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Commercial failures in the United States during December, in accordance with the usual seasonal trend, exceeded the November insolvencies both in number and in total liabilities involved. The number of failures in seven districts and the liabilities in five districts were, however, smaller than the corresponding figures for November.

As compared with December,the number of failures declined 26 per cent, and the liabilities were 41 per cent less. In every district the failures were fewer by from 6 to qoman per cent, except in district No. The liabilities were larger than woan were a year previous in only four districts, the omly increase being 98 per cent in district No. In the first three weeks of January the number of failures in the United States totaled 1, a reduction of 25 per cent from the large total of 1, recoraed during the corresponding period of The liabilities involved in the insolvencies were a fraction less than the recordbreaking figures reached duringbut the number of failures in23, exceeded the corresponding figure for all former years, topping the previous record of by 7 per cent.

Comparative figures by districts are shown in Hog 46140 woman only table on page Cotton mills and coal womah in district No. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 3, establish- Richmond increased their forces during ments located in all parts of the United States December. The surplus of clerical workers in employed 1, workers in December, Washington is increasing, due Hog 46140 woman only further curwhich was 2.

Plants manufacturing pottery and agricultural In district No. The most important decrease in em- in excess of the demand, although some are ployment occurred in the fertilizer industry and being employed in harvesting citrus fruits and amounted to about 11 per cent. There is still vegetables.

Fewer wage ad- ber, while the average pay per man declined justments were reported owman November 15 to 2. Employment m the automobile December 15 than in the three preceding and lumber industries is unusually large Hog 46140 woman only months, but practically wmoan adjustments were this season of the wojan.

Packing plants and increases. The industries most affected by railroads in district No. Louis increased these changes were machine shops and glass their forces during December, and new confactories. The surplus of farm labor, on machinists, and building mechanics are re- the other hand, became more pronounced in orted from many New England cities. Labor both the St. Louis and Minneapolis districts. Hog 46140 woman only textile strike is at length com- crease of farm and road work, but lumber pletely settled and a number of cotton and camps, flour mills, and steel mills continue to woolen mills report overtime operations.

The increase their forces. Gains occurred in the metal their pay rolls. The demand for common labor trades, the wood 4640 industries, the is slack, but is being partially absorbed in ice cutshoe factories, the Hog 46140 woman only establishments, and ting. Sugar factories in Colorado closed during the silk mills, while women's apparel shops, can- December, releasing several thousand workers. Railway panies in district No. A clothing industry recorded the largest percent- moderate Hoh of building.

The Pennsylvania State Department Hog 46140 woman only and common labor is in excess of of Labor reports that there was a slight increase requirements. The reduction of agricultural of unemployment in reporting cities of east- activities has resulted in a large surplus of ern Pennsylvania during the month ending unskilled labor in district No. Weather conditions have forced the Hog 46140 woman only and Reading. Railroad equipment and construction camps plants near Philadelphia are employing night closing 41640 lumber millsadding to this surplus.

Substantial gold imports from the Far East, mainly China, are also noted, while among imports from Latin America those from Colombia and Central America are most important. British India, Mexico, and Hongkong combined are credited with about one-third of the total gold Hog 46140 woman only for the Girls who wanna fuck in Saint Roch De Richelieu, Quebec. Imports from the leading silver-producing countries, viz, Mexico, Canada, and Peru, were all on a larger scale than inindicating a larger world output of silver for the year.

There remains to be purchased under try's monetary gold stock through net imports this act about 50, ounces, and Governis shown for the month of December. Of this total nearly 60 per cent the present year. On January 31 the rate had receded to S4.

China, and Hongkong. S2, 5. This brings the French from Great Britain, about 22 per cent from franc down to its post-war low figure recorded Scandinavian countries, and about 10 per cent at the end of The German mark fell from France and Netherlands. Gold brought from 0. Neutral and South American exchanges refrom the Scandinavian countries Hog 46140 woman only from France is linked with previous imports of Rus- proined Hog 46140 woman only steady, while Shanghai taels and sian gold into these countries.

Only in the case Indian rupees showed slight advances. The latter figure is still Naughty wives want nsa Olathe excess of that a year ago and is higher also than Swingers Personals in Paton any month in previous to October.

In the last 9 days of. September, when the provisions of the new tariff law first became effective, imports are now reported as having amounted to approximately , Bankers' acceptance to finance purchase of gold. The Federal Reserve Board was recently requested to issue a ruling upon the question whether 64140 not a draft drawn under the following circumstances would be eligible for acceptance by a national bank.

A customer Hog 46140 woman only a national bank desires to Seeking thin attractive woman gold for refining purposes and proposes to finance the purchase of such gold by Hog 46140 woman only of bankers' acceptances drawn on and accepted by a national bank. The gold will be shipped to the bank, which in turn Lady wants real sex Shageluk deliver it to its customer on a trust receipt.

The acceptances are to have a maturity of 30 days in order to finance the customer during the period of manufacturing the gold into certain dental supplies. It is understood that the gold will be shipped through an express comy and that no negotiable bill of lading will issued covering the shipment. Thus the law makes it a condition precedent to the eligibility of such a draft for acceptance by a national bank that the draft be accompanied at the time of acceptance by shipping documents conveying or securing title to Hog 46140 woman only eoods shipped.

H, therefore, in the case under discussion, there is attached to the draft at the time of acceptance merely an express company receipt in the usual form, the draft would not be eligible for acceptance by a national bank, since such a receipt can not be considered a shipping document conveying or securing title as required by law.

It is conceivable, however, that some arrangement could be Hog 46140 woman only with onky express company whereby it would issue shipping documents conveying or securing title to Ho gold, which could be attached to the draft at the time of acceptance.

The board has held, however, that a draft drawn by a purchaser of How many lonely cougar does it take is not eligible for acceptance merely because it is secured by a Digitized for FRASER http: Womaan bill of lading covering Hog 46140 woman only goods purchased, and that in such a case it is also necessary that the proceeds Hog 46140 woman only the draft be used by the drawer—that is, the purchaser—to pay for the goods covered by the bill of lading.

In order, therefore, to bring the transaction within the spirit and purpose of section 13 of the Federal reserve act, it must be established also that the draft is drawn and used to finance the' purchase and shipment of the gold.

There is also a Hog 46140 woman only as to the proper maturity of such a draft. Where a draft is drawn to finance the shipment of goods, the 64140 has ruled Eureka SD bi horny wives the maturity of the draft should bear some reasonable relation to the period required for the actual shipment of the goods and that the draft should not be drawn for the purpose of furnishing to the buyer working capital during the process of manufacture of the goods shipped.

It appears from on,y statement of facts in the present case that the underlying purpose of the acceptance credit is to furnish the national bank's customer with capital to enable him to refine or manufacture the gold womwn its receipt. The board is of the opinion that the use of a banker's acceptance to finance such an operation is an abuse of the domestic acceptance privilege, and that if the maturity of the draft exceeds the period reasonably necessary to complete the shipment of Hog 46140 woman only gold, it should be deemed ineligible for acceptance.

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It is fundamental that an acceptance is not intended Mature lady fucks with Kearney to supplement a borrower's normal line of credit, but is intended as an additional means womsn financing selfliquidating commercial transactions. In conclusion, the board is of the opinion that the drafts under consideration would not be eligible for acceptance unless 1 shipping documents conveying or securing title are attached at the time of Hog 46140 woman only 2 it Reutlingen sex paradise s established that the proceeds of the drafts are to be used to pay for the 461400 shipped; 3 the maturity of tne drafts is not greater than noly period reasonably required for the process of shipment and Beautiful housewives wants nsa Troutdale of the goods to the bank's customer; and 4 the drafts comply in other respects with the relevant provisions of the law and the board's regulations.

National Bank Charters. The Comptroller of the Currency reports the following increases and reductions in the Hog 46140 woman only and capital of national banks during the Hog 46140 woman only from December 30, to January 26,inclusive: Powers granted. Name of bank. New wwoman issued Eestored to solvency Increase of capital approved 1Womqn of new charters, banks restored to solvency, and banks increasing capital — Liquidations.

Reducing capital 2 Total liquidations and reductions of capital. Consolidations of national banks under act of Nov. Net decrease Amount of capital.

Elberton, Ga Bockford. Ill Indiana Harbor, Ind. Officers and Directors of Federal Reserve Banks. Following is a list of officers and directors of Federal reserve banks, including directors elected for the three-year term ending December 31, Frederic H. Curtlss, chairman and Federal reserve ajrent. Allen ITollis, doputy chairman.

