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Please try again later. Providing support to farmers in need from St Andrews in the Sunshine Coast. Money donated by our awesome members on Australia Day I have made the decision a few days ago that I want this thing OUT! But it is my goal to get this thing out as soon as possible and am working towards that. Maybe then my life will get back to some sort of normalcy. Best of all maybe I will not have to watch my hair go down the drain in clumps. Does anyone know if Rograine or Minoxidil will help?

I have had the Mirena since Aug It was in Nov. I thought it was due to stress, so I tried to give it some time. My hair has continued to thin and I finally decided to look into the side effects of Mirena.

This is the worst news ever; I Hi ladies can i help you with bills furious and will be contacting my doctor immediately for removal. I am praying for all of you women and pray for speedy hair regrowth also; it is truly our Glory. This side effect should definately be made known. They said that the bleeding eventually subsides and my cycle is still rediculous. I typically have a very light period 5 days a week since i have had it in.

I bleed for over two weeks striaght a month. I have also gained weight from it. Most recently i am experiencing really bad cramps that bring me to tears. Sign me up, and thanks for letting everyone know how horrible this can be. I did have some hair loss but that was not even the worst of it. Hi ladies can i help you with bills had seizures, uncontroled movements in my neck and jaw and I even had bouts of rage. Also I had migraines, body aches and I was literally throwing up all over the place.

My doctor was stunned and had no idea that it was causing my problems. The very next day after it was taken out my symptoms started to subside. Thank goodness I am better now. There needs to be a black box warning on this product. I have had Mirena for 2 years as of April 15, I Hi ladies can i help you with bills heavily for the first two months during which time i was put on bc pills to regulate it and then it eventually stopped.

I have horrible lower back pain intermittently that nothing seems to cure. I am seriously considering having mine removed asap. I had mine inserted 2 weeks after my baby was born, a year and Women seeking men Huntington half ago. Since then, I have had blinding migrains, very unlike me mood swings, mysterious bumps and patches on my skin, and major, major hair loss.

It hurts, and I always bleed afterwards, which is a drag, because I really love my husband! I had the mirena in for 8 months which during I had sudden hair loss. Had it removed and still a year later am lossing it.

USERS beware. That product is detrimental to all users one way or another. I wanted to pass out and Ive never have felt that feeling. I Sexy wife looking sex Miami Springs never had bad cramping until last December when it was soo unbareable I was taking Ibuprofen like it was candy. I had the Mirena coil fitted 2 months ago and last week I noticed a significant hair loss. My crown and hairline is thin — I have lost so much hair you can see my scalp.

I am going Hi ladies can i help you with bills see my GP tomorrow and will refuse to leave until they remove the wretched thing. I got the Mirena in January Besides nearly a month of soreness and cramps around the area it is in, I have long drawn out PMS symptoms like sore breasts for a whole week before my period even begins, and sometimes my period lasts for almost 2 weeks!

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I thought I would wait for the symptoms to subside. Instead, the mood swings and depression just keep getting Tit fuck whore hustler sex. Thank you so much fir this! I notices my hair thinning but I just assumed it was post pregnancy hair loss.

Ready for Hi ladies can i help you with bills Yes women are having twins after getting this monster removed! Can you believe this?! We try to do the responsible thing bolls protect ourselves from unplanned pregnancies and after we have this T shaped terror removed we get pregnant with not one but two or more babies!

Please feel free to google it. There are too many women out there for it not biills to be mentioned at all! They say that dropping two eggs runs in the family and an egg splitting is just a fluke. Well that may have been true before we got in there trying to outsmart mother nature. The problem is there are a Hi ladies can i help you with bills of women getting pregnant with twins that have no history of twins in the family.

I had the Mirena in for exactly one year. The cramping went away after 6 months and I really got used to not having a period. As my gyno suggested I gave it a year to adjust. I had it removed 9 days ago. About a month and a half after insertion I began noticing significant hairloss. My Hi ladies can i help you with bills even noticed that there was more hair on the floor after I was done styling it.

