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The Cutie Pops™ are unique, trendy friends, who love to decorate and accessorize everything in their colorful world. These dolls have clothes and accessories that every girl loves from cute hearts, to pretty rainbows, to all kinds of delicious sweets! You can express your own Cutie Pop style with unique style pops that are easy to use and share.

Meet our three Cutie Pops™:
  • Chiffon with her golden hair and round rosy cheeks absolutely loves playing dress up and changing different hairstyles.

  • Candi with her rainbow lashes and super cute leggings simply can’t get enough of styling and popping in different accessories to her dresses.

  • Cookie with her adorable lavender beret and lovely laced leggings enjoys changing up her wardrobe to something new and fresh everyday.

Each doll comes with different style pops. When you want to change your doll’s outfit, just simply pop out the accessory she has on and mix and match with a new pop. You can switch pops with friends to create all kinds of cute looks. Instead of cutting a Cutie Pop™’s hair, just pop out each side and pop in a new style! You can change the color, the shape, and even the length of your doll’s hairstyle. For the first time ever, your doll can have different color and style hair on each side. Isn’t that super awesome?

You can create an endless world of delicious “pop” styles and cool looks that can be changed over and over! Each Cutie Pop™ doll includes pop-on style pops, hair pops and Accessor-Eyes to
Style ‘n Pop, Create ‘n Swap.