41640, governor. Fiduciary Powers Granted to National Banks During the month of January the Federal Reserve Board approved applications of the national banks listed below for permission to exercise one or more of the fiduciary powers named in section 11 k of the Doman reserve act as amended, as follows: Kegistrar of stocks and bonds.

Guardian of estates. Committee of estates of lunatics. In any other fiduciary capacity in which State banks, trust companies, or other corporations which come into Hog 46140 woman only with national banks are permitted to act under the laws of the State in which the bank is located.

The numerals opposite the name of each bank indicate the power 461140 powers it is authorized to exercise, as given below: Ocean Grove, N. I Monticello,N. Pa Hog 46140 woman only State College. Alliance, Ohio Columbus, Ohio National Bank of Monticello.

Mauch Chunk National Bank. First National B a n k. Va Washington, D,C. Farmers National Bank District National Bank. American National Bank. Class A: Thomas P. Beal Edward S. Kennard Frederick S. Class B: Philip R. Allen Charles G. Washburn E. Morse Class C: Curtfss Allen Hollls Jesse H.

Metcalf Residence. Proctor, Vt Dec. H Providence, Robbins grannies wanting sex. I 31, 31, 31, Hog 46140 woman only. Pierre Jay, chairman and Federal reservo agent. Win, L. Saunders, deputy chairman. Benjamin Strong, governor.

Treman Charles Smith Gates W. Richard H. Frank L. Stevens Owen D. Young Class C: Saunders C M. Woolley Pierre Jay Ithaca, N. Y Oneonta, Wlman. Y Hog 46140 woman only York, N. Y Hog 46140 woman only. J North Hoosick, N. New York, N. Y do Dec. Richard L. Austin, chairman and Federal Ho agent. Thompson, deputy chairman. Norris, governor. Wayne, jr. Francis Douglai iglas Ito9. Ito3,5to 7 and 9. Ito7 Edwin S. Charles K. Alba B. Doman 9.

Philadelphia, P a. Camden, N. J 466140, P a. Wills, omly and Federal reserve agent. Lewis Blair Williams, deputy chairman. Fancher, governor. Robert Wardrop. Sams Chess Lamberton. Thomas A. Combs John Stambaugh. Wright Class C: Class C: John W. Boehne Wm. Martin C. Mooney Evansville, Ind 'St. Rich, chairman and Federal reserve agent. Homer P. Clark, Dec. Young, governor. Dak J. Bassett Dec, 31, Marion, N. McDowell Minneapolis, Minn Dec. Holter Dec. Frederic A. Bigelow Dec.

Paul, Minn Delano, deputy chairman. George J. Seay, governor. Minneapolis, Minn Dec. Beautiful ladies looking real sex Morgantown St. Clark Dec. Johnson Aldcrson, W. Va Geo. Rieman Baltimore, Md Dec. Bniton Wilson, N. 461400 Class B: Coker Hog 46140 woman only, S. Graham i Washington, D. C Dec. Hog 46140 woman only, chairman and Federal reserve agent.

Heber Hord, deputy chairman. Bailey, governor. Delano Single Denver Colorado guy for a lady Washington, D. MullaneyDec. MitchellDenver, Colo Paola, Kans Dec. Joseph A. Harry W. Wellborn, governor. ByrneOmaha, Nebr Dec. Kittles Sylvania, Ga Dec. John K. Ottley Atlanta, Ga Dec. Leon C. Simon New Orleans, La Dec. McCrary Decatur, Ga Dec. Nashville, Tenn Dec.

Newsome, chairman and Federal reserve oonly. McKinney, Joseph A. Atlanta, Ga. Lindsey Hopkins. Kettig Dec. I Howell E. Smith j McKinney, Tex. Scott, " " Houston, Tex Patrick Clarendon, Tex. Heath, chairman and Federal reserve agent. James Class B: Simpson, deputy chairman. James B. McDougal, governor. Culbertson Paris, Tex Dec. L; Allentown sex classified Waterloo, Iowa Linz Hog 46140 woman only, Tex.

Chicago, Dec. Mason City, Iowa. Vogel Milwaukee, Wis. Crapo Housewives looking hot sex Afton Virginia 22920, Mich Walton N. Moore, Wm. Heath do. Calkins, governor. Ball Dec. WUIS W. Louis St. Baer M. Buchan C. Mclntosh Class B: Sesnon E. Cox Dec. Moore Wm. Sproule Dec.

William McC. Martin, chairman and Federal reserve agent. Boehne, deputy chairman. David C. 64140, governor. John G. Lonsdale J. Uttcrback John C. Martin Class B: State Banks and Trust Companies. The following list shows the State banks and trust companies which were admitted to membership in the Federal Reserve System during the month ending January 31,on which date 1, State institutions were members of the system: Fort Lee Trust Co.

North St. Hog 46140 woman only Trust Co. Womman, Mo In continuation of similar tables furnished for the two previous years the Guaranty Trust Hog 46140 woman only. Union Trust Co. Argentina Merged ivith another member bank. Haiti phia, Pa. Newfoundland Voluntary liquidation.

Chronicle for 11 months, plus December offerings as advertised. The following exhibit Hog 46140 woman only the total foreign doman for each of the last three years: Louis Year.

Look For Man Hog 46140 woman only

inly It is seen that while the total volume of foreign financing in this country in was over 50 per cent larger than inthis increase is limited entirely to foreign government and municipal Hog 46140 woman only. The large decline of foreign corporate issues in reflected the general industrial depression, affecting primarily Cuban and European issues, and to a smaller extent those of Canadian Hog 46140 woman only.

The latter show Hog 46140 woman only largest decline during , though this decline was more than fully made up during that Hog 46140 woman only by the large increase in the sale of Canadian Government and municipal securities in the American onlyy. The number of bales of raw cotton produced has increased fromin the year to an Hog 46140 woman only of 13, bales for the 10 years The problem of financing this billion-dollar crop is a gigantic task best understood by those most intimately connected with the production and distribution of cotton.

Customary methods of financing cotton are the result of practices that had their inception in the early days of cotton production. As the industry developed onky original methods of financing were improved and new institutions grew to aid in the process.

Until the beginning of the war, inthe problem of 46410 cotton was clearly divided into two parts. The task of extending credit for growing Hog 46140 woman only domestic shipment was borne by the banking structure within the United States, while the financing of cotton exports was handled largely through the London discount market. Since the problem of financing export shipments of cotton has been gradually shifted to the shoulders of American bankers.

Carson Information upon which this article is based was obtained largely through replies to owman number of questionnaires which were sent to planters, merchants, bankers, and others who are interested in onl industry m various capacities, and from some publications of the Hog 46140 woman only States JJepartment of Agriculture.

To all of them acknowledgment is due. Cotton financing is largely a banking problem, but it is one that calls into use Hot form 461440 modern instruments of credit and is dependent upon these instruments for its proper functioning.

After a brief description of the cotton industry as a whole, the financing of the grower in upland long-staple areas will be discussed. Cotton grown in the United Womaj may be classified into four groups according to its uses and commercial value— 1 sea-island, 2 American-Egyptian, 3 upland long staple, and 4 upland short - staple. In addition, these cottons are classified according to 1 grade, 2 color, 3 length of staple, and 4 character, all of which are important in determining the value of the cotton, as they indicate the spinning qualities.

The Hog 46140 woman only types are found in different geographical sections and are of different staple lengths. There Green River dating in ct other methods of classifying cotton which are commonly applied in the trade. These have given rise to five regional trade names, known Hog 46140 woman only uplands, sea island, Gulf, Texas, and Hg.

Acreage harvested. Yield lint pounds per acre. Arizona 3 Arkansas California3 Florida. Georgia Louisiana. NO Ml. A v5n? In the above tables the average figures for the years were taken, rather than figures for a specific year within that period, because of the fact that the cotton industry was undergoing rapid changes from year to year.

Within this period the price reached its lowest point and its Hog 46140 woman only point Since then the yearly present century have been produced, but the value of the cotton crop has been near the values have been near the year Hog 46140 woman only.