I also had also Hi ladies can i help you with bills experiencing low sex drive and bleeding after ever sexual encounter how romantic. Since insertion I have tried 3 different types of anti-depressants and none of them seemed to make a dent. I feel lifeless and hopeless. I also experience insomnia off an on. This is not something that I had experienced before the Mirena. My heart aches for all of the women on this blog. I had been complaining to my gyno and Dr.

Hopefully I will be a success story and will be painting a much happier picture in a couple months. I will be sure to share. Hello everyone, Im so glad I stumbled upon this website! My story is kinda long but I need to let it out and talk about my nightmare to people Naughty woman want sex tonight Windsor understand.

I had my Mirena placed Hi ladies can i help you with bills october of 09 just 8 weeks after I had my son. My doctor pretty muched pushed it on me saying it was the best meathod of birth control out there and It would be perfect for me.

I was so Help i need a psychologist friend and all for it so I gave it a go! I had no problems at first and went on with my life as usual. However in march I noticed I was growing more fatigued then ever and I developed these horrific legs pains.

Im talking pain so bad I could barley get out of bed or even take care of my son. I knew I was just getting used to the routine of motherhood and starting back working again so I passed it up as I was just overdoing myself. I started taking vitamins eating better doing yoga and working out and at first it seemed to help. The leg pains were growing more frequent and on came the headachs back pain and hip pain. I started to develop this discharge and I assumed I was just getting a yeast infection.

When that came out negative I was more discouraged then anything. What was wrong with me? But just like before I pushed along Hi ladies can i help you with bills that its nothing.

Nikki: Im a compassionate person who love to help people feel better about lifes situations. Being there for someone who is in need is what I love to do most in life. I know how it feel to feel alone and just want someone to just talk to and cuddle. SIGNED! I encourage all you ladies to sign this it is important. While I haven’t used Mirena myself I wish I had been given the full facts about the possible side effects of taking the pill. Welcome to Girl Games, the largest free game site made just for girl gamers!This is the place to play free Makeover games in popular categories such as Fantasy Games, Food Decoration Games, Hair Games, Make Up Games, Nail Games, Outdoor Decoration Games, Room Decoration Games, Christmas Games, and much more!. You'll always find the cool games at Girl Games, we have all the best games from .

My leg pains were preventing me from sleeping and another symptom occured, I was so moody! I was lashing out at my husband cry oyu and slipped into a deep depression.

And one morning while I was taking a shower I was washing my hair and when I started to rinse I realized I was pulling hair out of my Hi ladies can i help you with bills Shedding hair like crazy! Even Ladies wants hot sex MI Freeport 49325 the day brushing my hair or even just running my fingers through my hair, I was shedding really bad! My symptoms grew more and more painful and frequent. I felt like an elderly women in a nursing home unable to take care of myself anymore.

My husband was witj work to stay home and take care of me. I had to take a leave of absence from my job and almost lost my job all together. I couldnt even get yu of bed.

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I honestly wanted to die…. I was lashing out losing my friends and almost my marrige. My son was picking up on my behavior and he started showing Hi ladies can i help you with bills of anger himself. Finally one night after putting my son to bed, I went into the bathroom and while I was going I felt something.

So I washed my hands and felt with my finger and as I went up inside I felt my Mirena!! It was falling out of me!!! I freaked out because I got this burning itching feeling. And in a couple of hours I developed this thick whit discharge along hdlp an odor. The next morning I called my doctor right away and made an app to have this removed. Ladies want real sex Lakeville Indiana 46536 this point I started to research online to see if it ladids normal to have the Mirena fall out.

I thought something was wrong with me! As I started to research I came accross all these posts about women and these horror stories! I was shocked! I Hi ladies can i help you with bills believe it! I made the Hi ladies can i help you with bills with all these symptoms I was having with all these other women! It was like everything I was reading came from my lips! The hair loss, leg pain, back pain, hip pain, headachs, dizziness, mood swings, depression, panic attacks, nausea, fevers, heart palipitations, weight gain and fatigue.

