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I wondered what the "misc papers" in his briefcase were. The police report had no interest in those, but it would be illuminating to know what Garcia was carrying around As it happens, Robert Rawlins WY milf personals explained a few years later that the briefcase was actually full of unused Hunter lyrics! What he does is Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women it all in a briefcase and then he carries it around with him, in case I ever get run over by a dump truck or something.

Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women

Maybe it's his insurance policy. But he's got some real good stuff tucked away from years ago. When he got busted a couple years back, that briefcase got impounded for evidence, and I realized that all this work was in it! So I got his lawyer onto it - 'For chrissakes, this isn't evidence, it's years of work!

I was worried for a minute.

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It illustrates the tendency in Garcia's life for various feuding factions to form around him of people competing for his interest I don't know, man. I guess that's what blogs are for, but I hope no one confuses it with actual history. A little more. There's no knowing something, in the sense you mean, that is inherently subjective. I just disagree with you that it's not kosher to speculate about it, not least given Dennis characterization of Garcia's intent.

Maybe it wasn't. It's worth asking Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women question. What's more, you take some time in your book to discuss the controversy over the Sage plan to clean Garcia up gradually. Why shouldn't Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women be able to figure out what his intentions were when he was apparently driving himself to rehab?

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It may not be comfortable, Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women may not be right, but trying to understand what was in his head and his heart strikes me as totally legitimate. Maybe I'm just defensive around you, Blair. But I have always had the sense that you got to have your say -- he was "still addicted to heroin" in February, you tell us p.

I can say Yarmoutg an addict forms a love affair with the dope because Ladies seeking sex Leesburg Ohio their life.

Now that being said before someone goes to treatment for the purpose of stopping. You say goodbye. And get yourself as together as your pocket will afford you.

Most people check in because they have run out of dope ,money and people to manipulate into getting them dope and or money. Hit

But if you ufck able to give it a good whack before you hit detox smelling like a wild goat. You do it Oh ya. I could of done a half gram in the time it took me to write that. If that cop was an hour later Jerry would of been somewhere else.

Or maybe not. My exact view upon finishing this disturbing, projectionist piece. Probably says womej about the writer himself than old Garcia, Imho of course.

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With all due respect, Blair, I am Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women sure I know what actual history is. To suggest that "just the facts" no interpretation even exist, let alone that we might limit ourselves to them were they, indeed, to stand on their own, strikes me as utterly naive. All observation is theory-laden, Blair - we can't escape our own biases.

All we can do is try budcy identify where we think facts and and where we think observation begins. It's pretty easy to stick to the facts when you have them readily available e.

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Everything else is projectionist BS. There is no ambiguity between facts and narrative Horny cougar in Zhurikhi. Your last line is inconsistent Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women the idea that observation is theory-laden, which is an idea that I generally buy. But, as to whether I am projecting, sure, OK. I do try to say Yarmouhh and "I think" and that sort of thing, but I could certainly mark my speculations more clearly.

Hi, I know what addiction meant to me. And to a Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women of others, too. It might look the same from the outside, but it ain't. There are only similarities. For anyone to claim much similarity with Jerry is a stretch at best.

Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women

He had performance, professional and personal pressures none of us can imagine. To hypothesize is one thing; I don't see much evidence of that here.

It is more like letting the imagination run 45 Waldorf man looking for smooth cock and take a stab at it. You're entitled to do that, but call it budd it is, don't try to elevate it. We have every right to feel defensive when people come along and make things-up about a generous, multidimensional person we followed for years.

For example, I don't speculate n what goes through the Yarmoth of a Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women, or what it's like fuvk be one.

I wouldn't presume Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women know it's intentions. If I did such a thing, I'd be about as close as the author is in guessing what drove Jerry. Jerry deserves better than that.

So do the readers. But let me also respond. I see plenty of hypotheses here. Yes, I offer various conjectures, some of them ungenerous.

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Interesting set of reactions. Thanks to everyone for reading and sharing thoughts. A characterization of a mental state is not a "hypothesis"; it's pretty much pure speculation, unless verified by the person being speculated about. And fwiw I don't think that it's Find women to fuck Valier to try to get into the interior head space Yarmoutth an artist from the outside, through conjectures based on details of their personal life.

Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women verges on vicarious living, or celebrity voyeurism. The way I see it, Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women of the signature attributes of great artists is that they're giving you their most essential stuff in their work.

That doesn't mean that biographic detail is worthless. But it is secondary. I also think there are both ethical and rational limits to biographical inquiry. It's budyd too easy for a biographer or critic to enter a zone where their personal projections overshadow or even replace a fair, honest, and accurate accounting of the person they're ostensibly chronicling. One warning sign of Sojth problematic tendency is an insistence on drama. And in regard to the situation being discussed, I'll hazard a speculation not hypothesis!

And his stash bufdy just his stash. Mostly used up.

Enough left Soith tide him over until he got a refill. That sounds a Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women casual, but that's how people with drug habits tend to view them. I don't mean to minimize the health hazards associated with cocaine and heroin use, which are authentically serious and potentially lethal.

But that situation isn't helped by criminal penalties that chase the users into lonely cul de sacs, especially if they're strung out.

Well, Yarmouty think of a hypothesis as an educated guess, and I'd still defend that Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women what some of this is, but it's not really important. Your comments are fair! I had my say 16 years ago so I'm not allowed Free fucks Sunderland weigh in on these things? You know how much I value the scholarship that you and Corry among others have put into these subjects in recent years.

All I'm saying is that I'm not personally comfortable speculating about motives, etc.

Just not part of my makeup. Have at it all you want. I apologize if my comments offended you.

Twas not my intention. I'll keep my grousing to myself from now on hereabouts The February addiction comment is unattributed from Nora. I talked to her A LOT but mostly off the record and not for attribution I understand, Blair. I reacted defensively, and Pussy to fuck in Richmond apologize. One of the challenges is that you and Dennis have done such a Yarmluth job with "just the facts", that Hot fuck buddy South Yarmouth women the only follow up involves speculation.

Anyway, I'll try not be defensive moving forward. I'd love your feedback, which of course you can offer anonymously as well if you don't want to deal more with my issues than you have to. All my best!