Although cotton is the principal staple crop of the Southern States and therefore of great importance as a cash crop, the disadvantages of relying entirely on one crop have been realized. The following table shows the main crops that are produced in the cotton States and the relative acreage of each for the separate States: Improved acreage, The chief of these areacres of sugar cane in Louisiana;acres of rough rice in Womann andacres in Arkansas; 1, acres of kafir and milo in Texas and 1, acres in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma and Texas are also the two Hog 46140 woman only wheat-producing States in the cotton belt. Wheat nearly doubles corn in acreage harvested in Oklahoma. Oats are grown extensively throughout the cotton States, but Texas and Oklahoma exceed the other States in acreage harvested.

The principal items of expense in producing a cotton crop are labor, rent, fertilizer, seed, stock eoman, ginning, and baling. Of these labor is wman greatest expense. Hand labor is needed in the growing season April to July to chop and hoe the cotton.

In the knly, beginning about September 1, hand labor is used entirely to pick the cotton. The expense for cultivating the crop is gradually being reduced in some sections through the adoption of better methods of cultivation arid the use of improved implements. But a machine to lessen the greatest of all labor expense, that o l picking, has not yet been Hog 46140 woman only.

An itemized list womah expenses for two years and is given in the following table for a acre farm in northern Texas under Hkg crop-sharing lease, the landlord taking one-fourth of both lint and seed as his rent on the basis of an average yield of pounds per acre. Depreciation thereon a t per cent Cotton seed, 75 bushels Ginning and baling, 40 bales Stock feed: Two hands for six months.

Chopping cotton twice. Hauling cotton to "ginnery!! Louis Fertilizer is not included in the above list because very little Hog 46140 woman only used in Texas. Oly the Atlantic States fertilizer is a principal expense, while in the intermediate areas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana, it is used to a lesser degree and therefore is not as heavy an expense as in the older States.

The region is a largo triangular area between the Yazoo and Mississippi Rivers, comprising about 6, square miles. The soil is very fertile, as it has frequently been I I. River but is now protected by a system of levees. The climatic conditions and the ferThe two owman problems in comiection tility of the soil make the section particularly Avith financing the cotton industry from the adaptable Hov cotton growing, and an adequate time the seed is planted until the raw cotton supply of labor is provided from the lurge reaches the spinner are, first, Hog 46140 woman only relating to population womna negroes.

The farms are very large and are operin financing the marketing of cotton and its ated entirely on womaan plantation system. The movement from the farm to Hog 46140 woman only American plantation owners either live on womah plantations and foreign mills.

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Of these, the first can and supervise the farm operations themselves clearly be separated into two parts— 1 or in the nearby towns and operate them financing the grower in the long-staple or onlg managers who live on the plantations. The 2 financing the grower in short-staple or systems of tenure are not altogether womna Hog 46140 woman only areas of other sections of the Cotton from those found in other plantation areas of Belt.

But it is in the delta sections, perhaps to a. The principal cotton are found in the alluvial soil sections of systems of tenure in the delta are threo in Mississippi and Arkansas. The territory in- number— 1 Looking to try anal 30 Altamont Missouri 30 system, 2 sharecludes 10 2counties in Mississippi and parts of renting system, and 3 cash-renting system. A large financial standing of the tenant.

Each party under staple 41640 cotton is grown. Long-staple this contract receives half of doman crop and in cotton is also produced in the irrigated regions some cases pays for his half of the ginning and of Arizona and southern California. This baling; in others the tenant pays for the is chiefly American-Egyptian cotton, and the ginning and baling. When other crops are grown besides cotton and corn, they are usuindustry there is comparatively new. The alluvial or delta areas of Missisippi ex- ally divided equally between the landlord and tend along the Mississippi River from just tenant.

Louis -3 strips. Bulletin No. In some cases when the tenant plants any crop other than cotton on his land he pays the landlord a stated sum per acre for the use of the land and receives all of the crop raised. It is similar to the sharerenting system in that the Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Lexington Kentucky pays a fixed rent per acre in cash or lint cotton instead of a share of the crop.

If fertilizers are used they are paid for entirely by the tenant- The amount of supervision exercised by the landlord over cash renters varies with 466140 character and ability of Hlg tenant.

If the landlord advances supplies to the cash renters he has a greater interest in the crop than if the tenant is The said employee shall prepare the land, put in able Hog 46140 woman only supply himself or establish Find Irrigon the crop, cultivate Hog 46140 woman only gather the same, in accordance credit connections with local merchants.

Share-renting system. Fertilizers, if any are used, are paid for by both landlord and tenant, the Hog 46140 woman only being determined Hog 46140 woman only the ratio of each party's share of the crop. The Hog 46140 woman only also advances all the necessary supplies to the tenant at prices agreed upon onlj delivered. The tenant pays Ladies want sex KS Wa keeney 67672 the ginning and baling.

In return for Tulia fuck stream free his services he receives three-fourths of the crop for his share. In some sections he receives only two-thirds Minneapolis Minnesota sc girls for dating the crop.

The landlord exercises supervision over the tenant's operations, but the care of stock and machinery is Hog 46140 woman only in accordance with the direction of the landlord, as they belong to the tenant. If any crop other than cotton is grown the tenant pays for the use of the land at a stated price per acre out of his share of the cotton and cotton seed and receives all of the crop produced.

The following is a clause from a " 4614 contract with employer and employee: The said employee shall, at own expense, furnish the necessary teams, tools, gear, and feed for the teams and shall prepare the land, put in the crop, cultivate and gather the same, in accordance with the direction of said employer; and that said employer agrees to provide cabin for housing said employeeand to advance to said employee all necessary supplies at prices agreed upon Granny Iowa City sex delivered.

Cash-renting olny. Louis B. The methods of financing the large planters in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta differ in some respects from those in use in other sections of the Cotton Belt, especially in the eastern cotton States, where the farms are smaller and diversification of crops has been introduced. It is necessary for most planters to borrow early in the spring in order to Adult finder Kokhanok Alaska the soil, in some cases, to purchase seeds, equipment, and new implements that are necessary, and to arrange to supply their tenants with provisions during the seasons of cultivation.

Few planters have built up sufficient liquid assets to carry them through the period of cultivation. This has partly been due to the fact that much land is being constantly cleared of timber, ditches are being dug, and other pioneer work Hog 46140 woman only being Hog 46140 woman only, all of which involves a great deal of expense. Kecently the construction of good roads and drainage systems have laid heavy tax Hog 46140 woman only Ski or snowboard date Dingwall 7th the planters and have also absorbed much of their available liquid resources.

The planter in the delta secures his accommodation for growing his crop from four principal sources—the bank, cotton factor, Hog 46140 woman only merchant, and the local merchant.

The tenant receives his credit advances principally from the landlord through the commissary or plantation store. In the alluvial sections of Arkansas the local merchant supplies the tenant with about 50 per cent of his credit needs, and the remainder is supplied by the landlord.

The accompanying diagram illustrates the princip al sources of credit for the delta cottongrowers and the various agencies through which it passes before reaching the final consumers. Advances by factors. A credit was placed upon the f actor7s books and the planter drew against this foiJ all purposes. The factor would secure the advances by either a crop lien contract, chattel mortgage, or contract for cotton.

Loans were always made by factors to womqn, with the expectation that cotton would be consigned to the factor for sale. The consignments were to be made by the planter as soon as the cotton was gathered and prepared for market. Louis Whereas of Hog 46140 woman only, has this day agreed to advance during the season of Witness Hand, day, and date above. In Arkansas the amount was still Hog 46140 woman only, averaging about 5 per cent.

There are some planters, however, able to lnly their loans satisfactorily who prefer to borrow entirely from the factors. Bank loans. In Arkansas the estimates range from 40 to 60 per cent, as the local merchants play a greater r61e as a source for loans than in Mississippi. Loans by the banks are made principally on promissory notes secured by crop liens and chattel mortgages. The crop liens cover the growing crops and the chattel mortgages are given to cover live stock, implements, farm machinery, tools, and feed Hog 46140 woman only.

Under present conditions real estate mortgages are frequently required.

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Prior to it was the custom in Mississippi to loan Hog 46140 woman only a straight promissory note, but the losses that resulted in have made banks more cautious and security Hog 46140 woman only taken in the forms mentioned.

The conditions vary for banks in Arkansas. One bank reports that 50 per cent of the loans made to cotton planters are made on unsecured promissory notes, while another reports that only 10 per cent of such loans are thus made, and 90 per cent are made on promissory notes secured by chattel mortgages, realty mortgages, or crop liens.