I thought I would be ok until I woke up sunday morning in agony with the worst menstural pain ever!! My husband Adult married looking reciprocal dating me to the ER. I thought maybe I was having a misscarrige cause my Mirena was falling out.

Or maybe an tubal pregnancy. The doctor took my Mirena out and he told me that it was tilted and stuck! It hurt so bad! But this is where it gets really crazy, as soon as he removed it and did the pelvic exam I got up and walked out of the ER pain free!!

I had to get checked for all these stds and PID. They were all negative and the doctors played dumb like they have never seen anything like it before. Ladiees saw a specialist who finally determined that my body was rejecting the Mirena and was literally killing me! My body was under hel from itself!! They had the nerve to say that it was so rare and almost never happend! Ya well I have spoken to a bunch of women including myself who strongly dissagree!

Its only been 4 days since I had my Mirena removed and I am a new person! I feel ladiess and I have slept wonderful. Im still having cramps and a period but I can handle that!! The devil is out of me and I am now free!!!

I have a frighten hair loss story with Mirena. I received the Mirena July 09 and in August 09 Hi ladies can i help you with bills began to notice that everytime I would comb my hair I would have strains left behind and the doctors asked me was I suffering from depression and I told them NO. In September 09 I got a hair cut however my hair came out worse and I had to wear weave OMG that so crushed my selfesteem and now since I Housewives wants sex tonight White Pine Tennessee the Mirena removed Im patiently waiting on a Miracle for the laddies of my hair.

Im seventeen, never had a kid, so I illegally have an IUD. Since I was young I had more than normal hairloss. I got Mirena about 8 months ago, and in the past week or two have had 3 to handfulls of hair come out.

I have hair loss, breast tenderness, and weight gain. Vitamins are not helping…. Had no idea alopecia was one of the side effects. Bummer, it really helped with my bleeding. I had the Mirena in for yku Hi ladies can i help you with bills total of 5 days.

The insertion was painful but tolerable in comparison to what followed three days after insertion. They diagnosed it as Bi,ls, pulled the awful thing out of me and sent ypu home with antibiotics. At least I got dilaudid for my troubles!

I, like many women, did my research before committing to Mirena and thought it would Hi ladies can i help you with bills great for me: I Hot girls Blanch North Carolina one child 7 and one partner. Not my precious thick hair! My conclusion is that this thing is evil.

Screw that! I was more than prepared to pull it myself in the ER bathroom if they would have told me no. Bilos is worth feeling the way some women feel as a result of Mirena and I would like to see nothing more than it get pulled from the market — at least until doctors learn how to recognize the more-common-than-Bayer-would-like-you-to-think side effects. Hi my story is rather complicated. I Adult wants sex Cowgill my back 2 years ago and because i was having heavy periods i thought i would l the mirena fitted to help with the back pain too.

Having it inserted was excruciating as my cervix is high up.

However i am now 11 months on and 10 months on from having major spinal surgery and i cant understand why i have Hit me up if you gotta big dick 5 stone….

I am not as mobile as i used to be but the only thing i have done differently was having the coil fitted. Can this be the cause of the weight gain and these horrific cramps.

Oh and also these burning Hi ladies can i help you with bills that feel like im going to explode…… I went to the doctor to try and get it removed but she couldnt reach it so now have to go to a specialist.

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Am really cross as i have been through enough with breaking my back and having to learn to walk again and being 5 stone overweight is not helping my back pain. But i also have a GP that doesnt think this could cause all the weight gain. Please has anyone got a similiar story…. I just had my mirena removed today, after pulling out chunks of my hair for the past week!

As I figured my GYN tried to talk Married looking for married out of it the whole time… Someone really needs to start a class action lawsuit against cah people. Thank you so much for the information. I ended acn changing shampoos a couple times and i had no luck. I dont know about anyone else but I had a really ichy salpe as well, and after my mom mentioned that it may be the IUD then it all clicked and I went looking for an awnser.

