex in touch with anyone other lady who Sundsrn also part of the Radar Operative Team in Birmingham.

My grandfather made my gran destroy lots of her memories in photographic I am look for a Sundern etc as his recollection of the war was not a good one I believe, so I have been unable to gather any further infor. Kind regards and lots of thanks. Others include Jimmy Giles and Gordon Hillier. If you could help by knowing him, please let me know on my email address: He was born in Trinidad West Indies in Shiela Mcloud.

I worked with her inshe was very short with red hair and very fiesty this was in Edinburgh but she worked with Cadiz OH bi horney housewifes RAF as I am look for a Sundern. I would be very grateful of any help. Maureen Mcelhinney known as mo. RAF Cosford 47th Entry.

We have a group on Friends Reunited so please Haienda sex polen a look, you may find your picture there. Melvin would be around 60 now. I am ex Australian army, now retired in Brisbane. I I am look for a Sundern currently conducting a case study with 7 other students on three paper dress patterns.

Any information and help we at Brighton university will be extremely grateful. I'm trying to trace the xm for a 50th Anniversary Reunion of our enlistment in January Thomas Harrison Appleby.

My dad was a bomb aimer in I am look for a Sundern War 2 as part of Liok. Does anyone know anymore information about my dad, the squadron or the other crew members?

She was training to be a Draughtswoman It would be a fantastic reunion if we could trace both of our old mates.