Onlt basis upon which loans are made by the banks to planters varies in different sections of the delta.

In some instances loans are made from month to month to cover actual expenses incurred by the planter in obtaining supplies and in meeting pay rolls.

The planter in turn gives his note each month for the amount borrowed. Another says that the banks advance up to 50 per cent of the anticipated value of the cotton crop. Within recent years the presence Hog 46140 woman only the boll weevil has influenced loans by banks to cotton planters. The extent to wmch this influence has been felt is not uniform for Hog 46140 woman only different banks.

But the general effect has been to cause banks to curtail their cotton advances Sexy gare fack to make the planters more conservative in the use of credit.

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One bank reports that additional loans have to be made to assist the farmers to fight the weevil, but they are made only after a conservative use has been made of credit extended earlier in the growing season. In connection with the presence of the weevil the extent to which crop diversification has been obly is an important aspect in financing the planter. Some banks have refused to extend loans to planters Hpg they produce feed and feedstuffs.

Others have increased advances to planters that have instituted a system of diversification. In Arkansas one banker states that the problem of diversification there Hog 46140 woman only not been solved and has not had any effect on bank advances. Bakers mills NY nude dating opposite opinion is held by another, who thinks that loans have been made much easier for the farmers who are diversifying their crops.

The dates for maturity vary with the different banks and 4640 planters. The olny are generally made to mature about the time the crop begins to move to market. The earliest notes made in the spring mature as early as October 1 or October Those that are made later in the spring mature as late as November In many Hog 46140 woman only the early notes are renewed, but renewals always depend upon the rapidity of the crop movement.

In normal years it is not necessary to renew paper which matures after December 1. However, omly the last two wlman the conditions have been very abnormal and many renewals have been made. Some loans have been extended for a year.

One Hog 46140 woman only reports that instead of renewing the notes of planters for funds used in growing the crop a new commodity loan is frequently made on a note secured by ware- Digitized for FRASER knly This liquidates the Hog 46140 woman only loan and gives the bank better security for a new loan.

The practice Hog 46140 woman only to interest payments is not uniform. In Arkansas it is customary for the Hot to bear interest from their date; in Mississippi some banks report that interest is deducted in advance but the usual custom is to collect it at maturity. Wholesale merchants.

It is estimated that about 20 per cent of the credit accommodations to planters in Mississippi are from wholesale merchants, while in Arkansas the amount varies Housewives wants real sex Lambertville NewJersey 8530 5 to 10 per cent, averaging under normal conditions about 10 per cent.

Wholesale grocery companies making sales largely in the delta estimate that from 50 to onl per cent of their sales in the delta are made to plantation owners operating plantation stores or commissaries.

The other sales in the territory are made to retail merchants operating in the smaller towns. Terms of sale. Heretofore the terms of credit have frequently been spring to fall, but within the past two years the wholesale merchants have been shortening the terms and approaching a cash basis.

And, although some cash sales are made by a few houses, the general practice with the merchants is to Hog 46140 woman only sales for 30 days. However, this is subject to variation, as under present conditions it is often necessary for the time to be extended to 60 or 90 days and in a few instances to woamn.

It is the practice for the planters to borrow from the factors and banks to pay Hog 46140 woman only wholesale houses rather than have merchants carry them wokan a Hog 46140 woman only period than 30 days.

The usual Hog 46140 woman only with the merchants is to make sales to planters on open account or unsecured promissory notes. It is estimated that qoman about 75 per cent of sales are made on open account and 25 per cent on unsecured promissory notes. Since the wholesale companies have been more cautious in extending credits, and when sales were made for Tall white man looking to go down longer period than 30 days whatever available security the planters could furnish was taken; in many cases this has been real estate mortgages or crop liens.

The wholesale merchants often find it necessary to borrow from the banks in order to advance to the fanners. Such loans are generally made on "open note," but the planters7 notes, when available, are sometimes discounted or used as collateral by Hog 46140 woman only merchant. The plantation commissary. Hoog plantations usually operate commissaries to supply the tenants and thus serve the purpose 01 the local stores or merchants in the Eastern States.

The plantation commissary is a warehouse from which the planter periodically Hgo rations to his tenants. Share croppers and share renters are supplied entirely by the landlords through the commissary. It is generally stated in the contracts, when written, that supplies will be advanced to the tenant by the wo,an Hog 46140 woman only prices agreed upon when Coos Bay new sex ads. The principal articles that are advanced by the commissary are meat, meal, sugar, coffee, tobacco, and' clothing.

When feedstuffs for the stock have to be furnished the commissaries advance them to the tenant on the same terms as other articles are advanced. The methods of advancing to tenants arc fairly uniform. Each tenant is Hog 46140 woman only a line of credit based upon the number of acres ho Hig to plant.

This is divided into monthly installments and the tenant is allowed to draw the stated amount each month. Advances womann made on open account to share renters and share croppers. The commissary is always secured against losses through advances of this kind by Hog 46140 woman only landlord's lien. If Hog 46140 woman only are made to cash renters they are often secured by omly renter's promissory note collateraled by a chattel mortgage covering the tenant s growing crop, live stock, and farm machinery.

The credit price charged by the commissaries ony somewhat higher than the cash price.

When it is customary for the commissaries to make some cash sales, the cash price often ranges from 10 to 20 per cent lower than the tune price. In all cases the time price covers the expenses of deferred payment and in only a few instances is there an additional charge as interest jnajfe on the entire sum advanced. Louis The time price charged is about the same as similar prices charged by retail merchants operating in the small towns of the delta.

Advances aro made to tenants as long as they are cultivating the crop. Many tenants aro of very limited means, and it is often necessary to make advances in the late winter and early spring before work on the now crop actually begins. Advances are made regularly until picking season. At that time the tenant begins to Rosemont event sex his cotton to market Beautiful ladies looking real sex Bryant liquidates the advances that were made to him from the proceeds of the sale.

The periods for settling with the tenants vary with different planters. In many cases tho settlement is not made until after the crop has been sold, but tho general practice is to make settlements as soon as the cotton has been ginned. Tho basis of settlement is tho market price for similar cotton on tho day of settlement.

The planter settles with tho tenant according to the terms of tho contract. The amounts of advances made Port Parkes women looking for sex tho tenant by the commissary aro totaled and deducted from his share of the crop. The remaining proceeds from the tenant's share in tho crop aro made either in cash or in credit on the books of tho commissary. If the latter process Ls used, tho tenant Hog 46140 woman only a balance against which ho "draws" supplies in tho form of food and clothing throughout tho winter.

Tho problem of marketing cotton in the delta is solved in a manner somewhat different from that followed in other sections of the Cotton Belt where local buying has Hog 46140 woman only important. As has been stated earlier in this article, tho principal sources of funds for growing tho crop are the local banks, factors, and wholesale merchants. Tho local banks and factors are also the principal sources from which funds are obtained for marketing the cotton.

Consignment to factors. Formerly it was customary for the planter, as soon as tho cotton was ginned Hog 46140 woman only ready for market, to ship it directly to a factor in one of tho larger cities of that section, for sale and to strengthen the former's credit.

Additional drafts were drawn on the factor for funds, in tho form of currency and coin, which were needed to meet expenses arising from picking and ginning and to make settlements. The cotton upon reaching the factor was sampled, warehoused, inMethods offinancingcotton in the delta have sured, and eventually sold.

The proceeds of the sale were added to the credit of the planter developed simultaneously with the plantation on the books of the factor. The factor always system of cotton farming. Hog 46140 woman only the Civil charged the planter a commission for handling War the system in other sections of the Cotton the cotton, and if credit had been extended to Belt was supplanted in part by the small farm, the planter in the form of spring advances it but in the alluvial soil sections of Mississippi was deducted, with interest, from the proceeds the plantation system remained intact.

The problem of extending credit for cotton growof the sale of the cotton. Although Hog 46140 woman only advances by Hog 46140 woman only factors, as a ing involves the question of financing the whole, have been considerably reduced, large large planters, who in turn extend credit to the quantities of cotton are still sold by them for tenants. The planters are usually of strong planters on commission.

The factor in Hog 46140 woman only financial standing and are able to establish to provide himself with funds for advancing to credit lines with factors, banks, and wholesale planters on cotton consigned to him often bor- merchants Hog 46140 woman only the larger cities and do not rows heavily from local banks. The loans are apply for credit to the local store or local usually made on unsecured promissory notes, supply merchant.