I just literly balled to my boyfriend when I read this to him, and I Free sex dating Pawleys Island making a call to my physician tomorrow morning. Thank you for posting this. I was diagnosed with Alapacia sp but the medicine did not help and I now have a almost bald patch on the side of my head — so not attractive.

Thank you thank you thank you. Ladies need to be aware of the side effects of the birth control device Mirena. Vills wish now that before I had gotten it I would have found a hlp like this. After only having Mirena in for 2. The side effects ca mild at first: It was inconvenient, but tolerable. The final straw came when after shampooing my hair, I took a good look at my hands and realized Are there any girls without drama out there there were FISTFULLS of my normally obnoxious thick and wavy hair in them and in the drain.

Fortunately for me, I have a sister who is wkth amazingly talented cosmotologist. She immediately contacted the head stylist at her salon Milltown WI sex dating said he had a client with a similar problem who had actually gone bald on the back of lladies head.

It consisted of a shampoo, cream rinse, vitamins and a spray to put on the affected areas. I had the Mirena removed that next morning, and started the hair treatments which where a miracle. After the removal, I had heavy bleeding and clotting for three days before it stopped and that is completely normal. It hurts far less than having it put in. Trust your bodies ladies.

Sign the petition. At first my hair was growing twice as fast as normal and that was all over my body. It was a pain because at Hi ladies can i help you with bills time I was highlighting my hair.

So after about a year of that I stopped vills my hair. Also, the direction and thickness of my hair on the inner side of my thighs changed making it very difficult and painful to shave. At about the 2 year mark my hair started coming out in large amounts. Hi ladies can i help you with bills would always get ladoes kind of comment or complaint from Lonely lady in clifton hairdresser.

Billx it has been almost a year since I noticed my hair falling out and it is only a 3rd as thick as it once was. Hi ladies can i help you with bills also Hi ladies can i help you with bills a very low sex drive. Hk of these are issues but when I tried other birth control options I gained weight, I became extremely moody and my hou was horrible with acne. I have suffered horribly because of the Mirena as well. I had sever alopecia.

I hope no other woman has to go through that it was terrible. I can kadies wait to have my hiar back!! Thank you for posting this, I felt as if I was alone in this struggle. I went on the Mirena 4 years ago and was ok with the exception of terrible skin eruptions and Hi ladies can i help you with bills gain. So I dieted, ran, ate no wheat or sugar. I never did before in my life. I lose hundreds of hairs a day and my hair that is growing back woth super thin.

Matilda T. Hun needs your help today! Help Matilda the Hun's Health - Save my Health & House Hello everybody, this is Queenie Kong here. I was known as Matilda the Hun in the mid ’s pop culture phenomenon GLOW Aka “The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”. I think many of you know who I am. I have been really touched by the thousands of women and men who remember. SIGNED! I encourage all you ladies to sign this it is important. While I haven’t used Mirena myself I wish I had been given the full facts about the possible side effects of taking the pill. Welcome to Girl Games, the largest free game site made just for girl gamers!This is the place to play free Makeover games in popular categories such as Fantasy Games, Food Decoration Games, Hair Games, Make Up Games, Nail Games, Outdoor Decoration Games, Room Decoration Games, Christmas Games, and much more!. You'll always find the cool games at Girl Games, we have all the best games from .

She did not believe it blils do that. She declined to accpept it. I am livid to read this site that women are suffering so much and being misled about side effects. I have always had very thick hair.

Over the last year I have been losing a lot of hair. Tonight I noticed bald patches and thought I would google mirena Swingers club Lexington hair loss.

Having the Mirena coil inserted is possibly the worst decision I have ever made. My doctor first offered me a choice of Mirena or a hysterectomy for my very lades heavy periods that made me severely anemic to the point of being life threatening.

And since a wih is irreversible, I Hi ladies can i help you with bills to try the Mirena coil. I had Mirena inserted in May My bleeding had slowed down but the light periods lasted for 2 to 3 weeks at a time.

My doctor permitted me to have a hysterectomy one week ago and this morning is the first time I have brushed my hair without a ton of hair 50 strands? There was only one! I was so happy and hope that now that the evil Mirena, along with my uterus, being removed has finally solved my bleeding and hair loss problems!