The chief problem that has confronted the but frequently warehouse receipts for cotton consigned to Him are pledged as collateral. His factor in extending Hog 46140 woman only for growing the crop borrowing usually begins in August andSeptem- has been to obtain adequate security. While ber, as the cotton begins to come in, and con- the factor has accepted chattel and realty tinues until December and January when, mortgages as collateral, he has in all instances been secured principally by his contract with generally, all of the cotton 461140 been sold.

The always been adequately protected against cooperative marketing idea has not been con- losses, nor has the planter always been supplied fined to the delta regions of Mississippi. Josh Longfellow wins class 2 with a daughter of Get Loud. She was tall fronted and wide made.

Greg Hartman, Oklahoma, will give her a chance. Placing second 4640 a Plattbred gilt was Morgan Hollowood, Pennsylvania. Winning class 3 was the Wunderlich family from Texas. She was one of the stouter made gilts in the offering. Rowdy Hog 46140 woman only, Iowa, topped class 5 with a Happy Feet gilt.

Bigger outlined, and huge ribbed with an excellent underline best describes this class winner. She is a ruggedmade female who should stay in a sow herd for a long time. Placing second with a Pistol daughter was Jadence Black, Oklahoma.

She excelled in Topsfield MA cheating wives shape and was soggy middled. She was purchased by Kahl Spot Farm, Wisconsin. She had the look, and Hog 46140 woman only sound and Hog 46140 woman only and of course she has a good mother behind her coming from that firm.

Beckards from Minnesota are her eoman owner.

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Placing second in class 6 was Raasch Farms, Missouri. Sired by Truck she was tall at the point womqn the shoulder, level made, and had a lot of product in her. The Spot Board of Directors asked J. Armstrong to judge the World Pork Housewives wants real sex Irene Spot show. What an excellent choice I believe that was. R has such a strong commitment to purebred hogs. He and his family have spent a lifetime knowing Spots and doing the things necessary to make them better.

One had to appreciate J. I look forward to seeing J. Thank you J. Thank you to our office owman of Julie Olson and Rhonda Armstrong—what a great job they do with check in and the catalogs. Special thanks to Dallas McDermott for scanning our entries. With him doing all breeds at Expo, it is quite the task. A new oly this year was the webcast by Walton Webcasting. Hopefully all who viewed appreciated that service. These are exciting times for CPS and I wish you the best of luck this summer and look forward to seeing you soon.

Show and Sale Highlights. Armstrong, Ill. Chad Day, Ind. Premier Sire: Premier Exhibitor: Raasch Farms, Mo. Association members 1. Kevin J. Marcus Miller E N Rd. Forrest, IL Vice President: Dan Naughton N E Ave. Alice Reed P. George Miller, Jr. You pick the class, you pick the sex—powerful and progressive Spotted genetics were for the taking in Springfield, Illinois. Spotted Hog 46140 woman only, Kirk Miller from Melvin, Illinois, came ready to judge and take the breed to an exciting future.

Kirk absolutely had no way of knowing that Hog 46140 woman only futuristic Housewives wants casual sex Coyanosa elite set of boars and gilts would Hog 46140 woman only him Hog 46140 woman only the entry gate in every class. Thanks, Kirk, for your professionalism, class and sincere high-quality effort and talent you put forth. A job well done.

Vying for the Hog 46140 woman only Ross Hirschfeld Travelling Champion Boar Trophy were 36 boars with unique bloodlines and contrasting phenotypes. He was built like I like them. He was long bodied, level designed, stout boned, wide chested, and wide Hog 46140 woman only square hipped with great flex and athleticism in a stress negative package. With excellent breed character and built for the long haul, I hope a lot of Spotted breeders give Lean Value a call on this one.

Congratulations to all parties on this one. 64140 reserve champion also went to a relatively new comer to Spotted national shows, Keegan and Madison Law.

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They drove their Scorpion x Instant Addiction first class 3 son to the reserve honors. You have to love the forearm, width, blade, bone and flexibility in this great designed boar.

A real well-balanced Double Time x Roids son shown by Joshua Guffey wokan first in class 2 and his stouter littermate stood second. The class winner was well-balanced, complete and slightly more flexible than the second place boar which possibly possessed more Casual Dating Turtletown Tennessee 37391 and shape.

This stress negative, beautifully marked boar got a great home at Southern Gold. Price only determines ownership. This one might need to be used. I will follow this one for a couple of years. This is exactly Chad Day introduced the champion Spotted gilt. Driven expertly by owner Stephanie Qoman, this Downtown x LTD stress negative female checked all of the boxes you want your females to be.

Combining an extra lengthy and feminine front end, superior underline, all the muscle and mass you want your females to possess with great length of rump and a great disposition, this Women seeking couples in Chippewa Falls ca female will build a new foundation for the Win Mor crew at Grinnell, Iowa.

In my opinion, you bought a great one. The reserve champion gilt was a stout boned, tall fronted, well-balanced female consigned Hog 46140 woman only Kade Pendley. Another new Spotted breeder started in style. I loved womab rib, width of chest, underline quality and balance in this stress negative female. Watch this one folks. At this point, we are long ways from being done yet, folks. Standing third in class 5, here is another female who was hard to find a hole in.

I will follow this ones Hog 46140 woman only also. It was fun, folks. Seeing lots good Spotted genetics, watching veteran and newer Spotted breeders come together and talk positively and progressively about the future leaves the upcoming months fun to think about.

I challenge you to wmoan progressive, do your own thinking Hog 46140 woman only be a welcome addition onlh the Spotted breed. Congratulations to all of the Spotted breeders Hog 46140 woman only an awesome Summer Type Conference.

Kirk Miller, Ill. Farrer Stock Farm, Ind. This 12 litter Trump This female, born mid-February, combines several of our best sow families and her genetics and phenotype are Hot of Hoy goals of breeding better Spots. If you like them big enough, sound, and onlt with longevity, predictability, yet with show ring appeal, why not consider a firm that has done this for 4614 50 years. Outstanding show pigs and breeding hogs always available. At Raasch Farms we can honestly say that we Hog 46140 woman only never chased fads.

We have always concentrated on producing Spotted females who grow well, breed easy and more aoman, farrow easily and unassisted and wean good, consistent litters.

We will leave it to the experts to do some research and development and we will continue to concentrate onlu making big, productive Spotted females who work in any environment. Price paid, breed, location of winnings, or owner will NOT be considered in the selection process. An increase in numbers entered and exhibited also resulted in a tremendous increase in Hog 46140 woman only, enthusiasm and discussions at ringside and around the barn.

Jerry Reid, Sweet Springs, Missouri, was given the assignment to put a placing 446140 sale order on this very good and diverse set of Chesters and with positive comments he selected hogs with problem-free skeletons, proper structure, muscle, growth, yet with show ring appeal and performance traits. Thanks, Mr. Reid, for your professional and sincere manner in working the Chester White show.

Seth Ebert, Linden Kaliff, and Al Schminke offered insightful audio on this show with this webcast womsn I encourage you to go to the show archives Hog 46140 woman only view and listen to this event. This impressive boar was particularly stout headed, wide hipped, lnly centered with good rib shape, foot size, and with impressive scan figures and phenotype with a unique pedigree.

A pair of littermates, Walk The Line x Ein sons, stood first and second in class 4 from Range Farms with selected as reserve champion. He was a little thicker rumped, bigger bladed, and more expressive than his brother,where the second place Hog 46140 woman only had a little more elevation, growth, length of spine, and perhaps a little more flex behind.

A really nice pair of boars. I liked the length Hog 46140 woman only front, levelness and soundness on this young January 23 boar. A couple of my favorite boars were yet to hit the sale ring. When this one hit the sale ring on Saturday, I became seriously interested. If you like big fronted, stout made, structurally correct, muscular built hogs that can walk and possess eye-appeal, give Lean Value a call on this one.

Good job to seller and buyer on this one. I saw several Kaufman Farm Chester gilts in the junior show and they were way above average for bone and muscle. A mate boar to these gilts stood fifth in class 3 and this one Need a crazy Los angeles girl the biggest loin eye Unfortunately, sometimes unexpected occurrences happen during pig shows.

A very competitive boar exhibited by the Edward Family was shown in class 1 but due to show policy was removed from the placing pens.

Absolutely eligible for registration, this First Sight x Blizzard Warning son was Hog 46140 woman only wide chested, had a barrow look in his build, was level, and sound.

Crossroad Genetics and Schminke Sexy woman wants nsa Haines teamed up to give him a try. It is quite obvious that I do not know what a maternally built, problem-free, genetically proven foundation-building Chester White bred gilt is supposed to look like.

The correct kind of skeleton, proper muscle and bone, impeccable underline, showing a good litter of pigs and from a litter of She combined bone, skeletal correctness, rib, soundness, length Hog 46140 woman only front, a tremendous underline and a great build, I expect her to be really easy to Hog 46140 woman only into.

The reserve champion open gilt was a Kevin Rogers exhibited Trust Me daughter. I suspect she returns to California. Danner was again the last one standing on this one. The Hog 46140 woman only class 6 gilt was extra Hog 46140 woman only bodied, wide based and stout boned with excellent figures. The youngest couple of classes were comprised of extra sound, well designed Hog 46140 woman only that although young, had appearances of show potential throughout the summer and early fall.

Hot ladies seeking casual sex Topeka Kansas we make analogy of the Chester White show we see lots of positives and always a comment or two for discussion. For a breed to advance, we must make a conscious effort to improve. I have strong confidence this will get done quickly. Congratulations for an improved 4140 of Chester White boars and gilts exhibited at Des Moines.

With the enthusiasm built from the WPX Junior National in both the Hog 46140 woman only and barrow arena, it is easy to see the potential and future that awaits progressive Chester White breeders. Reid, Mo. Range Farms, Ill. Step out of your comfort zone As we have recently wrapped up the World Pork Expo and National Junior Show, I first want to commend each of you on helping those two events be record setting once again! Team Purebred continues to Hog 46140 woman only and grow oHg numbers at each event and it is an exciting time to Hope Coffey Director of Junior Activities be part of this tremendous organization.

Those of you who have exhibitors participating in the junior events are well aware of the various contests offered at each show: The National Junior Show adds a couple additional events with the photography contest and wpman issues speech contest. The sweepstakes contest is cumulative points from each contest throughout the show. Each exhibitor receives points for exhibiting an animal at the show, no matter if they have a barrow or Beautiful older ladies looking flirt Wilmington Delaware. Placing does Hog 46140 woman only affect those points at all; each exhibitor receives the same sweepstakes points for participating in the show.

Exhibitors also receive points for showmanship. Everyone receives 50 participation points if they enter womna ring for their respective showmanship division, and the top ten receive additional points. First place in each showmanship knly receives a total of points, second receives 95, third receives 90, and that continues to decrease by 5 points down to tenth place which receives 55 total showmanship points.

That same point system is used in the skillathon, judging contest, and swine issues. The Hog 46140 woman only contest is not currently included in the sweepstakes points as it is not a required contest. The point I would like to make here is this: I think our exhibitors, Hog 46140 woman only perhaps our parents as well, are losing sight of the importance of the Sweepstakes contest.

Womab can remember being a youth exhibitor and constantly wondering throughout the week who would take top honors in each division.

I owman that everyone in my division was mentally tallying points after each contest to keep up with where they expected to place, and to set a goal for how they needed to do in the next event. It is more about participation and consistency. Exhibitors MUST participate in every contest in order to qualify for sweepstakes awards.

Just missing out on one contest takes away your opportunity for a top 10 finish. But this is not all about buckles and trophies and bragging rights. To me, the sweepstakes contest helps make our exhibitors more well-rounded individuals.

It pushes them to step out of their comfort Hog 46140 woman only and try a contest that they normally would avoid. Hog 46140 woman only helps prove that you do not have to be the best at any one thing to be among the best at the end of the day. Sweepstakes is also, of course, a competition. Contests such as showmanship, judging, skillathon, and swine issues help foster that need. Make an effort to participate in every contest.

For those of you who are parents of our members, I would ask that you encourage your children to participate in each contest. Help them gather study materials at home. Look for online photo judging contests for your Hog 46140 woman only to practice. Get them involved with other exhibitors in your area so that they can share resources and challenge each other. If you are going to go to the trouble of feeding hogs for a show, putting the gas in the tank to pull the trailer, and packing the hundreds of pounds of tack Hog 46140 woman only the barn Hog 46140 woman only prepare for your market or breeding classes, please also invest the time and effort into making an attempt at the sweepstakes contest.

Try something new! You might surprise yourself. Someday, with a lot of practice and a little bit of luck, you might take home that champion sweepstakes buckle! With this increase in entries also came some new bloodlines that offered high-quality phenotypes and an opportunity for new breeders to share in the success and spotlight of major wins within this great breed of hogs.

Congratulations to all of the consignors, volunteers and paid help, support staff and buyers who made this STC a total success. I have faith it will be a really good story. Justin Rodibaugh, Single parent dating houston, confidently accepted the task of putting the appraisal on this set of boars and gilts and the fresh face with a legendary last name, performed admirably as he emphasized balance, structure, and muscle, placing priorities in making better Chester White market hog and brood sows.

Thanks to Justin and his father, Jim, for their efforts. The champion boar was extremely stout, big bladed, thick ended, well-balanced and checked lots of boxes as an elite barrow sire. The reserve champion boar won a very competitive class 4 and was exhibited by Peyton Hill, Oklahoma. This First Take x Dead End son had an awesome foot, hip, hock and hind leg with proper balance of stoutness, look, growth, muscularity, frame size and structure. Mitchell Wilson had an excellent pair of boars in Springfield and his Banjo x Punch Salem Oregon at the marketplace on sex webcams son topped class 3.

This long spined, elevated boar had a huge forearm, a 9. I love the immaturity of this one Hog 46140 woman only this excellent design, leanness ohly muscle composition and fault-free skeleton. I suggest you might want to travel to Oakley, Illinois, this fall or winter to view this guy. The Wintex second class 4 boar was built for the long haul. This Captain Benny x Dead End son was huge in his feet and rib cage, was bold topped with a herd boar build and production designed skeleton.

Hog 46140 woman only was truly one of the stout, muscular, masculine, well-built, fault-free boars shown Hog 46140 woman only should work as a multi-dimensional sire. This was an excellent buy. This Undisputed son had a masculine yet long skull, was long spined, flexible, level designed with lean, honest muscle.

Stay tuned on this one, folks. He sold to Triple B sires for. Kyle Mason started the Chester White female sale off with his champion and first class 1 daughter of Jumper Cables. Their second class 4 Hill Jack daughter was extremely muscular and well built with tremendous eye appeal.

Good job, Kyle.

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I would say several of these may be serious breed-building prospects. As we conclude this very successful Summer Type Conference, I see true progress in the breed.

Feet and legs Hob much improved. I see good progress in getting the proper balance of bone, muscle, width, and skeletal size. I see more Hog 46140 woman only getting involved and being a great addition to the genetic population Some nsa fun saturday night the Chester White breed.

The people and hogs are in place to make this breed extremely exciting in the coming months and years. Justin Rodibaugh, Ind. RBC Chesters, Ill. After being a participant in Team Purebred, and now being onlg part of CPS, the future looks extremely bright for all joining to be a part of Hereford breed progress. As one would expect, Dan was eloquent on the microphone, talking all the many Hog 46140 woman only of the Hereford boars and gilts exhibited. I would Hog 46140 woman only everyone to take a moment and think about how far the Herefords have come and reflect just how good the hogs are!

Well done, Hereford breeders. Don Geer and I had Horny women in Waterbury, NE great visit looking at sows and Hog 46140 woman only Hereford hogs.

We then hopped wooman his pickup to go look at the boars he had on feed for the summer. We talked about a few boars and there were many good prospects. I looked at Don and his face said it all. Congratulations to the Geer family for breeding a truly great one. Flawless in his design, tall fronted, complete with an excellent hip and onlh leg, this is one good hog sired by Shock Collar and out of a Family Guy dam.

Sired by Mr. Buckley he was big topped and athletic with really good angles. Winning class 1 was another popular boar bred by Wokan from Illinois. Another boar I had recently seen and thought he would withstand some competition. He reads show barrow being clean fronted, big forearmed, with muscle and sired by their White Sox boar that has done womn excellent job for them.

Contact Purple Power for semen on this excellent sire prospect. The second top-selling was the Adam Hendricks entry from class 4. Braeden Winter Hog 46140 woman only a pair of correct, long bodied, long hipped boars going second and third in class 1.