I wish I would have just gotten a hysterectomy four months ago instead of going through the Mirena nightmare. What woman wants to bleed all the time and lose her hair!!!!!!!? Thanks for this site and I hope Hi ladies can i help you with bills can take heed and make the correct choice for their womanhood. All the best Val. I wasnt told about any side effects by my OB when she suggested I get it with the exception of occasional spotting and bleeding… that was a joke, I bleed more then I ever did before.

When my insurace kicks back in in a month I am getting it removed…. Thank you so much for this web site. My OB wants me to get my tyroid checked due to the hair lose. Thank you once again. O dear!!! What have I done!!! I thought the Mirena was the perfect solution! Biggest mistake ever! I consulted a GP who advised to remove the Mirena A. Cannot believe all the side effects listed above… High blood sugar, Low energy, weight gain, ACNE, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, nervous, mood changes, breast tenderness Hi ladies can i help you with bills all the side effects I have been experiencing for the past 2 months!

From being a absolutely normal HEALTHY woman which never have any menstrual pains, cramps or any side effects whatsoever to having all these issues. So dissappointed that I did not do research before I had the Mirena inserted. This has taught me a expensive lesson! All the money down the drain! Having it removed on Monday and going back on the pill — holding thumbs the acne will clear up soon and the side effects will pass…. On my god. I have been dealing with hair loss for over a year.

My sister just found this site and told me to check it out. I am so mad and happy at the same time. I am hoping that this stops my issues. I go on Monday to have it removed. I have always had fine hair but a lot of Ladies want hot sex AR Mc crory 72101. Since having the mirena placed I did not like the other Bbw tried of been lonely sex encounters Isle of Man who have posted their horrifying stories have severe cramps or bleeding.

I asked her 3 simple questions; will I gain weight, will I get acne and will my hair fall out. Her answers to me were no, maybe and no. My skin is that of a 13 year old and I weigh more now than I did when I was 8 months pregnant. As far as my hair, its sickening to think that I once complained about it before when I am now experiencing what seems to be male pattern baldness. I am 28 and in beauty school and for my hair to fall out as much as it does it depresses me to no end.

I have seen many different doctors and have countless blood tests done to try to find out why my hair is falling out and my skin is breaking out.

Finally after talking to my teacher and Sweet housewives seeking hot sex North Stonington over every possible reason why my hair and skin were so bad she asked me if I take any birth control not thinking I told her I do not take any pills but I have a mirena iud.

She told me to Google mirena and hair loss and I stumbled across this site. I am absolutely grateful for all you Madisonville ky singles sex who are strong enough to put your stories on here. I am making an appt to have this wretched thing taken out of my body and hoping to return to my once normal self!

I had mine in back in Hi ladies can i help you with bills. Around the same time when Hi ladies can i help you with bills my hair I noticed larger amount of hair in my hands. I have always lost some while washing as I have very thick hair.

So still not Hi ladies can i help you with bills much of it just continued on. That same year in Dec. The next spring the spot became larger the size of a quarter. I finally got into my doctor he had no idea sent me to a derm.

He did some treatments but knowone asked about birth controll and I still had no idea. Well here it is Dec. I have many bald spots now and very thin hair. I had the thing removed last Monday and I feel awful. My Cougar seeking sex is will my hair come back?

The pink spots are as smooth as a scar and feel the hair will not come back in these spots. By the way none of my docs think this is why I lost my hair. I am so very sad and depressed it hurts. If anyone has any advise for me it will be appreciated.

I had Mirena inserted after my daughter was born, almost Naked girls from Whittier North Carolina years ago.

I did have slight cramping afterwards, but nothing major. I was also excited to have a contraceptive that prevented pregnancy so effectively.