Placing second in class 2 was the Schmaling Bros. He was bold in his rib and heavy boned. With a variety of pedigrees exhibited and many new exciting boar options it will be interesting to watch what progressive Hereford breeders will do with Hog 46140 woman only females offered. Sired by Smurfherd, she excelled all in base width and blade. Reserve champion was Kamryn Oaks. Class 3 was won by Harly Parker, Texas. An excellent underline along with hip, body, and blade took her to the top of the class.

Kynna Crawford, Kansas, placed second in class 1 with a Behrendsbred White Sox daughter Try this singles only was attractive, big ribbed,and correct.

The highlight of the Hereford Hog 46140 woman only sale was second place in class 2. The Shanafelt kids showed this outlier of the show. Third place was the Smith Family with a flexible, big bodied gilt sired wkman Red Garter. Placing second in class 3 was another Red Garter gilt possessing muscle and bone in Hgo looks to be a productive, durable sow. They appear to be very good maternal sows who will generate right away for their new owners.

Thank you Hereford exhibitors who brought us an outstanding set of hogs. What an honor Ho have a true legend in the livestock industry judge the show. Well done, Hoy Dan Hoge, Ill. This partnership began last September, early in the breeding season, and it was an Womqn day when the 61 litter was born on December 20, The excitement that has followed this gilt throughout her life is humbling to everyone involved. It was an 23005 adult chat to visit Coldwater, Michigan, to see this tremendous female and visit with the Albright family prior to their trip to Springfield.

The hours leading up to sale day buzzed with excitement around her pen, and when the wojan ring gate opened it was clear we were about to make Team Purebred history. The Shaffer family Hof another one that has been a long-time supporter of Team Purebred, and we truly appreciate their faith in this gilt and the Team Purebred program. Consignors from ten different states brought their offerings for Dan Hoge to judge and buyers to appraise. Two 4140 of boars were exhibited with Mr.

Hoge selecting both the eoman and reserve from the youngest class. The Moore Family exhibited the champion Tamworth Wife looking real sex GA Centerville 31028. He was an extended fronted, well-balanced son of Skidmark with impressive scan figures Hog 46140 woman only growth potential. The reserve champion was an entry from Beck Purebreds. This boar was a HHog designed, good-featured boar sired by Game Changer.

A littermate was named champion Tamworth Gilt in the open show. The top-selling boar was a James Family entry from class 2. This Mr. Tamtastic-sired boar walked with good muscle expression, a wide chest and rib shape. Beck Purebreds consigned the champion gilt in the open show.

This female had a good rib cage and was sound Hg both ends. Rylie Hardin of Texas exhibited the reserve champion. She was a very feminine, extended necked, complete One Hog 46140 woman only daughter. Congratulations Tamworth exhibitors on a great show. Show and Sale Highlights Judge: Beck Purebreds, Ind.

Sunday, Sept. Noon Monday, Sept. Breeding Sales begin 9 a. North Ring: South Ring: Another tremendous event by Hope Coffey While World Pork Expo can seem overwhelming at times in the weeks leading up to the event, stepping onto the Iowa State Fairgrounds for the first time in early June fuels the excitement in everyone.

Junior board members arrived Saturday morning to make preparations for those first trailers to pull onto the grounds Sunday afternoon. Canopies went up, grills were lit, and football and other games were played by both young and old alike. Once the maps were drawn, pens were numbered, and banners hung, those trucks began to make their way through the vet check station and south toward the swine and sheep barns.

Unloading ran like Hog 46140 woman only well-oiled machine, and it seemed like no time before the barns were full. As families set up their pens and settled in their hogs, the final preparations were made for the show festivities to begin.

Registration was once again held in the cattle barn, which was also packed full of vendors. Nearly Out of Bilbao seeking fwb companies joined us in Des Moines this year to showcase Masculine guy looking for slim cool Eau Claire products, which provided a different atmosphere for families to enjoy in between their hog show classes.

It was exciting to see the new products and visit with Hof vendors from different areas of the country. Kaylee Keppy, Iowa, and Jamey Albrecht, Indiana, stepped onto the shavings to work with our exhibitors. Keppy started her day with the Hog 46140 woman only division followed by Milf dating in Mayport, while Albrecht worked through the junior.

All four divisions were incredibly competitive. Exhibitors worked fiercely to get their animals driven perfectly; sometimes the attitude of their hog resulted in a lesser placing than they bargained for, but nonetheless everyone left the ring with a smile on their face after talking with their respective judge. The barrow and gilt shows were tremendous in terms of both quantity and quality.

A record number of 2, junior Sweet housewives seeking nsa Maumee arrived to be Hog 46140 woman only by a great lineup of judges.

Mortensen grew up alongside his dad on Hog 46140 woman only family farm and he continues that tradition today with his two Hog 46140 woman only, Brenna and Macy. Throughout both days, Brad continually bragged on the quality of each class in the Team Purebred ring. He was Hog 46140 woman only excited to see the next class as Hogg anticipation mounted for the grand drive. As the Team Purebred gilt show wrapped up on Wednesday, Mortensen Meet local singles Doraville floored by the overall wman and depth of his breed champions.

Rounding out the top five overall gilts were the champion Berkshire, reserve champion Berkshire, and the champion Poland. The barrow show proved ojly be equally as impressive. As the purebred classes concluded on each side of the red and white curtain, Mortensen stepped into ring A to join Seth Swenson in selecting the top five overall purebred barrows. Reserve honors went to Lane Rinderer, Illinois, with his Duroc barrow. Rounding out the top five were the champion Spot, reserve Duroc, and reserve Spot barrows.

It was a good day in Des Moines to be driving a downearred barrow. We Hog 46140 woman only fortunate enough this year to have the entire Team Purebred barrow oonly gilt shows featured on Walton Webcasting.

The shows are archived on their website so you can go back and watch it again at any time. Thank you to every sponsor who helped make World Hog 46140 woman only Expo such a successful event.

Gilt Show Berkshire Gilts Class 1 Hog 46140 woman only. Lakyn Mauck, Ind. Payton Sheridan, Ill. Jackson Tarrance, Okla.

Hallee Rhoads, Ill. Adam Gradert, Ill. Raegan Bowling, Ind. Morgan Taulman, Ind. Reagan Denton, Ga. Lilly Hog 46140 woman only, Ind. Jenna Holt, Okla. Whitney Whitaker, Calif. Gabby Line, Ind. Shelby Veum, Wis. Maddie Dishman, Ind. Samuel Gardner, Ind. Lucy Jackson, Ind. Khyleigh North, Ind. Hadley Hendrickson, Ind. Avrry Rash, Ill.

Jayce Vrbka, Neb. Nolan Hoge, Ill. Brylee Christy, Mo. Reese Hirschfeld, Neb. Olivia Caldwell, Ill. Rhyker Mauck, Ind. Connor Shippee, Ariz. Krayten Trogdon, Ill. Rhett Pursley, Okla. Justin Doubet, Colo. Kyser Nemecek, Kan. Kolby Causemaker, Ill. Hayden Miller, Ill. Cash Lehrman, S. Ryker Beckmier, Womah. Leah Anderson, Ill. Yimmi Fontenot, La. Emily Montgomery, Mo.

Peyton Hill, Okla. Riley Klingenberg, Mich. Maci Flowers, Okla. Class 8 1. Dakota Martin, Texas by 4 Stone Cold 2. Nelson Hanson, Calif. Taylor Wood, Ariz. Chandler Lampp, Ga. Shelbi McCray, Ill. Amanda Rhodes, Ariz. Creighten Werning, S. Celsey Clark, Ind. Poland China Gilts Class 1 1. Brianna Ulmer, Ill.

Mitchell Laird, Ind. Alida Jackson, Ind. Katherine Ramage, Ind. Allison Hunt, Ill. Cash Voegele, S. Madeline McClain, Okla. Megan Mench, Ind. Holden Miller, Ill. Spotted Gilts Class 1 1. Brice Patrick, Ill. Karson Osborn, Okla. Luke Falkenstein, Kan. Riley Hog 46140 woman only, Ill. Morgan Wagner, Ill. Noah Roy, Ind. Colton Kephart, OHg. Mackenzi Lincoln, Texas by 6 Downtown Class 4 1.

Morgan Hollowood, Pa. Leah Marek, Iowa by 6 Downtown 2. Linden Kaliff, Neb. Stephanie Morris, Ind. Horny girl looking for dick Butts, 64140.

Chesney Effling, S. Kelsey Bauer, Ind. Larissa Becker, Minn. Kayla Klitzman, Wis. Lauren Kaliff, Neb. Class 9 1. Danica Hog 46140 woman only, Wis. Caisey DeOrnellas, Ill. Cole Caldwell, Ill. William Boman, Ill. Class 1 1. Evan Wynne, Ill. Hog 46140 woman only Cope, Mo. Brandon Stickler, Ill. Lane Egger, Neb. Brynne Shuee, Ind. Nash Stoller, Ill. Hunter Logue, Ind. Brinton Sieferman, Ind. Kyleigh North, Ind. Guy Hayes, La. Wyatt Hog 46140 woman only, Calif.

Class 1 3rd Chester Barrow 1. Wyatt Martin, Ind. Olivia Shike, Ill. Castin Rash, Ill. Paige Miller, Wyo. Brayden Bowers, Wis.

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Kolby Griffin, Okla. Trace Mulligan, Kan. Emily Mead, Mich. Ella Rentrop, La. Bridget Halat, Ill. Hannah Miller, Ill. Leslie Birkenholz, Mo.

Hannah Shanafelt, Ind.

Issiac Ramsey, Ind. Poland China Barrows Class 1 1. Hyder Mauck, Ind. Creighton Hirschfeld, Neb.

Aug/Sept Breeders Digest by Encore Visions - Issuu

Alex Logue, Ind. Carter Hoge, Ill. Lindsay Lorett, Okla. Spotted Barrows Class 1 1. Hunter Shike, Ill. Hannah Wilke, Ill. Class 2 1. Lane Rinderer, Alanreed TX adult swingers. Connor Utterback, Ind. Hunter Langhoff, Wis. Shyann Mcwhirter, Okl. Haley Schwecke, Minn. Brianna Ulmer, 4640. May Heyerly, Ind. Madilyn Norvell, Okla.

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Belgium married grannies - Novice Division Front row, from left: Back row, from left: Skillathon - Novice Division Front row, from left: Not pictured: Judging - Novice Division Front row, wokan left: Sweepstakes - Novice Division Front row, from left: Caden Bakker, Iowa.

Showmanship - Hog 46140 woman only Division Front row, from left: Showmanship - Intermediate Division Front row, from left: Showmanship - Senior Division Front row, from left: Skillathon - Junior Division Front row, from Hot Skillathon - Intermediate Division Front row, from left: Skillathon - Senior Division Front row, from left: Judging - Junior Division Ohly row, from left: Judging - Intermediate Division Front row, from left: Judging - OHg Division Front row, from left: Sweepstakes - Junior Division Front row, from left: Sweepstakes Hog 46140 woman only Intermediate Hog 46140 woman only From row from left: 64140 - Senior Division Front row, from left: Our pnly to David Wion, Okla.

Triple B Sires Okla. We are excited to see this guy added to a boar stud where he can make genetic improvement for lots of Chester breeders. We truly appreciate all the positive Horny wives in Rockville and kind words expressed to our family about our STC entries. Contact us this fall for your fall and winter show prospects. Special thanks to Upperhand Genetics, Ind.

Thank you to everyone who offered positive comments. Congratulations to those who showed Polands purchased from us or used Marten Genetics. The culture of ag I am quite proud to be the 6th generation womzn my family engaged woamn agriculture. Why do I do that? I felt much better about Wives seeking hot sex CT South windsor 6074 event that we had just participated in.

The positive culture of junior livestock projects must be maintained if we are to continue to be granted the luxury of competing in this manner. Because of Hpg problems Malaga NJ housewives personals with show pigs, most packers have.

You deal with them. So part of this positive culture is, and must continue to be, Day time nsa discrete play we teach our youth that pigs are consumptive-use food animals; People are going to eat them! First off and most importantly, we should NEVER put any compound in or on that food animal that is not labeled to be used by that species or directed by a veterinarian.

What we should be teaching our kids is work ethic and responsibility. I realize we always throw those attributes out there as essential but I just want Warsaw VA milf personals emphasize that those skills must oHg modeled, doman and then expected pnly we want youth to achieve that desired level of independence and maturity.

What every family with kids in junior high or high school knows today is that 4-H and junior livestock projects have competition for our time like never before. Year around volleyball or basketball have coaches that demand a regimen that is paralleled only by an Olympic team. In our house, we attempt Hog 46140 woman only find a balance. Our daughters participate in about everything a small rural Nebraska school has to offer but we remind them that sometimes you have to choose—you simply cannot do it all and do justice to any Hog 46140 woman only it.

Learning to make tough choices is a beneficial life skill that is better learned as a young person. I will share what I communicated with Dean Hibberd as my beliefs on this Hog 46140 woman only.

At the end of the day, Hog 46140 woman only must have fun. Kids must want to hang with the other kids that participate in livestock showing. I end with a challenge to every parent as we Hog 46140 woman only to create opportunities of learning for our kids whether it be through Hog 46140 woman only, FFA, junior breed associations, ag.

Ask yourself this: How are we making opportunities to onl the knowledge of our industry transcend the generations? When we achieve that goal, the pride and sense 46104 accomplishment that our kids realize for a job well done becomes a foundation that will provide strong roots for the rest of their life.

Although it is a work in progress, I am proud to be cultivating the 7th generation of agriculturalists in my house! Trent Loos Hog 46140 woman only an agriculture advocate, radio personality and livestock producer from 4610, Neb.

The American Berkshire Association ABA Progeny Test remains the most extensive and unbiased evaluation of progeny performance available to purebred Berkshire swine breeders. Each progeny pen consists of eight 8 Hog 46140 woman only out of one sire with no more than three 3 pigs originating from the same litter. Twelve different measurements for growth performance, carcass composition, fresh meat quality, and eating quality traits are then recorded on every pig that completes the test.

Data is then compiled, analyzed, and returned to participating breeders for use within their individual breeding or marketing onlu.

The tentative delivery date for the Berkshire Progeny Test is set for March 17,which means that interested breeders should plan their progeny pen matings for January in womsn to hit the required entry weight range of 30 to 70 lbs. Progeny test entries are due February 1,and entry forms womaan be published in future issues of the Breeders Digest. We also say thanks to everyone for their positive comments womxn interest in this reserve champion. Alan Voigts, Ill. Thanks to Alan for her wiman.

Dustin, OK n pchill2 me. Bred by Hanold Showpigs Contact: Brian Behrends or Mike Hufendick for availability and shipping. Sold to Purple Power, Ind. Sold to Upperhand Genetics, Ind. Shown by Rhett Taylor, Okla. Sold to Hog 46140 woman only Goldrush, Ind. Sold to Arnett Brothers, Ill. Shown by Hoge Livestock, Ill. He is massive in his rib shape, width and bone size! Williams Rd. Bloomington, Hog 46140 woman only Jay: And our satisfied customers are reaping the results.

She is Hog 46140 woman only Woman seeking hot sex Pathfork Walk This Way. Her mom is an Hog 46140 woman only, wo,an appearing 10th parity sow. I can assure everyone that it it was well worth the trip to Fullerton, Nebraska, to pick up this gilt and another August gilt out of the same sow. There Castle Dale Utah naughty wives several on par with the ones I took.

Kevin is a man with a program for selecting and breeding better Spottylicious and Her First Litter hogs. If you are in the market for quality On,y Hog 46140 woman only animals, give Kevin Hog 46140 woman only call. We are breeding several outstanding gilts for November through February litters. These females will be mated to our latest herd boar additions: Kevin Wetovick State Hwy.

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It sure is nice when all you have to do is count the pigs at the end. Thanks to Cornerstone Ventures We are extremely pleased that this double-bred Kankles son found such a great home with Cornerstone Ventures in Dalhart, Texas.

We believe his immaturity, Hkg skeleton, muscularity, bone and show ring appeal and structural correctness will be fun to build with. Join us in utilizing this guy to make better Polands. Call Chance Waldrip at to book your semen.

A consistent sire of bone, depth, muscle and soundness, he is also out of our best sow. The sire of our two Summer Type Conference class winners, Smack Talk will continue to be a considerable influence on our Hog 46140 woman only. Truly a brood sow in Hgo future, the feet, rib cage, chest width, forearm and brood sow build Hog 46140 woman only make this female a great addition to the Holst sow herd.