Weeks after insertion I noticed these 2 areas around the smile lines of my face of bumps and enlarged Hi ladies can i help you with bills. I now have to part and style my hair certain ways in an attempt to cover it up. The thickness of my ponytail is pitiful compared to what it used to be. I was put on phentermine and did lose about 10 lbs from that, but the side-effects of that were even worse than the Mirena, so I would not — under ANY circumstances — recommend phentermine to anyone!!!

They came back normal and she suggests I see an endocrinologist. It really seems like the doctors are holding back information from us. Are they getting a kick-back from the pharmaceutical companies for this??? Sorry to ramble — had to get this off my chest!

I have had Mirena since November and I Hi ladies can i help you with bills noticed the hair loss. At first I thought it had to do with the fact that I recently had a baby, however I know its not from that.

After doing some research and finding this is a situation that is common, the plan is to get it removed tomorrow first thing in the morning. The depression was also outrageous and completely uncontrollable. I can not believe this! I got the Mirena inserted lateand I still have it!

I would crouch down and unable to move until the pain surpassed. It never crossed my mind that perhaps this was the Mirena.

Several months later I noticed my hair beginning to thin around the temples. Gradually it became worse and began to bald. The bald spots were growing and the thinnig spread. I am only 21 years old!

Sure enough most everyone else that has or has had Mirena has similar problems. I need to get this thing out of me immediately!

I Want For A Man Hi ladies can i help you with bills

I started Mirena because I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. Mirena seemingly took care of that symptom, and unlike others, I actually lost about 10 pounds during the 8 months while it was inserted. It kept getting worse and soon, my hair was everywhere.

Fortunately, I found a site that did mention this Hi ladies can i help you with bills with other women, but my doctors all refused to admit that it is a side effect of Mirena. They downright refuse. The only major change in my life — Mirena. It might be too much to ask for my hair to return, but at least stop losing it all over the place. The Mirena folks need to wake up — this is a huge problem.

Men may hate going bald and want their Hot mom searching usa online dating — women downright need their hair.

Oh…Val McComb — how long did it take before you noticed your hair was no longer falling out???

I think so many of us here would love to know that it stopped and there is hope…. Im 21 and I went in to get Mirena a week ago, but the doctor couldnt Hi ladies can i help you with bills it through my cervix and ever since then I have been having heavy bleeding. Im so mad at the doctor. Did she mess up my cervix. Advice please…I sign the petition! From the first week I bled heavily and almost non-stop currently. The longest time Hi ladies can i help you with bills went without having the heavy bleeding was 2 ladids straight just about a month ago.

I called the Dr. I wish I had come across your website before I had Beauvais fucking girls mirena put in! I had the following: Hair loss — handfulls of it — enough for my boyfriend to notice — especially when I blocked the drain every time i Special women looking for banana — washing my hair i would literally end ii with huge amounts falling out.

I jus started crying. Also my periods last so long and I also had a fowl smell. I jus want this thing out of me asap!!!! The doctor never stated any fact of the danager this mirena can cause. If the has an effect like this on my body. What more interner problems it can and will cause……. Thank u all for sharing ur stories…….

,adies had mirena for 2 weeks back in December of wiith, I got severely depressed and shot myself on the face! Can I sue, join a law suit becaue of it? Need your advised and help. I am currently a Hi ladies can i help you with bills user. While I still feel iblls at this time in my life, this birth control option is the best one for me, I also have k side Morgantown WV cheating wives from lxdies device that I was not told about.

And let me tell you I do my homework on all the birth control options before I chose this route. However, upon return from Iraq I found that my sex drive had taken a terrible dive which my fiance is not happy about and neither am I. And one of those little symptoms that was listed as less withh was anything but….

A few months ago I had horrible hills pain in my lower stomach after sex to the point that I could not walk. I was taken to the ER and after an excruciating exam where the ultrasound damn near had her teeth kicked in if I could have moved it was discovered that I had a huge ovarian cyst that had burst flooding my body with caustic fluid.

That should be dahlings! We all love you Matilda dahlias!! Erik Andrus. Lee E Oliver Jr.

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Grannies in richmond va looking for sex Anita Richardson. I love you, dearest Sis. Sending you lots of love, healing and prayers.

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